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Second Chances Ch.3

Second Chances

Chapter 3

By: Penuvian2000

Foreword: This is the third part of Jasmine and Joeys story. This chapter will be broken down monthly telling Jasmine & Joey’s story. This chapter covers New Year’s Eve through February. Please read the first two parts for everything to make sense.

New Year’s Eve

Jasmine was exhausted still. She had been pulling extra shifts over the catholic holidays to give her catholic co workers time off. Joe still found time to give her an amazing Christmas, only one she ever celebrated but it was still amazing. She was sure she was getting sick; it had been a week and she still had no energy and felt wiped out.

“Babe, we don’t need to go to the party if you’re not up to it, we can just watch the cheesy stuff on tv on the couch and you can rest” her boyfriend Joe pleaded. “No, I wanna go to Vanessa’s party, what about you? Will you be ok being there will be alcohol there?” he shrugged “I can only try my best, I am human. But I can’t lock myself in a tower afraid to see a bottle out in the real world. If I waiver I know I have you to help me.” She smiled, Jasmine was his rock and he appreciated her for it every day. They had been friends for about six months before they progressed into a loving relationship after Joey was attacked in early November.

“I love you Joe” She said as she leaned in and kissed him. She was finishing her makeup while he was getting ready for the party in their bedroom. She was wearing a cute grey dress with dark stockings and a set of heels. Her feet were going to kill her before the ball dropped but it made her big ass look amazing. And on the plus side Joe hadn’t taken his eyes off her since she got dressed. Joe was wearing some dark dress pants and a black and white button up shirt. He was still using a cane sometimes but insisted he would be fine tonight without it. If his leg hurt, he would sit down.

They arrived at her friend’s house, when they were in college her parties were wild. Now they were mature and Vanessa had two kids they were much tamer. Maybe fifteen people total, mostly all from work. Food, a little wine for the ladies and some beers for the men. Joe grabbed a bottle of Gatorade as his drink of choice. Normally Jasmine would have a glass with her friend but decided for solidarity with joe to just have some sparkling water. Plus, she wasn’t feeling well still, no need to add a hangover to the flu.

The party was a lot of fun. They were playing simple party games and she showed Joey about Cards Against Humanity. They were having a good time with her friends who were happy to really meet him besides at the work cafeteria.

Vanessa and Ty had had a few by 10 o clock had started interrogating Joe playfully. Ty was asking about the guys in prison, and Vanessa was asking about Joe and Jasmines sex life. “Oh my god guys, babe you don’t have to answer any of that…seriously don’t” as she gave a stern look to her friends. They were all laughing and having a good time. Jasmine still couldn’t shake this exhausted feeling and went over to the couch to watch the Katy Perry music performance on the New Year’s Eve show.

She felt a gentle rocking “Hey babe, its almost midnight” Some party animal she was she fell asleep at the party. She looked over and saw her friend Ty passed out at the table he was done. She also saw sharpie signatures all over him. She looked at Joe confused. “Ha passed out and vanessa had everyone sign him” He laughed “There you are! what did he fuck you til you are exhausted? come on Jasmine lets dance!” Jasmine looked over to see her friend Vanessa holding a bottle of vodka and completely wasted. “She’s gonna feel that in the morning” She whispered to Joe.

Not long after everyone congregated around the tv and started watching the ball drop. Everyone started counting down when it got to less than ten seconds. “five, four, three, two, one – HAPPY NEW YEAR!” everyone cheered. Joe leaned in and kissed his girlfriend Jasmine, and rang in what was going to be a wild year.


Jasmine really needed to see the doctor, she told herself if she wasn’t feeling better by the end of shift today, she was going to make an appointment. This lethargy had been going on for over two weeks. She was standing in the OR next to her boss Dr Henkel and she felt lightheaded. She could feel the sweat beading on her forehead and the world around her was going numb. She wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on, suddenly the world snapped back into place.

