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My Unwanted Transition 5

( Complicated )

Skylar stayed in touch with me every day via text messages, and I also talked to Leslie and Andy. It had been two weeks since meeting Skylar at the mall, and I hadn’t met up with him since. My birth control was also in full effect now, but I haven’t gone to see Andy either. Every time he asked I came up with something that I was busy with, like work or running errands. I felt like if I went over to his place, then I would have to tell him about Skylar. Of course, I wanted to hang out with Skylar too, but just like with Andy, I knew sex was going to be inevitable, and I was nervous about having sex with Skylar. Somehow, it felt like it was going to be different if I had sex with Skylar. With Andy, we were just friends doing stuff, but with Skylar, it would put the last stamp on me being a girl. It made sense in my head at least but knew it was sound crazy to anyone else.

Despite my reservations about the guys, I continued to embrace my new body and practiced with the makeup I had gotten at the mall with Leslie. Luckily for me, there were tons of video tutorials online. My mom inevitably caught on that I was wearing makeup and she offered to help as well when she saw that I had messed up some.

This morning I finished my makeup, and my mom gave me her seal of approval before I went off to work. During my break, Leslie came over and joined me as she usually did when we could.

“So, when are you going to see Skylar again?” Leslie asked. “You like him right?”

“I do. It just isn’t easy to start dating a guy when I never looked at guys like that before.” I sighed.

“Have you told Andy about the pics you sent to Skylar?” Leslie continued her questioning.

“I haven’t even told him about Skylar at all yet.” I could feel Leslie’s eyes drilling into me.

“Girl, you’re gonna have to tell them something. I know Andy is your best friend, but its gonna be different no matter what now that you’re a girl. Guys are different when they’re with cute girls. If he’s attracted to you, then he might think he deserves first dibs on being with you since you guys have been friends so long. If I had a best friend that turned into a hot guy, that’s how I would feel.” Leslie lectured.

“Andy isn’t like that though,” I rebutted.

“I mean, I hope you’re right, but the guys have instincts just like women, and they want to have us if they think they’re entitled, no matter how crazy it might be.” Leslie ended her argument there.

I thought about what she said for the rest of the day and tried to reverse the scenario in which Andy had become a girl, and I was still a guy. Going from no girlfriend to being best friends with a hot girl willing to have sex with me would be quite an upgrade. Thinking about it realistically, I would be upset if Andy chose to go with another guy too. Then, it suddenly hit me that I would be upset if he decided to go with another girl now. Life was so much simpler before, I thought to myself. I knew it was time to go see Andy, and maybe right after work too.

After work, I decided to walk home. It wasn’t too far, but most days I either got a ride or ordered an Uber. As I walked, it gave me time to think about what to say to Andy. Leslie had made good points too. I didn’t know what Andy wanted and just assumed. I barely even knew what I wanted. It was just supposed to be sex for fun with a friend, and not an attraction to a guy I met at the mall. I knew if I chose to keep sex between Andy and me, then Skylar wouldn’t want to see me anymore either. I had no idea how Andy would feel about Skylar, especially after what Leslie said. After collecting my thoughts for a few minutes, I decided to start with how Andy felt. If I knew that, then I could try to make a decision on what to do. With that in mind, I started to walk faster so I could get home and change, then head over to Andy’s place. Just as I was coming up on the last block, I heard a voice come from the car pulling up beside me.

“Well look who it is!” I heard them say as the car came to a stop. When I leaned over to look in the window, I could see Skylar driving. “Do you need a ride?” He asked.

“Um. I don’t live much further,” I answered.

“Oh, well, if you’re not busy then maybe we can hang out, he offered.

“I don’t know. I’m a little busy today,” I said, trying to break it off easy.

“I’m sorry if I came on too hard at first. If you don’t want to hang out anymore, I understand,” Skylar said, making me feel kinda bad.

“No, that’s not it. I’ve just been busy with stuff,” I said, trying to think of something more specific.

“Okay then, I won’t bother you if you’re busy. Text me sometime,” Skylar said, then turned to get ready to drive away.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked quickly.

