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Eve and You

You wake in the middle of the night, getting that strange feeling as if someone was watching you sleep. You’ve had that feeling plenty of times before, but no one has actually ever been in your room watching you. As you close your eyes to go back to sleep, you hear a creaking sound, like someone walking. Again, you open your eyes. This time you see a figure standing across the room. It’s hard to make out, so you sit up, trying to get a better look. You look to your right, double checking that your fiancé is still in bed. She's still sleeping soundly so the figure can’t be her.

With the figure moving closer, you realize that someone must’ve broken in and now you’ll have to fend them off. As you try to get up, your legs are unable to shift. You try to move them again, but the blankets seem to be tight and heavy, restraining you in the bed. You start to call out to your fiancé, trying to alert her, but she doesn’t respond. The blankets won’t let you budge, and the figure finally comes into enough light for you to make it out.

It’s a woman, a naked woman. You have no idea who she is. Your eyes can’t help but look at her nudity. Her skin is smooth and pale, her chest full with large breasts and stiff nipples. Your cock starts to grow hard, your eyes moving down to continue looking. She is completely hairless and incredibly sexy. You look away and turn your sight back to your fiancé, not wanting her to wake up and see you gazing at a naked woman.

The bed moves some, so you look back, checking on the naked woman. She’s now moving onto the bed, underneath the blankets. You feel the softness of her hanging mounds grazing your legs as she moves up. A sudden, warm, wet feeling engulfs your fully erect dick. Nothing could explain such a feeling except that the woman has started to give you a blowjob. You feel her lips glide down your shaft, all the way to the base before applying a firm suction and slowly pulling back up to the tip. A grunt escapes your mouth from the sudden pleasure. As the woman repeats the process, you look at your fiancé again, wondering how she could still be sleeping. You want to struggle more, but the blowjob you’re receiving from the strange woman feels incredible.

You’ve never had a woman give you such an attentive, personal blowjob in your entire life, and she doesn’t even stop or pause for a moment. You watch as her head goes up and down underneath the blanket, along with hearing the faint sounds of her mouth noises. Your fiancé starts to move, giving you a moment of hope, at least until you realize that having her see another woman sucking your dick wouldn’t be the best outcome. How would you ever explain that? Her movements settle without her appearing to be awake.

You continue to look at your soon to be wife a bit longer until the pleasure building in your body makes you realize that you’re going to cum imminently if this continues. As you think that, the woman sucking your dick increases her urgency. You feel her hand grab your shaft, stroking your manhood quickly while still sucking the tip with her mouth. The couple of minutes you may have been able to hold out deteriorates as this female intruder hurries you toward a climax.

The point of no return comes, and you feel your body tense up. You still can’t move, but at least your fingers can clench at the sheet under you. This is it, you can’t hold back any longer, the expertise of her mouth is too much. You think about how much you love your fiancé and never wanted something like this. The woman sucking you coerces your cum to explode from your cock, giving you an intense orgasm. Your cock throbs for her willingly, pumping many salvos of your seed into her mouth before it ends. Her mouth continues for moments longer, milking the very last drops from you.

This is all confusing for you, leaving you thinking about many questions. Why would a strange woman break in to give you a blowjob? Now that she made you cum, was she just going to leave? More importantly, how did she prevent you from moving? Did she drug you beforehand or something?

The woman lets go of your cock, then nothing happens, she just seems to linger under the covers. You can’t help but think about how good the blowjob felt and part of you kind of hopes she isn’t finished. That thought makes you look at your fiancé again, reminding yourself that you love her.

Eventually, you feel what you assume is her tongue touch your cock again. Even though you just came, the simple touch instantly brings your manhood back to attention. Then, you feel and see her whole body shift as she starts to move up more. The shape of her head under the blanket moves closer to you. Before long, her head appears, and you see her soft face in front of you. Her eyes seem to glow some, like a light reflecting on them, but the room is entirely dark.

The woman settles in on top of you, her legs straddling your body, and her breasts pressed against your chest. You try to struggle again, this time, realizing your hands are free. Before you can do anything though, her hands have already taken yours, and she guides them to her large, soft tits. You feel the softness of her flesh in your palms, except for her stiff nipples, which are excitedly hard in your grasp. You move your hands to get a better look. As you place them on her sides, she doesn’t seem to resist.

Your eyes gaze upon her perfect chest, and you feel beckoned to lean forward and suck on them. Even as the thought of it passes through your mind, your mouth is already sucking upon one. Your mind goes back to your fiancé, but you push that aside long enough to taste her second nipple as well before pulling yourself away. Your cock throbs like you’ve never felt before, wanting to feel this woman’s wet pussy around it.

“I’m going to give you a choice,” the woman finally spoke. You can see her start to smile.

“I am Eve, a succubus, or more simply put a sex demon. We can have the best sex you’ll ever experience tonight, but there is a payment.”

A demon? That can’t be right, you think to yourself. Before you finish processing the thought, your arms are suddenly pulled back down to your sides and pinned, just like before. There is no other logical explanation for how she’s managed to pin you with any physical restraints. The more you think about it, the more you come to grips with that fact that this woman is indeed a demon. You’ve heard of succubi before, some sort of demon that uses sex to drain the soul and life out of humans.

“Are you going to kill me?” You ask, managing to get some words out.