“Nevashani, OUT NOW. GET YOUR HEAD TOGETHER AND OUT OF MY OR!” She saw everyone in the OR staring at her while she was a million miles away. Her two co workers Ty and Vanessa looking at her out of concern. She rushed out of the OR and ripped the surgical gown off before barely making it to the ladies’ room to vomit. Puking her guts up made her dizziness and sweating worse. She went to a vending machine to get crackers and a sprite. Jasmine just sat there with her head between her knees. She wanted Joe; But he was off today. He had returned to work earlier in the week but Snake was having him work weekends since they were slower until he was 100% giving him a few weekdays off. He was at home, probably cooking or cleaning and generally spoiling her. “Its official Jas, you got the fucking flu, and you nearly puked in an OR” she was embarrassed and mortified of it.

Jasmine nodded off on the bench in the awkward position she was seated in. She awoke to someone standing over her. “Seriously I need to stop finding you on this bench, Its Joe’s isn’t it?” Jasmine looked up to see her boss who was livid with her not to long ago. “Huh?” was all she could respond. “So how far along are you?” again confusion “Huh?” Dr Henkel sighed “Jesus Nevashani, your pregnant aren’t you, you nearly fucking became a doctor you should know the signs even if you were a terrible nurse like Reynolds over there” in the distance she heard Ty yell” Hey?!”.

Pregnant? Her world stopped. She never even though of the possibility. Her and Joe were careful most of the month of December, with the exception of Christmas, and their first two times mid-November. Ok, so they weren’t that careful she thought. “Earth to Jasmine are you listening to me, Nevashani?” She looked up “Sorry Doctor, I didn’t even think of the possibility” He sighed again motioned for Vanessa to come over. “Take her to the ladies’ room and have her take a test” as he walked away, she could hear him muttering about “she should be a god damned doctor and can’t see the signs what the fuck do they teach in school today”

Minutes later Jasmine was sitting on a toilet in a stall with her friend, could this day get any worse. Vanessa spoke up to break the ice.” Soooo a baby huh, think you are?” Jasmine didn’t know how to answer or want to know the answer. The stick she just peed on still had several minutes. Vanessa decided to change the subject to a more awkward one. “When did you decided to chop the forest down, I’ve seen you change before you could embarrass someone from the seventies. Did Joe ask for it” Jasmine started turning bright red,” I decided to surprise him on Christmas” This got Vanessa’s attention “Hold Up! The Muslim girl was playing Santa?” Jasmine nodded. Vanessa whistled “Ho Ho Ho, no wonder you are knocked up” Jasmine snapped alert and looked at the stick balanced on the toilet paper dispenser.

Two pink lines.

“You better go home and have a conversation with baby daddy” Jasmine nodded “Could you let Dr Henkel know I’m heading home” she scoffed “You think he’s letting you back in the OR today?” Jasmine sighed at the words of her friend. Could today get any worse?

Her normal commute was terrible. She got caught in construction traffic twice, two detours later she was back on her commute home. The radio wasn’t distracting her and she couldn’t stop thinking. A baby, its Joes but what if he doesn’t want to be a dad? They never discussed their future and having a family. She never had unprotected sex before with any guy she ever dated and in a month she did it three times. One muscular bad boy and she’s fucking without protection. Prison or not, virgin or not he should know to wear a condom. But she didn’t stop him either. Their first time she initiated it. The thoughts going through her head were enraging her. One second, she’s full of worry and next full of anger and the traffic backup was not helping.

Her fifteen-minute commute turned into forty. By the time she pulled into her driveway she was ready to breathe fire. Of course, her neighbor was in his driveway at his truck, chugging a beer. When does he actually work? He started to say some derogatory comment but Jasmine just cut him off “Fuck off, you fat redneck alcoholic” He just stood there in shock. Jasmine walked into her house and slammed the door shaking the house. She went from nauseous to seeing red.

