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The Spirit of Fertility Ch. 03

For the following couple of weeks, Amber kept mostly to herself, even at work. Aside from the standard pleasantries, she didn't feel up to talking much. Her mind was filled with thoughts of being pregnant and had even taken a home pregnancy test just to make sure. She knew she hadn't had sex for quite a long time, so that only left the tale about the egg. Every day now, she couldn't help but to sit and stare at the egg, hoping that maybe something would reveal itself that could help her understand more. She didn't touch it, not wanting to draw more freaky episodes upon herself. Not knowing what else to do and having no explanation for herself, or others on how she became pregnant, she found herself at the doctor's office to discuss abortion. She filled out forms and spoke with the doctor about the steps and procedures that they used, along with the risks. Before this, she had never really believed in abortions, but how could she be expected to have a baby? She thought to herself. It was unfair that she was suddenly pregnant. On top of that, she spent most of every day at work and had no one else to take care of a baby. After thinking about it for a few days, she called the doctor and scheduled an appoint to have the abortion. On the way to the office, she had doubts and some anxiety, but held to her choice. In the room, she got prepared for the procedure. She undressed her clothing and adorned the patient robe before laying on the table. Her feet and legs were placed in the stirrups as the readied to terminate the fetus. As Amber laid there, the nurse and doctor prepped her further. She listened as they explained what was going on. "We are going to start the sedation process now. After that, we will begin the termination. You won't feel any pain or anything." Following those words, Amber began to feel sleepy from the effects of the anesthesia. Her eyes felt heavy, but she kept watching them for now. The nurse applied a cream of some sort to her vagina, which she assumed to be lubricant. She could feel a warm tingle on her vagina. The nurse moved to the side and the doctor came up to start. She could barely hold her eyes open as he started whatever the procedure was. She felt her vaginal lips part and something slid in. She was surprised to feel that it was warm instead of cold. Amber looked up to the nurse, wondering to herself why she hadn't fallen asleep yet. There was no pain or anything, so she didn't make a protest. Being so groggy, it was hard to put together exactly what was going on, but she could feel the thing inside of her. The nurse remained at her side and the doctor between her spread legs. She was unable to really tell what the doctor was doing. As she looked up to the nurse again, she saw that the nurse was leaning down closer. Marie, she thought to herself. That's the name the nurse had given her before. Marie's face seemed to hover right over her own, then she felt their lips touch. Amber wasn't sure what was going on. Her lips pressed against hers more and at the same time she could feel the nurse's hands on her gown. After a few moments, she felt cool air against her body and realized that the nurse had opened the gown. Marie's warm, soft hand cupped Amber's breast. Amber was unable to say anything, if she wanted to. Marie's tongue had pressed into her mouth, tasting her in a deep kiss before she felt her own tongue being sucked upon. Fingers touched and pulled on her nipples. The thing inside of her was gliding back and forth, picking up pace while the nurse carried on with the kiss and attention to her breasts. Amber moaned softly, feeling the thing in her vagina rubbing her insides just right. She felt another pair of hands on her now, holding around her thighs. They seemed to tug slightly each time the thing pushed into her. When the nurse finally pulled away from the kiss, Amber's lips were left moist with her saliva. She could see the doctor now, holding her legs and pumping his hips. He was fucking her. His cock had been inside of her all of this time. She wasn't sure what to think. The doctor leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking it, then moving to the other and doing the same. Even in this drowsy state, the attention to her nipples made her tense some from the sensitive pleasure. Both of them slowly hardened and glistened in the light from being wet. His hips pressed forward again, driving his manhood into her now moistening depths. A soft moan was driven from her mouth. She felt him tugging on her legs more and more as he increased the intensity of his thrusts. Her body was warming as arousal continued to fill her, erecting her nipples, flushing her skin and engorging her clitoris. The nurse stepped back and allowed the doctor to lean over her more, pressing his mouth to hers, kissing her deeply, and her eyes closing in the kiss. Her moans continued, feeling his hips colliding into her, spreading her soft, wet slit around his firm length. She didn't feel the stirrups against her legs anymore, only his shoulders or hips helping to hold them up. Everything was warm and each thrust of his filled her body with pleasure. She felt the nurse take her hand, maneuvering it carefully between Marie's legs. Amber felt the nurse's wetness against her fingers and guided her to rub. Amber still had her eyes closed, feeling the doctor kissing and biting her neck, but never slowing the pace of his hips. She rubbed Marie's clit, slipping two fingers just inside of her slit and using her thumb to tease that sex button. Amber felt the warm pleasure growing, spreading from her center and increasing with intensity. The more her pleasure grew, the more quickly she rubbed and fingered the nurse. Her slender fingers sliding wetly in and out of her. The pleasure started to climb quickly, making her heart race; her moans becoming louder. Her well pleased slit started to throb as she curled her toes and lifted her hips. Her orgasm seemed to slam into her, making her shake and shiver. Her fingers pumped against those wet walls and her thumb now slowly on that clit. She slowly pulled her fingers back, feeling her slit empty as she opened her eyes. She saw the familiar sight of her ceiling and felt the softness of her bed. Her heart jumped and she sat up quickly. "What the hell!?" She yelled out. How was she possibly in her room? She knew for sure that she went to the doctor. She looked down between her legs, seeing the wetness on her sheets and the creamy cum coating her fingers. This couldn't be right, there was no way, she thought. The soreness from the rough sex ached within her too and there