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Second Chances Ch.2

Second Chances

Chapter 2

By: Penuvian2000

Foreward: This is the second part of Jasmine and Joeys story. Please read the first part for everything to make sense.

Jasmine sat there on a small bench in a small hallway eyes puffy and red, makeup streaked down her cheeks and covered head to toe in her best friend’s blood. She spent half the night talking with detectives. She was able to get a hold of Joey’s phone in all the chaos and called his Mom in Atlanta, she should be in New Jersey with his stepfather by the morning. Jasmine had no information, because of HIPAA no one could tell her anything. So, she sat there on a bench worrying herself sick all night, she wasn’t even sure what time it was.

“Once a month I visit my favorite steakhouse and get my favorite meal because of my cholesterol. A nice 12oz ribeye, aged 60 days – seasoned with house made butter and a small amount of pepper, garlic stuffed baked potato and a house lobster bisque. Last night was that night, I hadn’t even taken my first bite of my monthly treat when I receive a phone call my friend Joe was being brought in. Jesus Nevashani you look like shit, what the hell happened last night.”

Jasmine looked up and saw her boss Dr Henkel “Dr Henkel I’m so sorry, I didn’t know they called you in, I didn’t mean to interrupt your night…wait you know Joey?”

He smiled and sat down next to Jasmine “He attends a group that I am sort of the unofficial leader of at St. Christopher’s. He often speaks of you, you mean a lot to him” The realization hit Jasmine, the dark BMW she often wondered about while waiting for Joey at his meeting was Dr. Henkel’s. Before she could ask, he answered her question. “I have been sober for over 25 years, Abbas helped me get help a long time ago.” That admission startled her “My father?” he nodded “Yes, I started having a glass every night after a surgery, then a bottle, then two, my marriage failed, then there was a bottle in my locker. We didn’t always hate each other, we used to be very close but one day he caught me to drunk to operate, and scrubbed in my place. He was very angry at me, made me promise to stop being a cardiac surgeon and get help. That’s why I’m an emergency and trauma surgeon. His career skyrocketed while mine just stayed stagnant. We never really got along after that though but I’ve stayed sober since that day.”

Jasmine couldn’t picture her father and Dr. Henkel as friends. Then it hit her “Wait! Is Joey ok?” Dr Henkel looked at her “You know I’m not allowed to tell you” He rubbed the bridge of his nose “He’s ok at the moment, lost a lot of blood but should recover – that’s all I can tell you” Jasmine nodded and felt a tremendous relief knowing he was ok. “Go home Nevashani, get some rest, get a shower, eat something besides something out of a vending machine. “Glancing at the candy wrappers and bottles of sprite next to Jasmine” He’s not going to like seeing you like this.” She shook her head no. Dr. Henkel sighed and left.

Jasmine woke hours later to someone gently rocking her awake. She awoke to a short dark-haired woman in glasses. “Jasmine right? Have you been here all-night honey?” She nodded, after the fog of sleep faded, she remembered where she was and what happened. “Joe, Joe is he ok?” The woman nodded, “he’s fine, we just saw him, he’s resting right now but he asked us to check on you. He’s not wrong you look as rough as he does.” Jasmine realized this must Joey’s mom and stepdad.” Mrs. Coralucci?” She made a disgusted look “oh god no, it’s Jackson, Cindy Jackson and this is my husband Andrew. A really tall bald black man with a large fluffy white mustache and glasses introduced himself. “Andrew Jackson, you might have seen my picture on the twenty-dollar bill?” holding his hand out. Jasmine shook his hand as Cindy rolled her eyes “Drew, that joke is terrible why do you still you still use it” Jasmine giggled at their banter “It won you over didn’t it?” she rolled her eyes again “It was out of pity and hoping you would never use it again” They seemed really nice, Cindy looked back at Jasmine “ Dear why don’t we get you home and get you cleaned up, Drew can you stay with Joe”

Jasmine started to protest but started walking with her. “Do you need me to give you directions?” as they got into Cindy’s rental car. “You live next to my asshole ex, right? I remember where he lives.” Jasmine nodded “I tried to call him last night, he didn’t answer” Cindy Shrugged “I’m not surprised” They pulled into Jasmines driveway. “Go, go take a shower I will find something in your kitchen to fix you. Go take a shower and get out of those bloody clothes”

Jasmine went into her bathroom and undressed and got into a steaming hot shower. The hot water melting the dried blood off her. The hot water cascaded down her back and breasts relieving the tension of the events from the previous night. “He’s ok” she told herself. She broke down crying in the shower. He made a mistake over eleven years ago and is still paying for it. He didn’t deserve to be attacked and thrown over a balcony. They were having such a great time and then the night turned upside down.

Eventually she got out of the shower when it started getting lukewarm, wrapped in a towel and a towel around her hair she went across the hall to her bedroom and got dressed. She threw a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt on and went downstairs to check on Cindy. Her downstairs smelled amazing and Cindy had a bowl of pasta with marinara made. “Joe told me your Muslim so I wasn’t sure what was ok, so I didn’t add any meat.” Jasmine smiled “that’s perfect, it smells amazing, even better than when joe makes pasta” she laughed “and its still not as good as my Grandmothers.” They chatted over the early lunch. “They said the knife wound was deep and but didn’t hit anything major” Jasmine explained “Yeah the surgeon who patched him up is my boss Dr Henkel, he’s one of the best” Cindy added “He broke his wrist and his knee has several ligament tears too, they have a specialist seeing him on Monday” Jasmine had to think for a second , its Saturday now. “Me and Drew will have to leave before that, we are both college Professors I don’t know if Joe told you, but its November, its finals. But will you keep me and Drew informed?” Jasmine felt bad his mom and stepdad had to leave but she understood. “Now Jasmine, get some rest when Joe wakes up ill come get you, I promise” Jasmine started to protest but she was right.