Joe entered the living room with a dish rag in hand. He must have been doing dishes. “Hey babe, you’re home early” he questioned. “Don’t Babe me. We need to talk” she growled. Joe was very confused at why Jasmine had an attitude. “Uh…. What’s wrong ba…Jasmine” Joey was getting nervous. He had never seen Jasmine like this, and did not understand why she was like this. “I’m pregnant Joe” Jasmine couldn’t get her anger under control, she was normally very level headed. “are…. y-you sure?” Jasmine lost it “What the fuck Joe, I have been feeling like shit for weeks, puked at work and pissed on a fucking stick and had the most awkward conversation in a ladies’ room, YES I’m fucking sure” Joe was in shock. “What are we going to, what are we going to do?” Jasmine lost her temper completely. “What are we going to do? We are going to become parents Joe!” before he could react Jasmine swung and slapped Joe across the face.

Jasmine realized her mistake the instant she heard the slap and stood there in shock. Joe was speechless, rubbing his cheek. He abruptly turned and walked towards the door. “I’m going out” and left Jasmine there in shock. Did that just really happen?

Jasmine slumped to the floor and started crying. She ruined everything, and didn’t even know why. Joe the nicest sweetest, most supportive guy she has ever known and she hurt him for it. She always hated hearing stories of people hitting their spouses, and she just did it. She was a fucking hypocrite. She wasn’t sure how long she was there crying but eventually she got up and curled up on the couch and laid on Joe’s hoodie using it as a pillow. It smelled like him, which made her cry worse. Then it hit her, he walked outside without a jacket or anything in the middle of January. She ran to her purse and called Joe. No Answer, of course. What if he breaks his sobriety because of her, everything he’s gone through and she’s the reason for his downfall? She eventually fell asleep crying into Joe’s hoodie.

Few hours later she awoke to her phone and Jasmine quickly grabbed it. “Joe, Joe, Joe I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, I don’t know what was wrong with me, please come home” She started sobbing into the phone. “Slow, down its me not Joe. Jasmine what happened when you told him.” She heard Vanessa’s voice on the other end. Jasmine explained everything that happened. She just started crying “I lost him, I love him” and started crying some more. She heard Vanessa sigh on the other end “I’m coming over” Jasmine sobbed some more “Bring wine, or something stronger” Vanessa yelled at her “You can’t fucking drink Jasmine, you are pregnant”

Twenty minutes later Vanessa was coming in Jasmine’s front door without knocking. Jasmine’s eyes were red and puffy. She had thrown up some more before Vanessa arrived, and had been crying. Vanessa put her arm around her distraught friend and sat down at the couch with her. “Girl, Its ok. Joe loves you; you are his world. You had a fight, they happen” Jasmine started crying harder “I hit him, what if he doesn’t want our baby now. I hurt him, I can’t take that back” Vanessa shook her head “I fought with my kid’s dad before, it happens. We always made up” Jasmine shook her head, “You left him though” Vanessa rolled her eyes “That’s because he had other women on the side. I have seen the way he looks at you, you are his world. On new years when you fell asleep when people were drawing on Ty with marker, he wouldn’t let anyone draw on you.” Jasmine looked up. “He did that?” Vanessa nodded.

Vanessa stayed with her Jasmine until it got late. “We have the weekend off, get some rest. I guarantee he will be home. Just let him clear his head.” Jasmine didn’t believe her friend but wanted to. She walked Vanessa out and went upstairs to her and Joes bedroom. She wanted him; she was just an emotional hormonal wreck. Right as her head hit the pillow, she heard her phone buzz. It was a text from Joe.

<Hey, Its me. I’m Ok. I’m with Richard. I will be home tomorrow. I Love You Jas>

He’s with Dr Henkel, that made Jasmine feel better. He worked with Joe in his AA group. Jasmine hoped Joe didn’t drink and if he’s with her boss, that’s a good sign. She wanted him home, and hoped she could keep her emotions in check when he came home. She responded to him and told him how much she loved him. She quietly sobbed as she fell asleep. In the night she had to get up twice to vomit. That didn’t help her emotional state, she had an empty stomach and was still getting sick.