was no way she did that with just her fingers. She sat up more and touched over her vaginal lips some, feeling the wetness on them. It was sticky and warm. Her cum was there, but also semen she noticed. She turned some and reached for the small mirror on her nightstand and took a leg between her legs. That thick, cream colored goo was slowly leaking from her and the amount only showed the greater amount that had to have been inside. She got up from the bed in a hurry and ran to the bathroom in order to clean herself. "What's happening to me..." On the counter was still one of the several pregnancy tests she had bought. She opened it and did the test again. While waiting for the result, she paced back and forth. When she picked it up again, the result showed the same as the others. She was in fact pregnant. "The egg! This all started with the egg." She spoke to herself more. She exited the bathroom and went straight to the egg, picking it up this time while not caring about its magic or spell or whatever was causing this. She looked all over for anything that could help, but of course she found nothing. After a moment of staring at it, the thought occurred on how she acquired the egg in the first place. That evening, Amber took a drive to her shop. They were closed for the day already, but she knew that and wanted it that way. She unlocked the door and went in, making her way to the file room. There were bunches of receipts from purchases and sales. She couldn't remember the exact date, but she started flipping through the buys and went back a couple of months. After about an hour of looking through each individual record, she found it. The phone number was right there on the paper and Amber hoped that the lady who sold her the egg would know how to stop it. "Hello." A voice answered after a few rings. "Hi, this is Amber calling from the pawn shop, may I speak with Ms. Warren." "Oh, hi Amber, this is her speaking." "Nice to speak with you again Ms. Warren-" "Call me Juila, please." She cut in to request. "Thank you." Amber spoke as pleasant as she could. "Juila, I had a few question about the egg, if you don't mind." "The egg? I'm not sure that I can be of much help. I told you what I know at the shop." "Are you sure?' Amber asked pleadingly. "There isn't anything else? Even small?" "No, I'm sorry, that's all I know. Just a pretty egg that is said to help with pregnancy." "Oh... thank you." Amber hung up. She felt as if she were going to break down and cry. She took the files and put them back properly and just walked around the shop, lost in thought for quite a while. It wasn't until sometime later that she was able to calm down and finally drive herself home. More days passed and Amber forced herself to work. The morning sickness seemed to have slowly stopped and she was at least thankful for that. That Friday, she relaxed after work, pulling out a book for the first time in weeks and trying to read. Her nerves were calm and as she read she even thought about being pregnant finally. It had seemed surreal all of this time, but now she ran a hand over her stomach, actually thinking about the child growing inside of her. The next day at work, Amber was a little peppier, trying to free her mind from her egg conundrum. She sat at her desk most of the day, doing backed up paperwork and answering the phone. "Hi, thanks for calling, this is Amber." She answered happily. "Hi Amber, its Julia. Do you have a moment to talk?" "Julia? Yes, I do have some time." Amber wasn't sure to be happy or worried to hear from her. "The egg is a powerful item. It makes me worried just talking about it. I assume you called me because things happened to you?" "Yes." Amber answered then paused. It was a sort of relief that someone else knew about these things. "It's okay, you needn't go into detail, I know how hard it can be." "You mean that it happened to you? Did it make you pregnant?" Amber asked. "Oh yes. I have four children, all done by the egg." "Four! Oh my goodness!" Amber couldn't believe it. That meant she was definitely pregnant too. "During those pregnancies, I spent a lot of time at libraries, looking for information about the egg. There isn't much to go on, but I will tell you a few important things. But first, please accept my apology for bringing the egg to you, I didn't know what else to do. Four children without a man is a lot to bear." "Now listen carefully, maybe write this down if you need to." Julia paused for a moment, then continued on. She wanted to be done with the egg for good. "The first thing that you should know is, once you rub the trimming, you activate the spell on yourself. The spell manipulates your body and causes pregnancy. Once you give birth, it will start over again after a month. The second thing is that the egg's spell won't bring you any harm. It may make you feel trapped or not in control, but it was always be a pleasing experience in the end. Lastly, you shouldn't try and stop the pregnancy in anyway. Trying to stop it will make the spell take a greater effect." Amber jotted notes down about each, just to make sure that she didn't forget them. All three things had already happened to her though and Julia's words only confirmed the further. "How do I stop it then? I don't want to have children for the rest of my life." Amber pleaded. "Stopping it is easy, but difficult as well. You simply have to give the egg to another female. That is the physical part of it, but that doesn't break the spell. In order to break the spell, you have to tell the person that you give it to about the fertility spirit and that it can help them get pregnant. You must mention both or the spell will stay." "That's it? Nothing else?" It seemed easy enough, she thought. "That is it. But remember, whoever you give it to will likely activate the spell on themselves. You can't warn them or go into detail until the spell is activated. I hope that helps, but I should really go now, the egg held me for years." It seemed harsh as Julia ended the call, but she had gone through quite a lot, even more than Amber. On the drive home from work, she thought of ways to give the egg away. She knew for sure that it would have to be someone that she didn't know. Putting that spell on a friend or family was something she didn't want to do. As time went on, her belly grew and eventually she couldn't hide the fact that she was pregnant. It was a surprise to her shop manager and some friends. She came up with a story about dating a guy and the pregnancy being unplanned, but that she intended to keep it anyway. It was easy enough for her to tell and get away with. At about seven months in, Amber decided it was time to find a doctor