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My Unwanted Transition 3

( Making a new friend. )

Everything seemed to feel normal lately. I didn’t find myself comparing things to my old life as much and discovered that I could still enjoy stuff even though I was a girl now. It had been almost a week since I slept over at Andy’s and it was turning out to be another dull day at work. About halfway through my shift, the supervisor came over and told me to take my break. After finishing with my last customer, I headed for the break room so that I could rest my head in silence until it was time to go back. I put my head down on the table and closed my heads as I did on most breaks. Not too long after, I heard another person come in, but didn’t bother to see who it was.

“You’re Jenny right?” I heard her ask and raised my head.

“Yeah, I am,” I answered.

“Hey, my name is Leslie,” she smiled. “I always see you, but you don’t really talk to anyone here.”

“You’re right again. I guess I just don’t speak much.”

“There's nothing wrong with that!” She said with an even bigger smile. “We only just moved here a few months ago, and I don’t really know anyone yet. And! I don’t know of any good places to hang out either.”

“Oh, well, I don’t really do too much hanging out,” I made a soft laugh. “I walk around the mall sometimes, maybe catch a movie, but not much else.”

“How about any good nail salons? I really need to get mine done.” She said, looking at her nails.

“Sorry, I don’t know that either. I never had my nails done.”

“Really!?” She asked in disbelief.

I shook my head to confirm that I hadn’t. I looked at my own nails and wondered what that was like. It was something that never even crossed my mind in my previous life, but it was typical for girls. With that thought, I wondered if I should tell her about my past. Telling anyone about it was a lot of information to give a person and I always figured that no one would believe me anyway. After a little mental bout in my head, I decided that there wasn’t a need to tell her.

“You know what then? We should get them done together!” She suggested excitedly.

My initial thought was to say, why would I get my nails done? It was a ‘Durr’ moment for me and a realization that I was having girl talk. I looked at my nails again. They were getting a bit long now and even about as long as I used to like them on girls. Leslie got up from her seat and came over to sit next to me and joined me in looking at my nails.

“You have beautiful nails too. You should definitely get them done.” She smiled.

“Well, I never thought about it before,” I said, actually contemplating it.

“Really?” She replied as I continued to surprise her.

“I guess there is always a first time,” I said.

By the end of our conversation, I agreed to go with her to get our nails done. Like other things in my new life, I wasn’t sure why I agreed. Maybe it was because she was pretty cool or maybe I thought getting my nails done would give me an exciting inside look at the life of a girl. Even after I went back to work after my break, I continued to think about going to the salon with Leslie. My excitement was confusing, but unlike in the past, the thought of doing something girly didn’t make me feel bad. I made a mental note to mark in my journal that my general dislike of living as a girl had shifted more into being confused as to why I didn’t hate it anymore.

I met up with Leslie right after work, and she had looked up a salon on her phone already. The place was within walking distance, so we decided to go straight there. If felt good to talk to someone that just took me for me. She didn’t know about my past and only saw me as a girl. I couldn’t help but think I was somehow dishonest by not sharing my past. My mentality of being a male was still there, and it was almost like I was taking advantage of a girl. Would she even believe me if I told her? I know I would have thought a person was crazy if they told me this story.

My thoughts on everything were soon brought to a halt as we started talking and looking at how to get our nails done. Leslie wanted to get something fancy with decorations and everything. I told the lady helping us that it was my first time doing it, and she explained that French tips were very popular and it wasn’t very fancy or expensive. I had seen other girls with them before but never knew the name.

“Okay, yeah, I think I can do that,” I said.

A broad mix of emotions gathered inside me. I was excited, worried and even mad at myself for thinking this might be fun. Eventually, we were led back, and the process started. My nails were trimmed, filed and prepped. I’m not sure exactly how long the whole thing took, but it was done faster than I thought. My hands didn’t even look like mine anymore. There was a glossy shine to my nails, and they seemed more perfect than they ever had. After Leslie finished up, we started a to walk back to the job.