She awoke to someone sitting on the bed. “Hey” She bolted upright and nearly tackled Joe in a hug. “JOEY! I’m sorry I was a psycho mega bitch” and started crying some more. “Jas, its ok. Richard talked with me last night, and made me feel better. I’m not mad at you.” Jasmine, looked at him “You’re not mad?” He gave her a soft peck on the cheek “No, a little hurt but I’m not mad.” She kissed him again, tears running down her face. “Babe don’t cry, I’m not going anywhere.” He leaned over her and started kissing her. While kissing her his hand running up her side gently. Jasmine reached up and gripped his wrist.

“What’s wrong?” He asked worried she was still upset with him. She guided his hand under her shirt to her breast. “Are you sure, I can’t hurt you, can I?” Jasmine laughed at Joe’s worry. “It’s fine, Joe I want you.” Jasmine reassured her boyfriend and used her leg to wrap around him and pull Joe on top of her. She started kissing Joe feverishly. “Ever have make up sex?” Joe looked bewildered. She pulled her shirt off exposing herself to Joe. “Joe, I want you.” She repeated. He leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth, slowly sucking on it as his hands explored the rest of her chubby body. He paused pleasuring her to pull his shirt off. The scar on his side angry and red. Jasmine started pulling and pawing at his pants. Joe responded by hooking his fingers in the hem of her yoga pants and slid them down. They were flip flopping between who was the aggressive one. Jasmine wanted Joe. He slid his pants and underwear down and his hard cock sprung free. Jasmine had to touch it. She ran the nail of her index finger along his shaft, exciting a moan from Joe.

“Jas, are you sure its safe? I don’t want to hurt the baby” She chuckled. “Joe, even if you had comically massive equipment you wouldn’t hurt me or our baby” He nodded and approached his nightstand. “Joe, you don’t need a condom. Its not like you are going to knock me up again?” She reached for Joe giggling. He positioned himself on top her. “We can stop Jas, its ok” She responded by pulling him into her with a moan. He leaned in and started kissing Jasmine. Her nails raking his back. “Joe” She sighed into his mouth feeling him thrust into her. She started matching his thrusts with her own. His fingers exploring her body as she held him close. “Jas, I love you.” He moaned, “No, not yet.” She growled and rolled Joe onto his back and started riding him. She loved when Joe was on top but when she was on top, she was in control. His hands were on her hips while she gyrated them straddling his legs. Her own hands exploring her body, rubbing her breasts and touching herself allover. “You are beautiful babe.” She heard Joe sigh. It was her turn to kiss him and she leaned in like he had been and kissed Joe. His hands were squeezing and rubbing her ass in all the right ways. The steady rhythm of her gyrating was hitting all the right spots. Her breathing was getting ragged almost panting. “J-joe, J-joe don’t st-stop.” She stuttered. He felt his hands on her belly gently rubbing where their child was growing. She was right on the cusp of an orgasm. It was right there; her home could be on fire and she wouldn’t care she wanted that release. Like crackling lightning in the clouds before a storm her body was about to explode. Then Joe stopped her. “Joe, please don’t stop” In one swift motion he lifted her off of him and gently laid her on the bed, rolling her over onto her knees and elbows.

They had never made love in this position which was even more exciting, all she wanted was him back inside her. Her large breasts sagging beneath her, while in this position on her hands and knees was not the most flattering, it was extremely erotic. “Joe, I need you.” Jasmine pleaded. She felt Joe slowly slide back into her pussy. The electricity was back, lightning striking with every thrust. “Harder” She gasped. Joe gripped Jasmines hips firmly as he slowly increased the pace. Within a minute Jasmine was screaming in ecstasy, the thunderstorm crashing within her. “Babe, I’m getting close.” Joe grunted “Fucking cum in my pussy Joe, Cum in me” Jasmine gasped. As her orgasm was fading, she felt Joe making his final thrust, and holding her close to him. He started kissing her neck while his arm was across her breasts holding her. “I love you Jas” “I love you too Joe” She responded as they both collapsed in a spooning position and fell asleep together.