Cindy left and Jasmine went upstairs to her bedroom. She felt bad, her son was in the hospital and she spent a little over two hours taking care of his emotional roommate and friend. She curled up in bed and before her head hit the pillow she was out.

Jasmine started dreaming all sorts of things. Visions of Joey shirtless, doing yard work his muscles covered in sweat. The memory of her stepping out of the dressing room in her underwear to tease him. The memory replayed again but this time she stepped out completely nude and joe grabbed her and kissed her as he touched her breast. Then she looked and saw the guys who all attacked joey all standing around them, while she was naked. She went to cover herself and realized her hands were covered in blood. She starts screaming and pleading for Joey and telling him she loves him. In the distance she’s hearing a siren.

She startled awake. “I love him, I told him I love him” She was still hearing the siren and realized it was her phone ringing, and answered it groggily. “Hello, were you able to rest Jasmine?” “Yeah I got a few hours sleep” “Joe is awake if you want to see him” Jasmine shot up “Yes of course” She heard Joeys mom laugh on the other end “Ill be there in fifteen minutes, Hopefully Drew doesn’t kill him with his awful jokes” in the background she heard joes step father yell “he loves my jokes. “Jasmine got off the phone and proceeded to quickly get ready, she pulled her sweat shirt off and put a bra and t shirt on and pulled her sweat shirt back on. She was waiting on her porch for Joe’s mom in probably under three minutes.

Jasmine was nervous and anxious the entire car ride. Would Joey be mad that its her fault he was attacked. They could have just gone to a dinner and movie instead of the mall so she could go shopping. That decision is why Joe got attacked she was thinking. Cindy spoke up on the car ride “You can’t blame yourself; Joe is going to be fine” “Yeah but what if Joe blames me?” Cindy scoffed “He didn’t even say hello to his own mom, he wanted to know where you were and if you were ok” Jasmine felt relief “He wasn’t mad?” “Only at me for making you go home for some rest, he understood but he wanted you”

It took all her self-control to walk to Joey’s room and not run faster than she has ever run before. She saw Joe’s stepdad in a chair reading a newspaper and Joe in the bed. Two black eyes, his right arm wrapped up in a cast and his left leg wrapped up and immobilized. Besides all those injuries plus the ones she couldn’t see, he smiled ear to ear when he saw her. “Hey Jas”

“JOEY” and she ran and hugged him. “Ow ow OW” she jumped back “oh sorry” She apologized for causing him more injury “Sorry Joe, I didn’t hurt you worse, did I?” He smiled back at her “No I’m just sore” She started thumbing through his chart. “Ooof, you’re going to have to do a lot of PT after they patch up that leg Joe.” Cindy and Andrew went to get something to eat while Jasmine and Joe talked. “You sure you are ok Joe? It’s kinda my fault you got hurt. “Jasmine still felt terrible. “Its not your fault Jas, you didn’t attack me- that dickhead did. Besides you got that awesome dress, I will get better by April for that wedding.” “uhhhh Joe about that, the dress got ruined” Jasmine had to explain she used the dress to stop the bleeding before help arrived, it was now in police evidence.” Joe felt bad about the dress getting ruined. They put the tv on and watched some TV movie that was on, while Jasmine kept asking if he was comfortable and could she get him anything.

Eventually Cindy and Andrew came back and Jasmine had to leave Joe for the night. They took Jasmine over to the mall so she could get her car and she headed home. Sunday was spent at the hospital. Joes mom and stepdad had to leave back for Atlanta. Jasmine had a ton of vacation and cleared it with her superiors to use that to help care for Joe over the next several weeks. Monday, he had reconstructive surgery on his knee and had his wrist permanently set.

Joe refused any type of painkiller which made his recovery worse but with his history with alcohol it was understandable. Jasmine waited on him and curled up with him and they watched movies on her laptop in his bed. Joe couldn’t move very well on the crutches he had. His left leg was injured but so was his right wrist. So, it was difficult for him to move with crutches. Jasmine would help him to and from the bathroom supporting his weight on his left side while he hobbled on his right.

After nearly a week they both have been putting off bathing Joe. Jasmine would change his bandages, and clean his side but he hasn’t had a shower since before the injury. “Joe, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Ill put on a swim suit, ill help you in the shower, you hold onto the towel rail and ill scrub you. You can leave your underwear on and change when I leave the room.” “Fine” he lamented realizing he wasn’t winning this battle.

Jasmine went to grab her bathing suit and realized the problem. Her one-piece suit got stolen at the shore when it was hanging on the balcony of a motel her and Vanessa stayed at two summers ago. All she had was her two-piece bikini that hadn’t really fit her since early college, 30 plus pounds ago. The past summer she was doing doubles and hanging out with Joe on house arrest so she never replaced her suit. She pulled it on and realized how revealing it was. “you already showed him yourself in your underwear, what’s the difference” She sighed to herself.