“Your nails look so good! Aren’t you glad you went with me?” Leslie asked.

“Yours look good too. And yeah, thanks for inviting me.” I smiled.

“Let me put your number in my phone, so we can hang out more sometime.” She said.

“Sure,” I said, giving her the number, then saving hers after she called my phone.

( Checkup )

With everything feeling like it was getting back to normal, I had forgotten all about visiting my doctors. I was going to have to visit them regularly for at least a year. Luckily, I didn’t have to report to work until the afternoon, and the appointment was early. I took a shower and got dressed. My mom took me to the office which was almost an hour away.

“I think I would like to go in myself,” I told my mom.

“Are you sure honey?” She asked with concern.

“I’m sure,” I assured her.

I knew the doctors were going to want to talk about personal stuff in detail and I didn’t want my mom to hear some of it. I signed in at the front and only had to wait a few minutes before they called me to the back. The nurse that brought me in was part of the team that did my extensive procedure. There were two doctors in the exam room, one male, and one female. They were also part of the team. I was relatively comfortable with them after spending so much time together during my transition process. Even through my complaining about having to become a girl they were always professional and helpful.

Before the exam, I changed from my clothes into a patient gown. I looked around while they seemed to be preparing. It wasn’t a typical exam room. All around, there was sophisticated equipment, which made it look more like a laboratory than anything. They rolled a computer over to me which was on a cart with other devices. First, they went down my general information to make sure it was correct. Afterward, they did all of the standard check-ups, such as weight and height, my temperature and blood pressure. My bust, hips, waist, and feet were all measured as well.

All of the information was put into the computer before we had to move on to the next tests. They led me to the x-ray room and had me remove my gown. I stood in the middle of the machine and had to take on a few different positions as the pictures were taken. When they finally finished, we went back to the main exam room. I was told that it was going to take most of the day, but I didn’t really believe it at first and when we got back to the exam room, a couple of hours had already passed.

The next part of the exam seemed to be just a standard checkup. They checked my reflexes, eyes, ears and listened to my heart. Right after, we were off again to another part of the building. I had to lay down and was placed in a large circular machine so that they could scan my body. It felt like I was in there forever. I could hear some creaking and buzzing and didn’t have much to look at. When the scanning finally came to an end, I was presented with some good news; lunch.

I was able to take an hour for lunch so that I could eat and have enough time to digest my food before starting the part of the testing. The food wasn’t that bad, and since I was pretty hungry, it probably tasted better than it actually was.

The next and last part of the test was all about my new lady parts. I had to lay down, and they put my legs into stirrups. I was asked if I preferred the lady or the guy to do the test and I told them that it didn’t matter. The lead doctor took on the test which was the guy. I didn’t know whether to feel more comfortable having a woman do it since I was going to have what was now my vagina examined, or have a guy do it since I had been a male all of my life. The doctor started while I dealt with the turmoil in my head. There was a lubricant applied to me before the speculum was inserted. It felt weird to have it pushed in me like that and even more so as he opened it up, making my insides stretch. I could feel his fingers touching and prodding. There was a bit of relief once he finished and removed the tool from me.

“Have you been sexually active at all?” He asked.

“Um. I haven’t had sex.” I thought for a moment before answering.

“And, have you engaged in any other sexual activity?”

“Well, I have masturbated,” I answered quickly, trying to get the awkwardness over. The doctor looked intrigued.

“Did everything seem to be in order? As in the stimulation and ending?” I could tell he was trying to find words to be polite as possible.

“It felt good, and I had an orgasm.” I could feel my face wanting to blush at giving out such personal information.

“That is fantastic. It seems your body is developing well then. We will have to wait for the other test results to make sure there are no underlying issues.”

It was mid-afternoon when I finally went out to meet my mom for a pickup. I stuck to the ‘it went fine and okay’ as my default answer, not wanting to get into too many details. I told her that the doctor was going to call when they had the other results back.