Jasmine awoke a little while later and really needed to pee. Naked she made her way across the hall and did her business. Thinking to herself, soon she will be peeing every five minutes. Not something she would look forward to. She returned to their bedroom and saw Joe still sleeping peacefully after fucking her brains out. Few months ago, he was shy around women but Jasmine still fell in love with him. In the two months since his attack, he went from an inexperienced kid to an amazing lover. Jasmine stood in front of the full-length mirror on her closet door examining herself.

She started looking at the small patch of hair on her mostly hairless pubic mound. Something she started at Christmas for Joe. He insisted he liked it either way but she wanted to do it special like this for him. From there she was examining her abdomen, she was already chubby but she couldn’t tell if her body had made any changes that were noticeable yet. She was turning side to side in front of the mirror. Maybe she could see something, maybe she couldn’t.\

“You are beautiful babe.” She heard comment behind her. “Joe, can you tell?” Confused she heard him ask “Huh?” She turned to face her boyfriend who had woken up from their post sex nap. “Can you see I’m pregnant in my belly?” He looked at her, really examining her body and taking her in. “I don’t see it, but…” She quickly turned to the mirror trying to figure out what he saw. “I think your nipples are darker, not super dark but enough to notice…I dunno maybe its me” Jasmine started examine her nipples and could see what Joe saw. They were a slightly darker shade of brown.

Jasmine crawled back into bed with Joe snuggling her naked ass into his now softened manhood. He reached around her and held her. “Will you still love me when I get fatter” Joe hated when she put herself down, and always told her. “Jas, you are not fat now, and even when pregnant you won’t be fat. You will have a pregnant belly. Its normal, it would be weird if you didn’t have one.” Jasmine had self-image issues with her weight since putting on 30-40 pounds since med school and was always self-deprecating. “Babe, I love you. I love your curves. Without those curves, you would have that glowing smile, those amazing tits and that awesome ass that I can’t keep my hands off of. If I wanted a stick, there’s a tree in the back yard that’s always losing branches. I want a real person, with room for an amazing heart.” Her heart was skipping beats at his loving reassurance, if she wasn’t sore from their earlier love making, she probably would have started it up again. “So…What did you think of makeup sex?” She cooed at him. Rubbing her side, “Amazing, but would prefer to not have to have makeup sex and just make love” She leaned back and kissed him “Smooth lover boy, smooth. I bet you tell all the girls that” Shocked Joe sat up “no Jas, I swear its just you babe. There has never been another girl I swear.” Jasmine laughed “I’m just teasing, besides I know, once you have Muslim pussy you can’t go back” as they started cuddling again

They started just chatting and cuddling. She started asking what Joe did after he left. He told her how he was really upset and debated on getting drunk. Jasmine felt like shit for causing him to think that way. He then told her he ended up at St Christopher’s and ended up calling Dr Henkel. “He picked me up and we went out to dinner, we went to this really fancy restaurant…He paid, but I still need to pay him back. That meal cost more than we spend on groceries in a month” Jasmine had a realization; she interrupted his monthly steakhouse treat again. “He made fun of me for ordering chicken at a steakhouse but I don’t like beef” Jasmine Looked at Joe.” You don’t like beef?” sort of changing the subject. “Yeah, 11 years of prison food will do that, beef tastes and has the consistency a dirty dish sponge” She made a face but laughed. “I never thought about it, when you cook its always chicken or turkey, I know you don’t cook pork for me but I was wondering why no beef” Jasmine was getting hungry, “Hey Joe, speaking of food…”