Joe’s jaw hit the ground as she walked back into his bedroom. “Uh Jas, we don’t gotta do this. “Jasmine rolled her eyes “Joe I couldn’t find my normal one, I squeezed into this thing and we are both adults – we’re doing it” Slowly she helped joe hobble down the hall to the bathroom across from her door. “Joe sit on the toilet and ill undress you; I have to take the bandages off your leg, they can’t get wet so your leg will be even less steady.” He nodded as she pulled his pajama pants off and was unrolling the bandages on his leg. Still stained from the iodine put on the surgical site and swollen from the surgery. Jasmine was standing there in a bikini several sizes too small and Joe in a pair of black boxer briefs with a trash bag wrapped on his cast; neither one’s clothing choice leaving much to the imagination.

She helped Joe into the shower and helped him hold onto towel rack and started the shower. “Jeeeeez Jas! That’s freezing” “Joe I’m not helping you into a wet shower.” He lamented “Yeah but still cold” She adjusted the temp of the shower “Better?” “yeah” Jasmine grabbed a wash cloth and soap and started washing Joey. The stitched-up wound on his side was looking better now that she had it clean. Jasmine worked at cleaning his muscles meticulously. She got on her knees to work on his legs and could see the bulge in the front of his dark shorts was growing, inches from her face. “Uh joe want me to turn so you can wash …” and she pointed at his crotch. He nodded after a few seconds he said “I’m good” She turned back around “Want me to do your hair?” He shrugged and he grabbed his shampoo next to her girly hair products. She stood on her tip toes and was rubbing the shampoo in his hair while her breasts were pressing into him. “Joe can you look down, so I can get the top” He was staring right at her 40D boobs, he quickly shut his eyes. “Alright, I’m done” and he heard the shower shut off and reopened his eyes. “Let’s get you dried off, still holding on?” he nodded. She grabbed a towel for herself and one for him. She wrapped the towel around herself and used the other one to start drying him. She was gentle on the wound on his side, “Alright let’s go, slowly.”

She supported his weight again and they moved slowly out of the bathroom. Right at the threshold of the bathroom he stubbed his foot and put his weight on the bad leg. He screamed in pain and all his weight came down on Jasmine. “Jas, I can’t make it to my room, can you let me sit for a second?” Struggling to hold him up “Joe if I put you down, I can’t get you up, come this way” She took him across the hall to her bedroom. “Jas what?” “I can’t you get you to your room, my bed is right here, lets catch your breath” They reached Jasmines bed and Joey fell on his back and Jasmine fell on top of him with her hand on his crotch.

She hadn’t tried anything since that night in the mall, she could feel his manhood in her hand. Suddenly the urge was there to cross that line with his growing package in her hand. “Joe you trust me?” he was frozen speechless. She pulled his underwear down and one quick movement took his hardening cock into her mouth. “Jas what the fuck!” She stopped but was still holding his dick in her hand. “Joe, why are you fighting it. We have an attraction but anytime we go to far you shut it down why Joe? Be honest with me, are you gay? I’m not judging.” Joey sat right up “No it’s just that...that” To get answer out of him she ran her tongue up the base of his shaft. “No Jas... I want you its just just” As Jasmine teased him more and more, he was becoming more flustered. “Jasmine...I’ve never kissed a girl” That statement made Jasmine freeze. “What do you mean?” He shrugged “Girls never had interest in the drunk kid, I got arrested at 16, went to prison at 17” It never even crossed her mind. Any time she flirted he was uncomfortable because he didn’t know how to act around a girl. “I’m a virgin” he said sadly. She climbed up and kissed him. After the initial shock he started kissing her back. “Can’t say you have never been kissed now.” She leaned in to kiss him again and took his left hand and put it under her bikini top on her breast. She started kissing him and started removing her top. “Are these the first set of tits you have seen” Joe nodded “you like?” he nodded again. She leaned forward and let him take her nipple in his mouth, which felt amazing to Jasmine. She guided his hand into her bikini bottom while he sucked on her nipple and let him explore. “Whoa” He gasped as he felt her bush. “Sorry, I need to shave” Jasmine cringed. “No, I like it” “Are you just saying that?” Joey responded by inserting a finger into her. Jasmine moaned at the stimulation. After a minute or so Jasmine climbed away from Joe and positioned herself back over his hard cock. She took him back in her mouth and started stimulating him. She heard Joey moan and she started playing with his balls.

She knew he was close. “Jas, JAS, Jasmine, I’m gonna” Jasmine felt his cock pulsing in her mouth as it filled with his cum. Normally, she hated if a boyfriend finished in her mouth but she wanted to do this with Joey. He actually didn’t taste bad. “Mmmmmm did you like?” she cooed at Joe. He was laying there speechless. She stood up and removed her bikini bottoms so she was nude, and helped Joe out of his still wet boxer briefs. “You’re beautiful Jas, I mean your beautiful all the time but I just wanna say it” Jasmine blushed at Joe’s flustered compliment. She returned to the bed and gently got on top of Joe. “Joe I’m not hurting you right?” he nodded. She straddled him and slowly lowered herself on his still hard dick. “Jas, we don’t have to…oh wow”

She didn’t want to steady herself on his abs due to the wound on his side so she held onto his shoulders. Her tits were hanging in Joe’s face. She slowly started riding him up and down.” Joe, tell me if you are uncomfortable, I don’t want to hurt you” he responded by licking her nipple. They started a slow rhythm, both moaning in pleasure. She felt his hands feel up her sides before resting on her ass. She leaned down and kissed him. Feeling his tongue exploring her mouth. Her skin was feeling electric, that feeling building in her core. Slowly it was expanding and about to explode over every nerve ending. “Joe, I’m close don’t stop” Jasmine moaned. “Me too” he grunted. She was right there at the edge, and she felt him pulsing in her vagina. There it is as she started shuddering and collapsed on Joe.