( Test results and further adapting. )

It had been just over a week since I visited the doctor and waiting for the results had slipped my mind. Work and other things were keeping me occupied. My nails were starting to chip and look pretty bad now, and that had me feeling a little self-conscious. I was still embarrassed to buy something like that in the store, so I ordered some stuff online. The pack contained some nail polish remover and a few different colors of polish. When it came it a couple days later, I took it right to my room to experiment with.

I started with the polish remover and scrubbed away the remaining of what was left on my nails. When I finished that, I jumped right into picking a color. It was weird to sit there and make such a decision, but I did kind of like having my nails done. When I finally decided on a light purple, I started to apply it and not very well either. I removed the first coat and began to look at videos online to see how to do it. In the midst of doing that, I ended up watching other makeup tutorials as well. It took half a day, but I managed to put the polish on halfway decent.

Just as I wrapped up the polish, my mom called me to come down because the doctor was on the phone with the results.

“Hi, Jenny. I was just speaking with your mom briefly, but now that you’re here, I’d like to go over the results.”

“Okay,” I answered. I felt a little relieved that it didn’t sound like anything bad from the tone of his voice.

“We will start at the top then,” the doctor spoke. “ As we confirmed in the office, your blood pressure is healthy as well as your weight. We compared the measurements we took to the original right after the final check was done following the transition procedures. We found that your hips have widened some and suspect that they may widen more to support what appears to be a very healthy reproductive system still developing. Your breasts have also gained size, and like your hips, they will most likely continue to grow. To put it simply, you’re undergoing a new puberty cycle. The scans show that the area of the brain responsible for that is very active.”

“What does that mean? How much are they going to grow?” I ask nervously.

“There is no way to tell, unfortunately. Everyone is unique in that.” He answered. “The scans and x-rays also show that your bones have softened some. Nothing to worry about though. We believe your body is adapting to your new growth, allowing your bones to account for it as well, especially in your hips. That leads us to your last exam, which was the pelvic area. All of your physical traits and organs appear to be healthy, and you mentioned yourself that you’re responding to stimulation normally.”

I could feel my face turn red when he said that and for a moment I felt like I would pass out. It felt like he just told my mom that I had masturbated outright. My mom didn’t seem to react to it though. Maybe for my sake or just because she didn’t catch the meaning.

“One last thing.” The doctor chimed in again. “You may experience conflicting thoughts as your puberty progresses. Your natural instincts and thoughts will become and want to be more feminine. Since you have memories and a pattern of doing things as a male, you may find it hard to accept the new feelings. This can be a very stressful process, and we will recommend a therapist for you. You can decide if you want to use the service or not, but it may prove to be helpful.”

“I can handle it.” I had to debate with my mom after the call. I was already going through it, and I managed to get this far. At the first opportunity, I retreated to my room. There was no way I wanted to talk about this stuff with a therapist. I could feel the emotions about it bubbling up, so I went back to my nail polish to take my mind off of it. I looked at my fingernails again and confirmed to myself that I did a pretty good job, but I wanted to practice more still. My mind went back and forth on if I should remove the polish and do it again. As I sat on the bed, my socked feet caught my eye, and that gave me an idea.

I slipped my socks off and sat on the edge of the bed, starting on my left foot first, carefully applying the polish to each toe. My toes being so close together posed a problem almost right away, and once again, I looked up a video online. The very first video showed a girl using cotton between her toes which triggered a memory of seeing that before. I retrieved some cotton balls and used them in between before starting again. This time I was able to apply the polish pretty well. I looked at my matching fingers and toes, satisfied.

( Friends with benefits. Pt.2 )

Almost two months after I had last seen Andy, we were finally planning to hang out again. During that time we talked on and off, but never set up a time to meet. I didn’t bring up or try to plan anything and waited for him to make the offer. Even though I knew it was stupid, I still felt weird about what happened last time and wasn’t sure what he thought about it. Like last time, we planned for me to stay at his place since I would be off from work the next day.