“I don’t know.” He paused. “I could jerk off in the car for you again,” he said, then laughed.

I shook my head at his terrible joke, but at the same time, I actually thought about him doing that again. Conceding, I walked over and got in the car. As he drove, I thought about what to say, and how long I could hang out before it was too late to go and see Andy today.

“So, what did you want to do?” Skylar asked.

“Weren’t you gonna jerk off?” I joked.

“I can’t while I’m driving.” He laughed. “Unless you want to do it for me!” I just laughed softly and shook my head. “Anyway. If that whole sexting thing was too much, I’m sorry.”

“No, its okay, I liked it,” I said.

“You have such a banging body too,” Skylar said. “Don’t worry though, I deleted all the pics and videos you sent.”

“You didn’t have to,” I said, but was relieved that he did.

“I know, but when you got kind of distant after, I figured you probably regretted some of it, so I got rid of them. You can even check my phone if you want,” he offered.

“I believe you,” I responded. It made me happy that he cared that much.

“I’m guessing you have to live around here somewhere,” Skylar said, slowing down.

“Oh, are you taking me home? I thought you wanted to hang out,” I asked.

“You said you were busy, so we can hang out later on.” He smiled.

I pointed him toward my house, which was just around the block and he pulled up in front. It felt a bit weird about getting a ride just up the street.

“Text me sometime when you want to do something,” Skylar said after he parked.

“Um.” I looked at my house and then at him. “You can come inside if you want.”

“Want me to meet your parents already huh?” He said with a laugh.

“They’re not even home!” I said quickly, trying to debunk his joke. “Anyway, I’m going in, so you can come if you want.”

I got out of the car and headed inside. Skylar locked up and followed. I don’t know why I invited in, but since I did, my plan for going to see Andy was growing slim. Or maybe I invited him in to delay going to see Andy.

“I don’t really know what we can do, but there are drinks in the fridge, and you can put on the t.v. If you like. I’ll be right back.”

I went to the bathroom upstairs, wanting to clean myself up since I had been at work all day. I checked my hair, face, and body to make sure I wasn’t sweaty or smelly. After washing up a bit, I went to my room so that I could change into fresh clothes. I stripped down to my bra and panties, then looked for a cute matching pair. I changed my bra first, then as I slid my panties down, I saw spots of blood on them. “Fuck,” I said to myself. Despite everything I had been thinking about, I didn’t want to miss another chance if Skylar wanted to have sex. Frustrated, I handled my woman needs and got dressed.

I went back downstairs to find Skylar flipping through the channels and took a seat on the opposite side of the couch so I wouldn’t lead him on. He just kept flipping, and since my parents had every channel for some reason, there were a lot. When he finally found something at least mildly interesting, he put the remote down.

“Oh, you changed and got all prettied up,” he said as he looked over at me.

“Yeah, I wanted to get out of my work clothes,” I said, then looking at the t.v.

“Cute socks,” Skylar complimented again.

“Thanks.” I smiled.

I was wearing a pink top with cream colored capri pants and pink socks that had white stripes going all the way up. Even as I watched t.v I could see him out the corner of my eye looking at me. The arousal that had been growing in me all day started to pick up even more. After a few minutes of t.v, I figured that he wouldn’t want to spend the rest of the day just sitting here.

“Is there anything you want to do?” I asked.

“Um.” He seemed to think for a moment. “Just you,” he answered.

His answer caught me off guard, and it took me a moment to realize what he was saying. Before I could think of something to say, Skylar got up, walked over and sat next to me.

“Jen. Ever since that night in the car, I thought you were amazing, then after you send me pics and videos, I really couldn’t stop thinking about you. Maybe its just because I’ve never met a girl so open to that stuff.”

“I guess I am different from most girls,” I said, which was the truth. I wondered what he would think if he knew that truth.

“I hope I'm not too forward, because, as you know I can be. But, I don’t want to go after something that isn’t there, so, I will ask, do you like me?” Skylar asked.

“Yes,” I nodded. His forwardness was a huge turn on from the start.