that could help her through until birth. It started with a standard examination, making sure that she was healthy and looking for things that could cause a miscarriage or harm to the baby otherwise. The doctor made thorough rounds over her and was happy to say that Amber looked to be quite healthy. The next part was the ultrasound. Amber laid back with her enlarged stomach exposed. A cool gel was placed on her skin and then the device. The results started showing on the screen just a bit later and the doctor explained. "You can see here that we have a girl." The doctor smiled, while pointing to the monitor with one hand. "Oh, look at this, it looks like two girls! Congratulations, you're having twins!" "Twins!" Amber was shocked. She thought about it for a moment and then it all made sense. She had tried to stop the pregnancy and the spell grew stronger. It had finally set in with her, that she was going to be a mother. The shop was doing well, so money wasn't going to be a problem for her. Growing up, she always pictured herself married before having any children, but children were always an iffy thing for her anyway. With her due date drawing ever closer, she started to follow the doctor's instructions to reduce her physical labor and other stressful situations. At the shop, she worked with Matt to hire an extra person to help make up for her being out. She still went to work several days a week in order to keep up with paperwork and other financial business. On the night before her estimated due date, the contractions started. She pushed herself to get dressed and before leaving her home, she noticed that the egg was glowing. "Yeah, yeah. I'm going to have your children." She sighed as the egg seemed to be doing a little victory dance. Amber managed to drive herself to the hospital, even in the pain of contractions. The medical staff prepared her to give birth and watching them put the final realization in her mind that this was really happening. She was already thinking about the relief it would be to be rid of her huge tummy. The staff continued to regularly check her dilation, waiting for the moment when they could deliver. It was about three hours later when everything started. The staff and their words became all one big blur. She could hear them telling her to push over and over and to breathe. At some point, they pulled the first of the twins from her. The pain subsided for a moment and then it was off to the next. The second was delivered soon after as well. Amber looked at both of the baby girls in front of her. Her babies, she thought to herself. Seeing them alive and well, being able to touch them; it didn't seem so bad to be a mother now. Over the following week, she hired a team to renovate her free bedroom into a nursery room. She spent her time at home now, mostly bored, but she took good care of the twins, which involved a lot of breastfeeding. When she couldn't, she used a pump so that her breasts wouldn't hurt from the swelling. The egg and the spell were on her mind too. She only had three weeks left to give the egg away before the spell started again. As easy as she thought it was going to be, it turned out to be quite difficult. Another week passed before she finally put some ideas into motion. She took out some ads in the papers and also posted some online ads. Auction sites were avoided, knowing that she had to talk to the buyer in person. With less than two weeks left, one of the ads finally paid off. Amber had no intention of trying to make a bunch of money from the egg, she just wanted it to be gone. She and the potential buyer communicated through email until they arrived at fifty dollars for the price. The lady that wanted to buy the egg asked to meet at a public location, which was a great idea to Amber. It was already started to feel hard enough, knowing that she was going to pass a curse onto someone. With that in mind, the less the lady knew about her, the better. There was just about a week left until the spell was to start again. Amber was going to meet with the lady tomorrow at a shopping mall. She would make the sale there and then all of this was going to be over. Well, the spell was going to be over at least. The twins were still very much real and they took most of her time. Amber was rather excited for tomorrow. It had been a long nine months for her, filled with all sorts of strange occurrences and it would be a relief for it to be over. The twins still needed taking care of though, so she had them out at the grocery store, wheeling them around in a double seated stroller. Having children was a brand new experience. It wasn't something that she had wanted, nor prepared for. She went from being a single woman, whose only real responsibility was to manage the pawn shop, to now, being in charge of two lives. After picking up groceries for herself, along with baby food and diapers, she made her way back home. Once she arrived, she carefully removed the twins from the car. As she carried them to the door, she noticed something didn't look right. The door was slightly open already and no one had a key except for her. Quickly, she turned and went back to the car and put the twins back in while she called the police. The police arrived just a little while later and entered her home, searching for any intruders. It was a very tense few minutes for her while they searched every room and corner. The all clear was soon given and they had her go in to check and see if anything was missing. Amber went in and looked around, checking her jewelry first, then a couple spots where she hid cash money, just in case. All of her jewelry was still there, along with the money and television. Everything of expense seemed to be accounted for. The police told her that maybe something spooked the intruder before they went in. By the time she finished putting the groceries away, her nerves had calmed. She fed the twins from her breasts and put them down for sleep. She used that time to take a quick shower, then went in to check on them again. They were both still peacefully asleep, which was a relief for her. She set the baby monitor and carried the other device back to her own room. Amber looked at herself in the mirror, seeing her wet hair hanging all about. She untied her robe and pulled it open, looking over her swelled breasts. Both nipples were erect and engorged with milk. Her hands came to her body, slowly and softly touching over her own skin. One hand explored downward, dipping between her legs, giving her clit a little attention. It had been months since she last had any sexual release. She let out a long breath as she touched herself, teasing and rubbing between her legs.