Few minutes later they were in her kitchen Jasmine wearing a robe and Joe in his boxer briefs while Joe cooked for his pregnant girlfriend. “Smells amazing, our baby is going to be eating well” She smiled.” After you ordered chicken at a steakhouse what did you guys do?” Jasmine asked, she probably should have left it alone but she was curious. “Richard told me about one time when his ex-wife was pregnant, he apparently was crunching his mashed potatoes too loudly and she hit him with a cast iron skillet, that had to hurt” Jasmine laughed “How bad of a cook was she that he could crunch mashed potatoes?” She asked “I asked the same thing, he didn’t find it funny” Joey laughed, Jasmine loved his laugh. “Wait? Pregnant? Dr. Henkel has a kid?” Joey shrugged “Yeah, he doesn’t have a relationship with her. One of the casualties of his alcoholism. Lost both his wife and daughter. He said they live on the west coast and she works for a senator or mayor or something but they don’t speak.” Jasmine sat there thinking while Joey cooked. She could never keep Joes child from him, but what if she had to put their child’s needs before his if he relapsed? Joe changed the subject “We went shopping after at a book store, Richard is a firm believer on finding something to focus on so you don’t focus on a bottle. He took me to a book store and helped me pick out a couple baby books. Its handy when your friend is a doctor sometimes. He gives great advice” Jasmine perked up “You bought baby books?” She asked quizzically. “Yeah I got a couple for us to read, they are on the couch” She loved this man, hours before he was contemplating drinking, then he was shopping for baby books.

Several days later Joe was sitting in a doctor’s office. Jasmine was behind the door with her doctor. Joe was nervous, what he had read in the books so far, the first appointment would be routine but he was still nervous.

A nurse appeared, “Joe, your girlfriends’ exam is going great. Would you like to come back?” He was confused, but nodded. He followed the nurse back to the exam room. Jasmine was laying on an incline wearing a gown and her belly was exposed. Joe gave her a quick peck on the cheek, “Everything ok?” Jasmine was smiling and nodded. The nurse asked “would you guys like to see your baby?” Joe quickly nodded and then turned to face Jasmine “wait that’s ok right?” She giggled yes “I want to see our baby too.” Few minutes later the nurse had a gel on Jasmines abdomen and they could weird images on a small monitor. Joe thought it looked like the TV when the cable was out. The nurse highlighted a spot on the screen. “That’s your baby, I’m guessing seven weeks” the nurse told them. Jasmine beamed staring at their child. “Seven weeks…so like November 19th?” The nurse laughed “Oh we know when it happened huh? Yeah that sounds pretty accurate. I’m going to guess maybe mid-august due date.” Joe was mesmerized with the image on the screen while Jasmine was thinking. Their first time is likely when they conceived. The day they took their amazing friendship to love they became a family of three. Jasmine was beaming ear to ear with a smile.


Jasmine’s concerns about her belly came to fruition. Since she found out she was pregnant in early January she had been concerned about showing, almost immediately she could tell without clothes on her belly was growing. She was positive in a few weeks she may need to start maternity clothes shopping. Not that she minded an excuse to shop it just was making things feel like they were moving at warp speed. She was roughly 12 weeks; she felt her morning sickness was under control as long as she kept her emotions in check. Easier said than done. Some days easier than others. Joe was amazing, He was having to adjust the cooking at home. His hearty Italian cooking was giving her heartburn. He was using less spices and making the food blander or making options that should minimize indigestion. At work she had been removed from the OR. At first, she thought she was in trouble after the day she found out she was pregnant but it was Hospital policy. As long as there was potential for her to get sick in the OR, she was temporally placed in another department. She was already warned she may get moved again to desk duty later in the pregnancy if she was unable to be on her feet all day.

Currently she was still working in the surgical department, but now she was doing post-op work. She actually didn’t mind it, she loved working in Dr Henkel’s OR but she had very little patient interaction. Post op she got to do the things she loved doing, making people feel better. Even when someone felt like a crap, making them smile did wonders.