Skylar leaned into me, putting his arm around my body as he kissed me. His lips pressed against mine, then his tongue pushed forward into my mouth. It was incredibly weird to kiss a guy, but it made me feel so hot. I opened my mouth more and pushed my tongue against his. Before I knew it, his hand was well up my shirt, pushing my bra up so that he could squeeze my breast. Without realizing it, I made a soft moan in the kiss.

“I want you so bad,” he said just after breaking the kiss.

“Wait,” I said softly in response, trying to give my mind time to catch up.

He started to kiss my neck and pulled my shirt up in the process. As he kissed lower, his hands came around to unhook my bra. With it out of the way, he moved down and flicked his tongue over my nipple, then waited for it to get hard before looking up to smirk at me. He took it in his mouth and sucked which felt so good. When he moved to my other breast, his hands went lower and started to loosen my pants, but I quickly put my hands on his.

“Wait,” I finally said again. This time he stopped. “I can’t. It’s kind of that time for me,” I tried to explain without being too detailed.

“Oh,” Skylar responded, moving his hands. “I guess I’ll have to make you cum some other time.” He grinned and kissed me again. “Want to stop then?” He asked.

I shook my head. “Let's go upstairs,” I said. I didn’t want my parents to walk in and see me half naked with a guy.

We went upstairs to my room, and I finished taking off my shirt and bra. He resumed where we left off, putting his arms around me and kissing me more. Slowly, we moved toward the bed and sat on the edge.

“I guess I can jerk off for you now.” Skylar laughed.

“At least you’ll be more comfortable,” I added and laughed too.

He put his arm around me and held me close as he leaned over to mouth my nipple again. His free hand worked his pants and eventually pulled his hard dick free. He started to stroke himself while alternating between sucking my nipples. They were more hard and puffy than I had ever seen. I watched him jerking off, almost remembering what it was like to have my own, but as I tried to remember the feeling, my body reminded me that I no longer had one with an aroused throb inside my womanhood.

I reached over and took his cock in my hand, wanting to make him feel as good as he was making me feel. He moved his hand and let me take over while he moved up to kissing my neck and eventually finding my mouth again. We kissed deeply as I stroked his dick and I liked how firm and warm it felt.

“That feels so good,” he groaned and leaned back some to watch me.

Without getting lost or stuck in my thoughts, I followed how I felt and leaned over, taking his cock right into my mouth. I always knew that I would never put another guy’s dick in my mouth, but it felt so right, and I wanted to make him feel good. As I moved my mouth up and down on him, I moved from the bed and down to my knees to make it easier. I felt his hand move to the top of my head, giving me a little push. He raised his hips now and then, trying to push more into my mouth which made me gag a little. I tried to think about what I would like and replicated it. When I came back up again, I licked around the tip and could clearly taste his pre-cum.

Every time Skylar groaned, fuck, yes, and god, it made me even more into it. He started to push my head down more while pushing his hips up. I felt his cock reaching far back in my mouth, and I took as much as I could before pulling myself back up. Everything in my room seemed so quiet which made the sound of me sucking his dick seem so loud.

“Where do you want it?” Skylar asked. “I’m close.”

“Um,” I said, pulling my mouth off. I never thought I would’ve ever had to answer that. “My boobs are fine,” I answered. I didn’t mind if he did it anywhere, but I thought saying that or my face would make me seem like a slut or something.

Skylar stood up, and I sat on the bed. With no previous knowledge or skill in giving blowjobs, I continued to do what I might’ve liked while also trying to replicate some things that I saw while watching porn. I started to jerk his cock in my hand while licking the tip and taking it into my mouth some. It took a little longer than I thought, but when he was ready, he started to stroke himself and moments after, hot spurt after spurt of his cum covered my breasts. It felt warm and thick, running down my skin. I felt so horny having made him cum like that.

Unlike porn though, no camera would just cut off here. I had a mess all over me that had to be cleaned up. As I stood up, Skylar kissed my cheek, obviously avoiding my mouth for the time being. I went to the bathroom, and before cleaning myself, I looked in the mirror and at his cum all over me. It was then I thought about Andy again. Instead of going to see him, I gave a guy a blowjob and let him blow a load all over me. I still didn’t know what to say to him, and now I had, even more, to add to it.