Her arousal woke swiftly and she grew wet. She bit her lip slightly, then turned to make way for her bed. She propped a pillow against the headboard and laid down. Her hand quickly returned to that warm place between her thighs. Normally she liked to read a sexy book, but right now she just needed some release. The sound of her soft moans and the motions of her fingers filled the room. Her other hand moved up to her breast, feeling that soft mound before giving her nipple a little pinch. That milk of hers burst forth in a spurt from her nipple and dripped down her breast. She had forgotten all about it, but that wasn't cause enough to make her stop either. That warm tingle grew in intensity, moving her fingers ever quicker as she approached her climax. She curled her toes into the bed and pumped her hips up as the powerful spasms seized her body in orgasm. Slowly, she opened her eyes, feeling a little nervous after having her release. Her sexual experiences had been far from normal since the egg came into her life. Everything appeared to be normal though; she looked up at her ceiling, relaxing in the afterglow of climax. With the egg back on her mind, she remembered that she was finally going to be rid of it tomorrow. She got up from bed and looked around for something to put it in and found a box that would suit the purpose. She brought it to the living room, then stopping dead in her tracks as she turned the corner. The egg wasn't on the table, where it had been for the past nine months. Her heart rate flared up, moving quickly about the place to try and find it. From one room to the next she went, trying to think of where it could have possibly gone. As she turned to head back to the kitchen, she saw her door. Someone had broken in and stolen the egg, just the egg. She stepped backwards into the living room and fell into the couch, in shock. For several minutes she laid there, not moving. So many thoughts flooded her mind, with the strongest one being the spell. Why would they steal it? She thought to herself. It did look to be a gold and jeweled piece. Even she had been fooled by it. A burglar could have seen it and thought, jackpot. But the spell, she thought further. She needed to pass the egg on properly and had less than a week to do so. After pulling herself and her thoughts to together again, she called the police back. She gave them a description of the egg and stressed how important it was to her. Day after day passed and Amber did her best to take care of the twins. Each day she waited to hear about the egg, hoping the police would find it, maybe at a pawn shop or something similar. The days seemed to pass quickly and she was unable to fully relax at any point. She spent half of each night tossing and turning and the other half, checking on the twins. On the final day, she called the police department to ask for an update, or at least anything they could give. Of course they didn't have anything for her though. She knew it wasn't a high priority case, but with the stakes being so high, she hoped a lot. That night, she tossed and turned again until she heard the baby monitor. Sleepily she made her way to the next room so that she could check on them. After a diaper change, she dragged herself back to bed and sleep came on with haste this time around. Amber didn't wake again until the sound of the baby monitor broke the silence in the morning. She opened her eyes and sat up, about to go and check on the twins, but something was quite off. Her covers were on the floor, she was nude and she had the taste of semen in her mouth. The longer she sat there, the more she could feel the soreness between her legs, like she had been having sex all night. She didn't remember anything, except for changing the diaper overnight. No memories of dreams or anything else came to her. The frustration and the panic was building. It brought back the thoughts of nine months ago and she turned to look at the birth control sitting on her nightstand. With little thought, she took them and swallowed it down. Hearing the baby again, she hurried and cleaned up some, focusing on her mouth and the leftover semen on her labia. She wrapped a robe around herself and made way to the nursery room to take care of her twins. The instincts of motherhood slowly settling in on her, guiding her to take care of her children first, then her needs. She knew it was going to get weird again and that she had to find that egg.

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