She was laying on top of Joey panting when he spoke up” Uh Jas?” she sat up “oh no am I hurting you?” she was worried she went too far. “No, you’re good, amazing actually” She laughed and crawled off of him. “your amazing too Joe” as she snuggled on his side that wasn’t injured, then she laughed “Sooooo, how was your first time?” She leaned in and kissed him again.

“Amazing, you are amazing Jasmine” he complimented her as he stroked her thigh “I bet you tell that to all the girls you sleep with” she teased. “What? No, I mean you’re the only one…I guess that makes you right but even if you weren’t…” Jasmine laughed “you’re cute when you are flustered Joey” and kissed him again.

They nodded off together cuddled up for a few hours when Jasmine awake, Joey was still asleep. “Hey Joe, you up?” he groggily responded something incoherent. “You hungry?” that got him up.” Yeah Jas, what you thinking…oh shit we’re still naked” Jasmine bust out laughing at his observation. “Yeah Joe, kinda happens after sex, what about take out from olive garden? They have some great Italian” he made a face “Uh Jas…. Olive garden to an Italian is like suggesting taco bell to a Hispanic guy – it’s not Italian. I know how about Bella Rosa it’s not too far” She had to think and remembered the place. She pulled up the menu on her laptop and called an order in.

While throwing clothes on she looked at Joe “You stay there ill go get the food.” He smiled “Not like I can chase you down, but hey Jas could you do me a favor? Could you stop and get me something like Tylenol” Jasmine shot over to Joe “what’s wrong, I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he dismissed her worry “No just a little too much movement for one day, been trying to recover without meds but right now is a little too much” She quickly found something store brand OTC pain reliever to take the edge off in her cabinet. “Don’t worry these aren’t addictive it’s just Aleve” She went out but decided to stop at the pharmacy anyways. “Might as well grab condoms if this keeps up” she thought to herself as she felt joes cum leaking onto her panties.

They ate and cuddled gently because jasmine was worried about injuring him. She helped him into the bath room so he could relieve himself. She had a small tv in her bedroom that they could watch Netflix on. She let him pick the movie, he chose a cheesy sci fi movie that was terrible. They were laughing at the terrible plot, acting, even the terrible effects the whole time. The movie was awful but they had a good time. They didn’t have sex again that night due to Joe’s soreness. She fell asleep with Joey spooning her, arm wrapped around her.

Middle of the night she awoke to Joey making noises and having fitful sleep. She shook him awake “Joe, Joe, Joe “he awoke disoriented and looked on the verge of tears. It took him a second to realize where he was and he realized he was gripping her wrist too hard. “Sorry, I’m sorry Jasmine, I didn’t hurt you did I” she shook her head. He started explaining “I have nightmares, Its from prison.” She looked at him concerned “Did something happen to you?” He nodded “I didn’t mess with anyone, I just kept to my self and stayed out of trouble. Worked great first year or so, then I got a new cell mate. I had to ask my mom to stop putting money on my commissary because Frank would just beat me to take it. Can’t say anything to guards because it’s a rule in prison – no snitchin’. Randomly he would just punch me, harass me. I started working in the kitchen, laundry, cleaning you name it just so I didn’t have to be in my cell with him. I was working 15 hours a day 7 days a week just to not be around him. Money, I made I just donated to charity so he couldn’t take it. Still found ways to be a bully. “She could see the tears in his eyes. “Oh, Joe – he can’t get you here.” She leaned in and hugged him and held him.

They fell asleep with Jasmine holding Joe and making him feel safe. In the morning she awoke to feeling his hand on her ass. He was still asleep but was making small circles on her naked butt. It felt good, really good. She was getting turned on. She adjusted her position so she could move her leg and reached behind her and guided his hand to her awoken and wet womanhood. He was still stroking her on autopilot sometimes hitting the right spots, other times not quite the right spot. Didn’t matter Jasmine felt amazing from it. She was trying not to moan and wake Joe but it was a losing battle. “ohhhh Joe” she sighed as she felt him disturb and stop. Joe realized what was happening and pulled his hand away and started apologizing. “Jas, I’m sorry I didn’t know I was doing it, I, I” she smiled at him being flustered. “Shhhh” and in one movement pulled him on top of her. Using her legs, she pulled him into her wet and waiting pussy. “Oh, Joe just like that” As he started thrusting at a slow rhythm. She started kissing him and moaning. Joe was having to hold himself up with his good arm. She wrapped her legs around him and started guiding him to move faster. Joe took Jasmines hint and started increasing his pace. Jasmines breathing became heavier and she felt it, she was close. She felt that spark of electricity building in her core. She could feel their bodies getting slick with sweat. Jasmine started digging her nails into his back as she neared that peak. Joe started moaning and grunting and Jasmine felt him finish inside of her “Jas, I love you” he gasped as he collapsed on top of her. Those words sent her over the edge. She could see fireworks in her vision as she struggled to regain her breath.