Skylar stayed over a while longer, and we talked about stuff. I found out that he didn’t like video games, which sucked. When I was a guy, I had always hoped to find a girl that liked gaming. Now, I was that girl, only to be faced with the irony of finding a guy who doesn’t like it. As the day went on, I wanted to make sure Skylar was already gone before either of my parents got home. I didn’t feel like having to introduce or potentially explain anything about Skylar yet.

“So, does this mean we’re official?” Skylar asked, stopping at the front door.

“What do you mean?” I asked for clarity.

“Like, are we girlfriend and boyfriend now?” He asked more specifically.

“Um, I don’t know,” I said, then I thought about it for a moment. “I guess I have to think about it.” I could tell that was a little disappointing to him.

“Friends with benefits then?” He asked on the rebound.

“Maybe,” I answered and gave a small smile.

( More Transitions )

“Have you talked to Andy or Skylar yet?” Leslie asked as we drove to the piercing and tattoo parlor.

“I saw Skylar a few days ago,” I answered.

“Really!?” Leslie asked excitedly. “Did you decide to date him?”

“Not exactly. It was just some fun,” I said, wishing it didn’t sound so bad after. “I still need to talk to Andy, but I haven’t found a good time to do it.”

“Jen. For your own good, you need to pick and tell the other. It won’t be good to lead both of them on,” Leslie advised.

“I don’t know how to pick. Andy has been my friend for a long time, and it just feels easy to be with and around him. Skylar though, I do like him, and he makes me feel good. I like that he treats me naturally like a girl because he doesn’t know my past, but then I also worry about that because I know I should eventually tell him,” I said, then took a breath.

“Girl, you don’t even know if Andy wants to date you.” She shook her head as she parked the car.

“We had sex though,” I argued.

“What guy wouldn’t take easy sex?” Leslie asked. “Guys have no problem having sex with a girl without having to date.”

“Skylar wants to date me though,” I said, trying to defend my thought more.

“Maybe Skylar really likes you, and Andy just wants the easy sex,” Leslie explained. “If you want to know for sure, you need to talk to Andy.”

“This seems so difficult,” I sighed. “Maybe we can just date each other,” I suggested.

“I do not swing that way,” Leslie said with a laugh. “So, unless you turn back into a guy, there’s no way.”

We finally got out of the car and went inside. Leslie had talked me into finally getting my ears pierced, so here we were. I looked at the options for all of the piercings, finding myself learning about types that I didn’t know of. There were different ear piercings, and they also did lip, nose, tongue, nipple, and clit, with different variations of those as well. Leslie was getting her tongue pierced, so they took her back to get it done.

I continued to look at the different piercings, knowing that I only wanted to get my ears done. Even just for ear piercings, there was a bunch of different kinds. Since Leslie already went back, I was left with my own thoughts and opinions on them. The thought of getting more than just my ear-lobes pierced crept into my mind as I looked at the other options. I always liked girls that had multiple ear piercings, so that helped me decide.

Leslie was waiting for me when I finished, her eyes widening when she saw that I had my ear-lobes done as well as my helix. Excitedly, she opened her mouth and showed me the stud in her tongue. Since my ears were sore, I just had her take me home. It was going to take weeks for my piercings to heal all the way.

It took a few days for me to stop thinking about the piercings in my ear. Every time I thought about them, I had to reach up and touch them, which just irritated my ear more. The day turned out to be good and my period was short and over, so I was in a good mood, especially since I had tomorrow off. As I walked home from work, I decided it was time to face Andy with everything.

“Hey!” I texted Andy.

“Sup,” he texted back.

“I was wondering if I could swing by today?” I asked.

“Actually, yeah, that would be cool, I wanted to ask you something anyway,” Andy replied.

When I got home, I took a shower, got dressed and put on some makeup. I didn’t want anything to distract me or tempt me away from going to get this done today. Once I was ready, I ordered a ride on my phone and made my way over to Andy’s place. For the whole ride and as I walked up to his apartment, I thought about what I should say and about what he wanted to ask me. Was he going to ask me to be his girlfriend? If he did, should I say yes? I didn’t want to creepily stand in front of his door for too long, so I finally knocked.

