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Terrafic Erotic

Hi, all and thanks for visiting my site. If you would like something to call me by, Terra will be fine. For most of my life I’ve enjoyed writing stories, and about 2 years ago I decided to write some that I could share online.
It has been a great experience sharing my stories online and receiving feedback on them. I decided to create this site due to the restrictions I felt posting my stories on other sites. The places where some of my current stories are published have restrictions on genre and age.
As a roleplayer on an excellent “RP” fetish site, I’ve wanted to create and share stories that push some of those limits in a purely fantasizing way.
Another reason for creating this site is so that I could try my hand at using images to tie in with some stories.
Lastly, I want all of my works to be in one place and hope that I can interact with my followers better.

The World of Terra

Terra is the world in which the content of my stories exists. Terra is a world much like Earth, except that there is no definite measure of time. To put it simply, on Terra, the past, present, and futures of Earth can all exist simultaneously.
Terra is a place where occurrences happen that can push a person’s mind to the limit. You’ll find that the rules of science and nature that you knew on Earth don’t seem to apply here. This world is only limited by the imagination.
Let me welcome you to my world. A place where you will see and experience many erotic scenes.

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