She had told Joey she loved him while he was unconscious. She truly did, they had become very close over the last five plus months. He was more than a best friend; it just took them five months to reach the point of no return. In 24 hours, every barrier between them fell. She even had unprotected sex with him twice in the last 24 hours. She could feel the tears welling in the corners of her eyes. “Jas, I uhhh” she shushed him and kissed him and rolled the two of them over so she was back on top. Joe groaned from the sudden movement which Jasmine realized wasn’t the smartest move. She still felt his hard cock inside her. “Joey, I told you I loved you that night. I truly thought I was going to lose you; I do love you and don’t ever want to lose you” She leaned back down and kissed him again and felt his hands on her ass run up her back and rested on her shoulder blades.

After a few minutes of their post sex bliss Jasmine shot up “Joe, you start PT today!” the realization hit him too. “Oh crap, what time is it?” She looked at her phone, “we have a few hours, but we gotta get in the shower, we have been fucking and sucking for the last 24 hours we smell like it too” Joe tickled her side “You weren’t complaining when you were screaming my name” Jasmine laughed and grabbed a few fresh towels “Good news is none of that awkward too small bathing suit, nonsense. But you gotta be good in the shower, no funny business” He mocked a “who me” gesture. The two of them made their way to the bathroom and repeated the shower routine.

He held onto the towel bar again and Jasmine repeated the previous days routine. She was soaping him up but instead of letting him clean his dick she scrubbed it and his balls clean. Leaning in to give his hardening shaft a nice lick. “That looks like funny business to me Jas” she giggled and blew a kiss at him. She soaped her self up and cleaned herself and tried to get Joes cum out of her pussy. This time she helped him to her room without any falls or problems. Hmmm, 24 hours of her special care seemed to make him stronger she thought to herself.

Still wrapped in a towel she grabbed a change of clothes from Joes room and returned to him in to help him dress. She re wrapped his leg “The therapist may remove this for your therapy but its safer to move you with it” and then replaced the bandage on the incision on his side. “Thanks, Jas – I mean it, I don’t know what I would do with out you.” He really appreciated her and cared for her; she could tell. “Joe, you would do the same for me”.

It took them a while but she got him down stairs and out the front door. As she was helping Joe into her car gently, she hears someone callout behind her. “Hey Stunad what the fuck happened to you, the fat towel head fuck you too hard and break your scrawny ass!?”. Jasmine turned sharply in anger. In her neighbor’s drive stood Joey’s father Joe Coralucci Sr. beer in hand shirtless showing off his large beer gut, as if he had the right to comment on Jasmines weight. “Hey asshole, your son was in the hospital after being attacked. You would know this if you picked up your fucking phone last week.” He rolled his eyes “Don’t you have a plane to crash bitch” then he chucked his beer bottle at her car denting her passenger rear door. “Asshole” she screamed at him and before she could respond Joey was out of the car “Fuck you, you piece of shit. If it wasn’t for Jasmine, I’d be dead. Feel good about your self being a racist piece of shit? You gonna pay for her car. “Joe’s dad flipped his son off and turned to walk away. Joe started to fall because he was standing on his leg unassisted and jasmine caught him. “You ok?” He nodded; she could see a tear in the corner of his eye. She fought back the tears in her own eyes from the hurtful words spoken by his dad to both her and joe.

She got Joe back in the car. “You sure you are ok?” He nodded again but was quiet. “Joe, it’s not your fault he’s a dick” the silence was deafening, but finally Joe spoke up. “Jas, I’m sorry he spoke to you like that. You don’t deserve it, if he actually knew you, he would see the wonderful, amazing person you are.” Jasmine couldn’t help but laugh “Joe, you don’t have to apologize for someone else’s actions…what does that word he calls you mean?’ Joe looked up “Huh?” “That word stunad, he called you. He called you that before” Joe chuckled “oh that, its south Philly Italian slang for stupid idiot” Jasmine laughed “Seriously? I though it was so much worse.” He shrugged “he always calls me that” Jasmine pulled into the entrance of the hospital and around to the physical therapy department building.

Jasmine again gently assisted him out of the car glancing at the dent at her door. “I’ll pay for it Jas. I know he won’t” this time she shrugged.” I have been wanting to get a small SUV, maybe this is the motivation. Are you sure you are up to PT after today’s excitement? “Jasmine helped joe into the office and after sitting Joe in a chair in the reception area she approached the receptionist. “Hi, this here is Joey Coralucci here for his 2:00PM PT appointment” the receptionist gave Jasmine some forms to have Joe fill out. “Uh his right arm is in a cast, is it ok if I help him fill it out?” the receptionist nodded “Happens all the time, just wherever he has to sign just have him make an attempt.”