“Wow! Jen?” Andy asked when he opened the door.

“Yeah, it’s me,” I answered.

“Damn, I knew you made a pretty girl, but now you’re just sexy as hell,” he said, eyeing me up and down.

“Leslie has been helping me be more of a girl,” I explained.

“Is that why you’re so busy all the time?” He asked as we went inside.

“Well, there’s that, and work too,” I answered. “So, what did you want to ask?” I asked as we sat down in the kitchen.

“Oh yeah, so, I wanted to ask if you’d be interested in moving in with me,” Andy said, looking at me. I guess that answered my question already.

“You want me to just move in? Are you sure?” I asked.

“Of course I’m sure. I’m having a hard time finding a roommate, and it’s really put a toll on me financially. Besides, we always talked about getting a place together. I mean, I know that you’ve had a lot to go through, so if you’d rather not, that’s cool.”

“Oh,” I said at first, feeling dumb for misreading his intention. “I guess I need to know how much so I can think about it.”

Andy got up to get some paperwork and the lease so that I could look at it. I read over it and the amount, then divided it by two in my head, figuring that I would pay half. Then, I added up my weekly checks to see if I’d have enough for that and to live.

“What do you think?” Andy asked.

“It looks doable,” I answered.

“Great! How do you think your parents would feel about it?” Andy asked.

“They’re probably waiting for me to move out,” I said, laughing some.

“Probably. I know mine was,” he added. “When do you think you could move in?”

“I don’t know. There’s something I want to talk about first,” I said. My heart started to beat faster. It was finally time to clear all of this up. “Well first, why do you want me to move in?” I asked.

“Because I need help paying the rent. Duh!” He answered.

“I know that, but is there any other reason?” I asked again.

“I guess because it would be cool since we always talked about it,” He added.

“That’s it?” I asked one more time.

“Yeah, I mean what else do you think?” He paused. “Are you trying to hint that its because I want sex? I’ve definitely thought about that too, I won’t lie. My dick has been hard since you got here.” I tried to keep from blushing as he stated that so plainly. “I would have offered even if you were still a guy though. You would’ve been the first choice if you weren’t away so long.”

I sighed. “I’ve wanted to talk to you for a while now, but I didn’t know how to say it. Every week, every day, and every minute I lose more of what it was like to be a guy and become more of a girl. When I was at the mall with Leslie a couple of weeks ago, I realized just how much I’ve changed. Some guys asked us to lunch and a movie, and they were well, cute. And I think I’m really attracted to him.” I paused and looked at Andy’s face, but it didn’t give away his thoughts. “I’m attracted to you too, I think. It doesn’t feel the same as when I was a guy though. Back then, I would look at a girl that was hot, and sex would come right to my mind. I mean, I still think about sex too, but it isn’t the same. I guess my point is, I feel like if I date this guy, then I would be cheating on you somehow. But, I don’t even know if you even see me that way.” With my thoughts out in the open, I stopped and waited to see what he would say.

“I had no idea you were going through all of that. To be honest, I don’t know if I could like you like that, to be like boyfriend and girlfriend. Like I said though, you’re definitely cute, but it will always be in my mind that you were a guy. At the same time though, I guess I would be a little jealous if you were with another guy.” He looked down at the table and the paperwork. “How would he feel about you moving in with me?”

“I don’t know,” I answered, slumping down in the chair some. “I pretty much told him that I wasn’t ready to date right now anyway. Even though I kinda want to try dating a guy, I still feel weird about it too.”

“Well, dude, I can’t imagine how it feels to be a girl all of a sudden. If you want to think about this some, you can,” Andy said, trying to give me some comfort.

“No, I want to move in, I think it would be cool, and I want to finally move out of my parent's house. The rest, I can think about. Sorry for springing that on you.”

We spent some time going over the paperwork again, then we went to the leasing office to have me added to the lease. Just like that, I had my own key to the place, but I knew I still had to have that talk with my parents. They had been hinting at me moving before, and I wondered if they still felt the same way now that I was a girl. I’m not sure why I made such a big decision so quickly, but I was excited about finally moving.