“How you doing Paul? Feeling better today? I can double check and see if the doctor can put that nasty appendix back if you are still in discomfort” She joked as she entered a patient room, with an older man who just had an appendectomy. “Oh god no, you can keep it” He laughed. “Well don’t worry I personally know one of the chefs in the kitchen and he says good things about today’s menu. You got an amazing lunch coming your way.” Jasmine joked with her patient making him laugh “I hope its not my appendix” Jasmine giggled “Shhh you aren’t supposed to give the secrets away” Her patient was still laughing after she left his room to check the next patient. Her current supervisor Miranda stopped her. “Hi, Jasmine. Everything good?” She nodded “Yep, just making the rounds checking on everyone” Miranda nodded, “well remember take it easy. Plenty of other nurses who can help.” “I’m not broken, I like helping people” Miranda laughed, “I can see how hard of a worker you are. I won’t be mad if you put your feet up for a few minutes. That boyfriend of yours would appreciate it”

After her rounds Jasmine started organizing charts at her desk at the nurses’ station. Glancing at the printout from her sonogram in January she had framed sitting on her desk. She was excited for several reasons. The baby had her emotions all over the place, today she was super chipper. Her and Joe were going out tonight to a Persian restaurant for dinner. Tomorrow was technically Valentine’s Day but Joe was working the evening shift in the hospital kitchen. She never really celebrated the holiday but she wanted to celebrate it with Joe. With her emotions going up and down she wasn’t always in the mood for sex the past few weeks. Joe was super understanding and provided her with the support she needed even though she wasn’t always able to reciprocate the love and affection. She was determined to have an amazing night with her boyfriend tonight.

Joe was wearing a nice dress shirt and helped his pregnant girlfriend out of her car. She could get out on her own but it was a sweet gesture. She was wearing a dark colored knee length dress with black stockings and heels. She knew it was driving Joey wild. They held hands as they walked into the restaurant. “Joe we can go to a nice Italian place, its ok.” He shook his head, “We have Italian all the time babe. I love your cooking, I’m fine with this place. It is part of your culture.” Jasmine smiled, she did enjoy eating food of her culture and happy her boyfriend was understanding. “Two under the reservation Coralucci” She spoke to host in Arabic. She smiled and grabbed two menus and took them to their table. Joe asked many questions about items on the menu.” So why is it called Persian if its Iranian?” He asked out of curiosity while they were going over the menu. Jasmine had to explain “It’s kind of complicated. The middle east is always at war, country borders are always changing. Long time ago the area of Iran my family is from was called Persia, I think parts of Morocco were too. The culture and food we just say is Persian” Joe nodded “when you explain it, it’s not that complicated” She smiled at him.

They settled on Zereshk polow for an appetizer. Which was a rice topped with cranberries dish. “This is good Jas, I really like it” Jas smiled wait until you try the chicken fesenjān and kebabs Joe, leave some room” she giggled. She was really happy; Joe was her first boyfriend since med school. Any guy she dated never wanted to try any of her culture’s food or even took an interest in it. Joe gobbled it up like it was his favorite. A waiter came to the table with a pitcher. Before he could offer Jasmine cut him off with a stern “no thank you” this time in English. Joe looked confused at her sudden shift in mood. She whispered to him, “It was Iranian Beer they were going to offer you” Joe made the “oh” face. They ate and chatted and laughed. “Think our kid will like this place?” Jasmine thought for a second. “I think a place like this might be a bit over the top for a child, but my mom could definitely make traditional Persian food” Joe nodded kind of looking around realizing there was no children in the restaurant. “Is your mom excited? I mean the baby” Jasmine smiled “you kidding she’s going to be a Jida” she’s thrilled. Joe had to ask the question he was dreading. “What about your dad?” Jasmine shrugged “She’s not telling him” Joe looked concerned. “Could that cause problems?” Jasmine shook her head no “They have an untraditional relationship. If he doesn’t ask, she don’t tell. He’s a selfish, self-centered man. They were an arranged marriage by their parents. One reason I did not want him making decisions in my love life. If he wants to be in his grandchild’s life, he is going to have to earn it. Not just showing up randomly to tell me what to do. What about you, are you telling your Dad?” Joe shook his head.” Far as I’m concerned Drew is going to be a grandpa, hope you like dad jokes” he teased. Joe hated his alcoholic father and had more respect for his step father who his mom met and married while Joe was in prison. “My mom was pissed at me at first but she’s super happy for us. Its an Italian mom thing, you can do no wrong while the boy is in trouble. She was asking how you are feeling and wants you to call her to check in. Like I said Italian Mom, has to be everyone’s mom.” Jasmine smiled, she really liked Joe’s mom. When Joe was in the hospital, she worried over Jasmine who was a wreck after the attack. They had a nice dessert of figs and berries. Joe paid their bill and left a generous tip walking out of the restaurant hand in hand with his girlfriend and the mother of their child.