Jasmine sat down next to Joe and started filling in the basic stuff she knew. Name, address, work place – the basic stuff. She looked over at Joe “your birthday is oct 12th, right?” remembering his birthday was just a month ago. He nodded and she filled the info in. “Ok, now to the personal stuff and started asking about previous injuries. “Broke my left eye orbit, jaw, my nose …I think twice, right collar bone, 4-5 ribs over the years…not to sure of the dates” Jasmine was in shock. “Wait seriously…?” she couldn’t tell if he was making a bad joke or what. He shrugged “Yeah in prison there’s two types of people – bullies or like me the bullied” He had alluded that he went through some rough things but she didn’t realize the extent. “I, I didn’t know Joe” She wanted to cry for him, she rubbed her eyes and started filling the information in. “Ok, joe I know its impossible to write but just make an attempt at signing your name here. He held the pen goofy in his casted wrist and just made a scribble, she thinks she could make out the “Y” in joey. Jasmine returned the paperwork to the receptionist and returned to sit next to Joey.

“Sorry I don’t talk about that stuff Jas, it’s just something I don’t like thinking about” he was apologizing for being bullied and getting hurt more than once. Then he grinned “but the upside to getting bullied is you get sent to the hole, uh solitary – they send all parties to solitary after an incident your fault or not” “how is that an upside?” Joe shrugged “Can’t bully you, food sucks all you get is loaf but you are by yourself for 14-30 days.” It broke Jasmines heart to hear Joe describe punishment as relief. Right about then a man in a t shirt and athletic pants with the health system logo came out. “Joseph Cora..Cor – uh C” guy was killing joeys name. Joe raised his hand, “that’s me, its Joey” Jasmine assisted Joey to the physical therapist. “We should be about an hour to ninety minutes” as they disappeared in the back.

Jasmine sat back down and started thinking and decompressing all the events of the past 24 hours. Joey was her best friend, but she wanted him as more. Did he want the same? She loved him, but he has been through some rough stuff. What if he can’t handle a relationship? They were intimate, and she loved that but she was also his first and only. What if that became an issue. Jasmine was sure she heard that people in recovery shouldn’t get into a relationship. What if she affected his sobriety, she could never forgive herself if she was the cause of a relapse? His dad was an absolute racist dick, but her father wasn’t much better. She found it strange how he could be such a nice person and that jerk was his father. Jasmine excused herself and let the receptionist know she would in the hall making a call.

Jasmine dialed her mother. “Hello?” she heard on the other end in a thick Iranian-American accent.” Hi mom, its me” Jasmine said in Arabic. “Daughter, its good to hear from you, is everything well?” Even though Jasmine was disowned by her father she often called her mom for advice behind his back. “I need advice? About Joe…and Me” Jasmine explained about the recent events and how she wanted Joe as more than friends but should she. “Jasmine, from the one time I met him I could tell you two care for each other. So, what he’s not a Muslim boy. You have never wanted to date a Muslim boy; it might have started as spite towards your father but now I think its what your heart desires. You love that boy; I hear it in your voice. I saw how he looks at you. To him you are one of those catholic angels” Jasmine saw the wisdom in her mothers’ words. “Thanks. Mom” she said in English and said her goodbyes.

Jasmine returned to the waiting area and waited for Joe still thinking. Few minutes later Joey and the physical therapist returned “See your girlfriend is still here” She saw Joey blush at that statement. They scheduled his next appointment. Jasmine helped Joe back to her car. She saw the dent in the door again and sighed. Joe saw her reaction about it. They started driving home. “Jas, I’m serious ill pay for your door. “she shook her head, “No, it’s ok, like I said I’ve been wanting something like a Honda CR-V or a Toyota or something. What about you Joe?” he got quiet for a second. “I guess I never said anything about it, I can’t ever get a license. Part of my punishment. I’m suspended for life. “He looked down sadly that, then looked back up. “Seriously Jasmine, I appreciate how much you help me every single day. Even before I was stabbed, you make my life easier like you wouldn’t believe.” Jasmine was shocked, she never thought about his driving privileges would be revoked. She decided to change the subject. “We never discussed us; are you ok with everything? We drastically changed things between us” He reached over in the car and squeezed her hand. “Jasmine I have wanted you from the first conversation I ever had with you. You have always seen me a person, not a convict or alcoholic. You treat me like your friend. You ask me how my day was, not did I stay out of trouble or if I messed up. Your smile lights my day up. I am almost certain I would have failed being out without you Jas. I know we just made love for the first time, but I really do love you. You make me a better person and hope you feel the same.” This settled all the jumbled emotions going through her head. “Joe, I love you. I have been worrying that a relationship would be too much for you.” Even though she was driving, she leaned in and gave Joe a quick kiss. “We better get home” she teased. “As much as I want to do all that, I am really sore from PT.” she could tell he felt bad but she appreciated the honesty.

They got home and Joe stretched out on the couch. “Ill reheat the leftovers for dinner” she leaned in and kissed him. He started to kiss her back. “I’m going to end up broken and its totally worth it” he chuckled. She brought the food out to her living room and they ate and chatted while watching evening TV. At some point Jasmine was snuggled up on Joe with her head in his lap. She felt him caressing her side gently. She was getting turned on but she could see how tired he was. “Hey Joe, would you like me to help you upstairs to bed?” He nodded and started using the crutches to rise as Jasmine steadied him. She helped him upstairs slowly. She helped him get ready for bed in the bathroom and could just see the exhaustion in his face. “Why don’t you just sleep in my bed, it’s across the hall from the bathroom anyways.” He nodded, and she helped him into her bed. Taking his pants and shirt off, her nurse brain kicked in. Examined his wrapping on his leg and check the bandages on the wound on his side. She turned to undress and heard light snoring behind her. He was out already.