“Oh, no, that isn’t the payment,” she answers, smirking. “We can have sex right now, then tomorrow your fiancé is going to have sex with another man.”

Before you have a chance to respond, you feel the demon woman lower her body, making it, so the folds of her moist labia press upon your cock. It’s hard to think or concentrate being underneath of her, one small move from your hard dick slipping into her waiting slit.

“What do you mean have sex? She’d never cheat on me.”

“Oh, but this is your choice, not hers,” she said with a giggle. “And you have to decide soon. Otherwise, you won’t get to have sex with me, but your fiancé will still be with another man tomorrow.”

You trying to figure out what she means by your wife having sex with another man. Is she willingly going to do it, be raped, or what? The thought almost makes you forget about your own predicament. You can feel the warmth of her body hovering only inches over you, her large breasts hanging, begging to be grabbed. You imagine how tight her pussy is, how wet, and if she’s just as good in sex as she is in giving a blowjob.

“And what if I say no? You ask.

“If you turn me down, then I will leave. But, you’ll think about me often. Every time you have sex with her, you’ll fantasize about me. You’ll wonder what it would have felt like to put your dick inside of me.”

You listened to her words, given with a soft, seductive voice. Even now, you imagined it, putting your cock in her. You could just flip her over and fuck her like the slut she is. Your hands holding her down by the wrists as you roughly plunge your throbbing manhood right into her waiting cunt. You hear her voice again, this time moaning out. As you snap back to your senses, you release that she’s under you and your cock is fully planted in her body. She looks at your face, biting her lip, waiting for you to fuck her properly.

“I can’t,” you tell her, trying not to panic.

You pull back as quickly as possible, wanting to remove yourself from her. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get the tip of your dick out of her. Her legs close around you, pulling to encourage you to continue. You push in, feeling the incredibly warm, wet, silken slit of hers stretch around your cock like it was made just for you.

“Stop!” You say in frustration. “I didn’t want this! I don’t want my fiancé to have sex with another man.”

“You rolled me over and started fucking me,” Eve said, shooting a devilish smirk at you.

You realize now that you were tricked by her power, or at least you believe you were. You try to withdraw from her again but to no avail. No matter what you do, the tip won’t come out. Slowly, you start to resign to your fate, knowing the only way out of this is to have sex with the demon.

“I’ll have sex with you then,” you tell her. “But please, give me a different payment besides my fiancé,” you plead.

“You made the choice sweetling. You wanted to feel my tight little pussy around your cock, and now you have me. So, fuck me, or I’m going to fuck you, either way, I’m going to have your cum.”

The way Eve’s voice takes a turn from sweet and sexy, to grim and almost threatening, frightens you. Your cock has a mind of its own though, remaining rock-hard as ever, even with just the tip inside of her. The urge to give in and fuck the demon girl until its all out of your system weighs heavily on you. You look at your sleeping fiancé, reminding yourself how much you love her. In a surge of defiance, you steel your resolve and set your mind to not give in. Even though Eve is going to take what she wants, you don’t want to give her the satisfaction of winning, nor do you want to lose your soul.

“I refuse!” You proclaim loudly, trying to make your stance clear, not only to convince her, but yourself as well.

“That’s a shame,” she says.

The demon girl looked more disappointed than angry. In a quick, powerful move, her legs turn you over until she’s on top once more. You clench the blankets on the bed in an attempt to block out the pleasure of her now bouncing on your dick. Your cock throbs for her, being engulfed by her tight cunt. It feels incredible, but you try and force yourself to not accept the pleasure. You close your eyes and turn your head away, but that makes the sound of her pussy crashing down on you more clear.

“I suppose I can’t blame you for wanting to be loyal to your partner,” you hear her say, then feel her soft breasts lay upon your chest as she rests herself on your body.

You open your eyes to see her looking right at your face, her hips still moving up and down with extraordinary skill. No matter how much you want to deny it or fight it, you know you’ve never felt like this before. She seems to know exactly how you like it and gives it to you entirely.

“I just had the best idea,” she says, smiling again. “Since you’re so faithful to your fiancé, I’m going to give you a little gift as a reward,” you hear her say, and shudder to think what it will be.

“Until you die, you will be linked to her. Your dick will only ever get hard when she’s horny, and only she will be able to make you cum. If you separate your relationship, you will still be bound to this. You’ll always know when she’s horny. You better treat her right, or you’ll never be able to cum again.”

Her words sounded like a fairy tale, yet you knew it had to be true. It wasn’t something you could think about now either, not with her fucking you so vigorously. It was hopeless for you, no amount of resistance was going to stop her from making you cum. The warm, wet grip of her demonic slit gliding up and down, working relentlessly to make your seed spill into her. You could feel it now, your orgasm building, climbing, being forced out of you by this demon. The closer you get, the more her vaginal walls throb and milk you. You grunt and start to cum, exploding in the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had, feeling your cock throbbing dozens of times, expelling your cum into her body.

You anticipate your orgasm to finish in moments, yet it continues. The throbbing of her succubus cunt forcing your cock to keep spurting loads. You reach and grab her hips, hoping that she’ll let you up, but you notice that she’s cumming too and not paying you any mind. The endless pleasure slowly transitions to numb pain, and you feel your body becoming exhausted from having to produce semen. She looks down at you and smiles as your vision becomes blurry and you eventually blackout.

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