“Did you want to stay over the night?” Andy asked.

“Not tonight, I have work tomorrow,” I answered.

“How about I drive you home, and you can pick up stuff for work, then you can stay here,” he suggested. I thought about it for a minute.

“Okay, yeah, let's do that,” I finally said.

Andy drove me back home, and I went inside to get clothes and girl stuff together. I told my mom what the plan was, and that I would go straight to work from Andy’s place so that she wasn’t expecting me to be home. For now, I decided not to mention the whole moving thing. As I packed, I found myself adding more and more into my bag. I had something to sleep in, clothes for work, including shoes, a hairbrush, makeup, and extra underwear. I also had stuff for showering, etc. On the way back to Andy’s place, he joked about how much stuff I had, but I was fully sure I needed everything I brought.

( Staying the night )

Hanging out with Andy was just like old times, and it relieved a lot of the stress I had put on myself by thinking about relationships. It was just us playing video games, watching silly videos, ordering junk food and talking about random things. Unlike other hang out nights though, I had to be to work early and didn’t want to get to bed too late.

“Maybe you could start staying over more since you’ll be moving in any way,” Andy said.

“I could. I need to figure out how to tell my parents. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about it too much though. For all I know, they’re waiting for me to move out.”

“You should probably just tell them right away and get it over with so it doesn’t weigh you down,” he suggested.

“Probably. I can just tell them right after work tomorrow,” I said, trying to prepare myself.

“So, I have to ask; how long have you been wearing cute socks for?” Andy asked, looking down at my feet.

“For a little while now. It’s one of those things I found myself liking while out with Leslie. I have a bunch of socks now.” I said, wiggling my toes around.

“And you got your ears pierced too,” Andy said, continuing to check me out.

“Yeah, I just got them done, so they’re still sore some.”

“Anything else pierced?” Andy asked, smirking at me.

“Nope, not yet.” I smiled back, answering a little teasingly.

“I’m getting hard again.” He said, trying to add a laugh in to lighten the statement.

“I’m wet too,” I said softly, realizing my own arousal.

“Are you now?” He asked jokingly. “Maybe I should check for myself.”

Andy placed his hand on my stomach and looked at me, probably expecting me to protest, but I didn’t. He kept looking at my face as he moved his hand down toward my jeans. I looked away from his face and at his hand, feeling a sudden jump in my arousal which made me tingle between my legs. He moved his hand lower and told me again that he was going to check. His hand vanished into my jeans, sliding down and eventually into my panties. The joking mood melted away as he touched my clit. Warm, sudden pleasure filled me, and I shivered slightly. Everything went quiet except for the sound of his hand moving inside my pants and the small squeaking of the bed. His hand didn’t linger on my clit long but instead moved down more so that his fingers could move between the folds of my labia.

“Wow, you’re really wet,” Andy said, sounding surprised by his findings. “If you’re not gonna stop me though, I’m just gonna keep going.” I didn’t say anything.

Andy pulled his hand back out and loosened my jeans before starting to pull them down. I lifted my butt to help give him room and leverage to take them off. As soon as my pants were out of the way, he looked at my face while pulling my panties. I was incredibly horny, so I didn’t have any protests and definitely wasn’t going to try and stop him. Instead of taking off his pants like I assumed he would, he dropped down, moving in closer to me.

“Sorry if this is weird, but I really want to do it,” Andy said right as he licked his tongue right over my clit.

I shivered again while watching him start to lick and suck my clit. I wanted to put my hand on his hand but didn’t want to make it weird, so I gripped the blanket with both of my hands. It felt so good, the way he moved his tongue on me and how he sucked my clit. He kept going and going, getting more into it and before too long I felt like I was going to cum. Once Andy had his fill, he started to pull up, and I felt an urge come over me to not miss this chance to have an orgasm.

“Don’t stop, please!” I moaned and put my hand on his head.

He obliged me and started again, putting in even more effort. As I got closer, I let my pleasure out and gave into moaning some.