They got in her car “Hey Jas, I kinda got you something” He pulled a small jewelry box from between the seat and the console. When did he stuff that there? She opened it to see a gold necklace with an Arabic symbol on a charm. “Mother” Guy at the jeweler said it means “Mom” Jasmine nodded, “it does, I love it Joey” She kissed him, aggressively. She wanted him to take her in this tiny car in a restaurant parking lot. She stopped herself has she was grabbing his cock through his dress pants. “I was kinda worried, it said goat or foot or something and the guy just told me it said mom” She smiled, I would still wear my goat feet necklace from you.

By the time they were making it in her front door their clothes were coming off. Jasmines dress was off, she was standing there in heels, dark stockings, a thong and matching bra, and of course her new necklace, the charm sitting nicely between her 40D boobs. Her small baby belly on display. Joe was shirtless gently lowering her to be seated on the landing of her stairs to the second floor. She unzipped his dress pants and pushed them and his boxer briefs down letting his cock spring free in her face. She started licking up and down on his cock. “Time for my dessert” Joe just moaned. Finally, she took Joes hard dick in her mouth and reached behind her to undo her bra. He reached down to play with her nipple. Her breasts were one of the first changes she noticed with her pregnancy. She was sure they had grown slightly, but had not been bra shopping to be sure. They were sensitive, her nipples were hard often. Joe even noticed the darkening of her brown nipples. She was moaning while sucking Joes dick from his nipple play. When they first started being lovers Joe was unable to last 30 seconds in Jasmines mouth, now it had graduated into warm up for the big show. She stopped while playfully jerking his cock in her hand. He slowly pulled her thong off and spread her legs. He bent down and ran his tongue up her pussy, discovering how wet she was in that moment. “JJJoooooe” She sighed. He lapped at her most sensitive area giving her the most intense pleasure. “Gimmie that cock” She moaned while pulling on Joe’s hair. He kissed her while positioning his hard dick to enter her pussy. She could taste herself on his lips and started kissing him harder. The pleasure was amazing, but tonight was one of those nights where she could feel it was not going to happen. She was loving the pleasure of making love with Joe, but she had several nights where due to the pregnancy or hormones she just couldn’t get off. She still loved it. It didn’t matter she loved him no matter what and was still in a euphoric daze as he made love to her while his face was nuzzled in her breasts and her legs were wrapped around him.

Afterword she was cuddled with him on the stairs. “Uh Joe? Let’s go get in bed before we wake up with the worst back ache ever” He groaned but got up. They left their trail of clothes in the living room and naked she followed him up the stairs, mesmerized by his toned back muscles and nice ass going up the stairs.

As she nuzzled into his side and curled up with him, she started thinking. Six more months of pregnancy to go and there will be three of them. No more wild nights of passionate love making in the living room or on the stairs. They will be parents. She would be a mom, like her necklace said.

To Be Continued


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