Normally she slept in shorts and a t shirt but she had Joe to snuggle up with for warmth so she decided to just sleep in her panties. She climbed in bed and snuggled up with him. Jasmine quickly drifted off almost as fast as Joe. Joe didn’t have any nightmares this night as long as Jasmine was snuggled up with him. She slept peacefully as well.

Before dawn she gently awoke with Joe snuggled on her. His good hand was holding her breast. He was still asleep. She could feel her nipples hardening at the stimulation. Very slowly she took his hand and guided it into her panties to her aroused pussy. She very carefully inserted one of his fingers into her hairy wet slit. She could feel his had moving slowly as if on auto pilot. She sighed at the manual stimulation of her most sensitive area. She was trying to be quiet but her breathing was getting louder. Joe slowly awoke and realized what was happening and could hear Jasmine moaning. He took her nipple into his mouth. “Oh Joe, I want you” she felt his kisses trail down her side tickling her. He stopped over her panties and removed them awkwardly because of his limited mobility. Joe re inserted a finger back into her hairy pussy and started kissing around her mound. “Joe, I love you” she sighed. Jasmine was already feeling the fireworks from his oral stimulation coming, she hadn’t even had his cock yet. She grabbed a condom and helped joe put it on. “Top or bottom?” she asked. He answered by gently pushing her onto her back and spreading her thick thighs. Jasmine could taste her own juices on Joes mouth and greedily kissed him cleaning them off. She could feel his slow thrusts inside her taking her to the top. She took her nails and raked them down his back. “Cum for me Joe, cum with me” she felt his pace quicken and she was right there. She started shaking as her orgasm hit and Joe collapsed on top of her. He just held her and kissed her slowly as they drifted back off.

Few days later, December came and Jasmine returned to work. She was able to get Joes PT and AA schedules working with her work schedule. Few times a friend from his group would help out giving him rides when she was unable to. Jasmine volunteered to work a few extra shifts around the catholic holidays because she didn’t celebrate them to help coworkers out with time off. Typically, she did this every December. Over the course of the month Joey recovered quickly. Finally, able to walk around with a cane instead of crutches which worked better for him. His soreness was fading, the doctors and therapists just had to work on him regaining strength. During this time Jasmine and Joeys relationship grew and got stronger as they were falling more and more in love. Joe would be returning to work after the new year on light duty until his PT finished up.

After a double, Jasmine pulled in her driveway on December 25th in the late evening. She was exhausted, more than usual. She had pulled doubles and extra shifts many times before but she felt like she was getting sick. Lethargic, if someone let her, she could sleep for a month. Jasmine knew the flu shot wasn’t 100% and hoped she wasn’t getting the flu. She opened the door and her house smelled absolutely amazing. Joe was a great cook, and often cooked for the two of them but this was next level. The amazing smell of her home alone made her forget her exhaustion.

“Joe?” she called out. He came out of the kitchen, “Uh hey babe” Joe had started called her babe in private, and she liked it. “I know your not catholic but I thought a nice Christmas dinner would be a good idea. It’s not religious or anything, it’s just I haven’t had a real Christmas dinner since I was kid and I was always taught Christmas is about spending it with those you love….I’m sorry it seemed like a good idea, but now that I’m saying it out loud maybe it’s not” he started apologizing and Jasmine teared up emotionally and gave him a big hug. “Joe, I love it just like you. Yeah, I don’t celebrate Christmas but that doesn’t mean I can’t. Like you said spend it with those I care about too” Her heart felt like it was about to explode at the sweet gesture. Just like the day they met, through a selfless gesture of kindness. He guided her into the kitchen where there were all the typical foods that she would see on TV at Christmas an amazing smelling turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes, and some sort of brown stuff in a bowl which she assumed was stuffing. She gave him a kiss and they sat down to eat. She completely forgot about her exhaustion.

During dinner she started asking questions. “Joe when did you get all this stuff? I would have noticed you sneaking this in the cart at the store” He laughed, my friend Seth from group took me to the store after PT the other day. Plus, we had a free turkey on the frequent shopper thing at the store. Jasmines grocery store had an annual deal if they spent over a certain amount every December, she got a free turkey. She never redeemed the deal but Joe did this year. Joe then went to the fridge and pulled out a small box.” I don’t know if you have had these but they are an Italian thing” he put a small tortilla looking thing filled with what looked to be icing with small chocolate chips. “It’s a cannoli, my grandmom used to make these from scratch when I was a kid. These are store bought hopefully they are just as good. “Jasmine took a bite; it was absolutely amazing. Joe came over to sit next to her. “Jas, you got a little something right here” and leaned in and kissed and sucked a piece of the icing off the corner of her mouth. She returned the kiss. She started reaching for his belt and he stopped her. Jasmine was confused. “Ill be right back” Joe was always romantic and sweet but this evening was amazing whatever was going on.