“You’re gonna make me cum!” I moaned louder, pushing my hips up.

Andy focused on my clit, running his tongue back and forth quickly, finally pushing me over the edge. My body tensed up, and my toes curled as I came. When I opened my eyes again, I realized how tightly I was gripping his hair and let go.

“Did that feel good?” Andy asked, grinning.

“Yeah…” I said softly, falling back on the bed.

“Time to fuck then?” Andy said in his joking tone.

“Not yet,” I answered, sitting up.

Andy stood up again with both a look of confusion and disappointment on his face. With him standing right in front of me, I reached for his pants and started to undo them. I pulled them down as quick as I could, wanting to see his hard dick. Without hesitation, I took his cock into my mouth once I had it free like I had done it a million times before.

“Oh, fuck!” Andy groaned.

I don’t know why I wanted to suck his cock so bad. Maybe it was because I was still high on my orgasm or simply because I was so turned on. I pushed forward and pulled back, sliding it in and out of my mouth. The more Andy moaned and made little comments about how good it was, the more I got into it. I liked how hard his dick was and the way it felt between my lips as I sucked. His pre-cum tasted salty, but instead of avoiding it, I moved my tongue over the tip to taste him more. One of his hands moved just behind my head, and he started trying to push his cock further into my mouth. I felt him pushing forward as more of his shaft slid into my mouth. I prepared myself to gag once he touched my throat, but that feeling never came. Instead, my lips touched against the base of his dick as every inch of his member was in my mouth.

“Fuck dude. Have you been practicing your deepthroating or something?” Andy asked. I shook my head some with his cock still planted deep in my mouth.

I pulled back, taking his dick out to give my mouth a rest. My spit was all over his member and dripping down my chin. I stood up and removed my shirt and bra which left me only wearing socks.

“Your tits got bigger,” Andy said, checking me out.

“Probably since you saw them last,” I confirmed. “They’ve grown almost a full cup size since I got home. They need to stop,” I complained.

“I don’t mind them getting bigger,” Andy chuckled and reached to cup one. “Maybe some nice D cups.”

“They better not get that big,” I said, watching him toy with my now hard nipple.

“I love thin girls with big tits,” Andy said. “I thought you did too.”

“I did like girls with big tits, but I never said I wanted to have big tits,” I answered.

“So, are you on the birth control?” Andy asked, changing the subject, and leading me on top of the bed.

“Yes, but I’d still rather you didn’t cum inside me,” I said. “I really don’t want to get pregnant.”

Andy moved between my legs and lined his cock up with my womanhood. He pushed the tip between my folds as he slowly descended inside of me. I could feel that very warm fullness just like last time. He leaned over more, putting his hands down on either side of me to hold himself help as he started to move his hips back and forth. Pleasant tingles started in my center, different from masturbation, or anything else really. I looked down and watched his cock going in and out of my body.

He sat back up some and took hold of my legs for leverage, increasing the power of each thrust. I could feel him pulling me a little each time his hips clashed forward into me. He made another deep push inside of me and stopped, which made me worry.

“Are you cumming in me?” I asked.

“No, but I’m getting close and don’t want to finish yet.” He answered.

Feeling playful, I hooked my right leg behind him and started moving my hips to tease him. With him being apparently so close, just as he managed to pull out, he started to cum; spurts of it shooting everywhere. He grabbed his cock and stroked himself through the finish. I had his cum all over me.

“Sorry. I was just trying to tease,” I said.

“I told you I was close,” Andy grunted, milking the last bit of cum on to me.

“I really didn’t mean to. I can make it up next time,” I offered.

“I want to cum on your face then,” Andy suggested.

“Fine,” I answered, shaking my head.

I carefully got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. I was really starting to enjoy sex as a girl, but it was so messy, though, I suppose it was always messy, and now I was on the receiving end of the cum. After a hot shower, I was relaxed and ready for bed. Andy was already back to playing video games and tried to get me to join. Since I had work in the morning, I opted to get right in bed, especially since I was up for a promotion soon. Despite Andy playing games, I was tired and relaxed enough to fall right asleep.

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