He returned with a bag. “Again, I know it’s a catholic thing but I just was to show you how much I love you and wanted to express it” She saw the bag was from her favorite brand of pocket books – Michael Kors, which had a store in the mall. “Joe, did you go back to the mall?” They had a prior discussion and he was nervous about going to the mall after the attack in early November. “No, Seth took me to those outlets twenty minutes away, I found your store there” She pulled out a medium black leather handbag with gold chains on the side and black leather handles connected with small gold loops. She felt her eyes tearing up “Oh Joe, its beautiful, its amazing. I Love it, I love you” She reached up and kissed him again. Suddenly she felt guilty and she pulled back. “Joe, I didn’t get you anything. I’m sorry” she apologized while tearing up. “Jas, babe that’s not what its about. You don’t give a gift because you expect something in return. You give a gift out of love” He leaned in and gave her a kiss. Suddenly Jasmine had an idea. “Wait Joe, stay down here and give me an hour… ish” He arched his eye brow. “ohh kay?”

Jasmine rushed upstairs and started going through her closet and drawers. Found the items she was looking for and tossed them on her bed. She went into the bathroom and took a quick shower, while in the shower she started looking at her thick bush. “hmm, he has always liked it, but he’s never had another option. “She thought to herself and started shaving the thick hair between her thighs off after shaving her legs and underarms. After she stepped out of the shower, she wiped the steam off the mirror to admire her work, she left a small patch of dark hair above her clit but she couldn’t remember the last time she was this smooth. She went back across the hall and started getting ready.

Joe was downstairs flipping through the channels and was getting tired. He had just been working in the kitchen all day and was tired. His beautiful girlfriend had worked a double in a hospital and she had to be way more tired than him. He heard Jasmine call down the stairs “Ohhhh Joe, count to thirty and then come on up.” He chuckled and played along. He still couldn’t run and was using a cane but could move around pretty well. It would still take more than thirty seconds to get up from the couch and climb the stairs. He had moved into her room after they had become a couple at Jasmines insistence. After a minute he slowly opened their bedroom door.

Joes jaw hit the ground when he opened the door. The lights were off but there were candles positioned around the room. Jasmine was wearing a light purple nightie that made had 40D boobs look amazing, it showed off her belly a little which was one reason she never wore this ensemble. She had bright red stockings on from an old Halloween costume. Under the nightie she had a matching purple thing that accentuated her bigger than she would like ass. She had her arms tied to the headboard with a belt from a robe loosely. The purple and red clashed and didn’t match at all but its not like she was planning this.

“Wanna unwrap your present handsome?” Joe didn’t speak, Jasmine was pretty sure he was unable to. He just nodded and approached the bed. She watched his as he pulled his shirt over his head and she lusted over his muscular body. Since being laid up being injured his muscles had lost some definition but he was still the hottest man alive to her. He leaned in and kissed her rubbing his hand down her side. Stopping at the strap of her thong. “Wow, babe” she smiled “Do you like?” Jasmine usually wore more conservative underwear but she could understand men’s fascination with thongs. In this moment she could see the fireworks behind Joes eyes taking her all in. The light skin of his hand contrasting with her darker olive colored skin in the candlelight. Has hand rubbed down her thigh and back up resting on her hip. He bent down and took a ribbon of the bow tying the nightie between her breasts between his teeth and slowly tugged untying his present. Her larger breasts spilled out and he leaned back down taking her nipple in his mouth. Joes tongue flicked her nipple sending a sigh from Jasmine. She felt his hand exploring and felt her nearly bald womanhood. “Whoa, did you?” she smiled at her boyfriend “You like?” she said softly. He just nodded and started kissing down her abdomen to the treasure he was exploring with his fingers. She felt the thong slide down as she closed her eyes and felt his hot breath on her. “Its beautiful babe” Joe leaned in and started licking her most sensitive region. Three licks in the electricity and fireworks started. In the mild darkness of the candle lit room it was euphoric. As she was regaining her breath she reached over to Joe’s belt and helped him out of his pants. “My turn” she said. He sighed as his hard dick disappeared into her mouth. She was licking up and down his shaft and trying to get as much of his thick cock in her mouth. Jasmine could tell he was loving it by the slow “Oh’s” every ten seconds or so. She could tell he was getting close; his fingers were slowing brushing through her thick black hair. “Jas, I’m gonna” she took the clue and tried to get him as far as possible in her mouth and felt his dick pulsating filling her mouth with his hot cum. She never did that for other guys in the past but for Joe she would do it every time if he asked. He leaned back down and kissed her not caring her mouth tasted like his cum and his mouth with hers. He got on top of her and was running his fingers through her hair still kissing her deeply. They had made love before and had been passionate many times in their little over a month-long relationship but tonight was on a whole different level. “Joe, I want you, I need you baby”

She felt him line up with her wet recently shaved vagina. “C’mon Joe, I need you” In one slow thrust she felt his fill her up. The wound on his side was just a pink scar and no longer tender so she was able to grip his sides and pull him into her. He didn’t seem to be in any discomfort and was having the time of his life just like she was. “Faster, Harder” she pleaded as he fucked her at the pace she wanted and needed. She reached up and pulled his face back down kissing his neck while he kissed hers. The feeling of everything was electric. After several minutes she felt the pressure building, her nerve endings were on fire. “She started crying out as she went over the edge. “I love you JoEEEEEE!” She screeched as she climaxed. She could feel him climaxing too and she held on to him while he finished.

Afterwards they were snuggled and she whispered “Merry Christmas” in his ear. A phrase she never though she would say. His strong arms wrapped around her soft body as they drifted off and Jasmine could finally get some rest after the long last several weeks.

To be continued.


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