I showered and dressed before heading over to his place, packing a bag with some extra clothes and toiletries. With my hair getting long, I needed to have brush and comb to keep it under control. When I arrived at his place, I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. As he opened the door, I was ready and expecting some sarcastic remark.

“Wow!” “Andy said, sounding surprised. “Jen?” He asked.

“Yeah, who else would it be?” I said, shaking my head.

I just took it as him joking around again and pushed passed him to walk inside. As I was putting my stuff down, Andy walked over and was looking at me without saying anything. It was weird for him to be quiet like that, so I turned to look at him.

“Are you okay?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

“Yeah, I’m good,” he answered, pausing. “It's just that you look different than last time I saw you.”

“What do you mean? I was a girl last time I was here. I know you didn’t forget that.” Loosely referring to what happened when I was here last.

“No, it’s not that.” Andy paused again. “You just look, cute.”

I just looked at him silently, trying to figure out if he was trying to joke me again. From his facial expression, it didn’t seem like a joke, or at least I didn’t think so. Andy had a way of being sarcastic as possible.

“Don’t get all gay on me,” I finally said, only realizing after how it probably sounded to him coming from a girl.

“You’re the one with your hair and nails done,” Andy responded.

“Yeah, I’ve been hanging out some with Leslie from work, and we got them done,” I said defensively. What, are you checking me out too?” I asked, trying to put it back on him.

“It’s kinda easy to notice fancy nails and highlights in your hair,” Andy smirked.

“Well,” I paused. “Whatever…” I finally said, giving up.

As always, we went to play some video games, and with his place still being void of furniture, we did so from his bed. Before we knew it, it was late in the afternoon, and we hadn’t moved except to go to the bathroom and to get drinks. When we finished the last game, I stood up stretched.

“I’m hungry,” I spoke in the middle of a yawn.

“We could order a pizza or something,” Andy suggested.

Once we agreed on pizza, Andy started to order it, and I got up to use the bathroom. When I finished, I noticed in the mirror that my hair was a little messy and attempted to fix it with my fingers. Despite my effort, I couldn’t get some strands back in order without a comb or brush and made a mental note to myself to carry one next time.

It was mostly quiet while we ate, focusing on stuffing our faces, rather than talking. Andy ate more than I did and even finished before me. My appetite and eating habits had changed. We used to scarf down an entire pizza between the two of us.

“I’ve been thinking,” Andy said as we started to clean up.

“I hope you didn’t hurt yourself,” I joked, smirking.

“So funny,” he said sarcastically. “With you being a girl now, we could have as much sex as we want.”

Out of all of the things, I thought he would’ve said, I wasn’t expecting that one. “You want to have sex with me?” I asked for clarification.

“I mean, you’re a girl, and we’re both single, so, we could have sex anytime we want. It would be a change from before when we weren’t getting any at all.” Andy chuckled.

“But, I used to be a guy, and we’ve been best friends forever, wouldn’t that be weird?” I asked.

“You don’t look like a guy anymore and now-“ he paused briefly. “You’re kinda cute.”

“Gay,” I said, shaking my head jokingly, all to prevent myself from blushing. “I don’t know if I want to have sex with a guy anyway.”

“I won’t push it then, sorry.” Andy digressed and continued cleaning up.

While Andy was no longer trying to convince me, I silently thought about what he said, even as we went back to play more games. I couldn’t help but think about how having sex would feel. Would it be weird, would it hurt? What if I was terrible at it? The more I thought about it, the more into the details I got, especially the foreplay and specifically, sucking a dick, my best friend’s. If he didn’t expect me to do that, then maybe we could try sex. Before I knew it, another couple of hours went by, and I’m not even sure how I managed to play the games while so distracted by my thoughts.

“Whats next?” Andy asked, turning off the current game.

“I don’t know,” I answered, lying back on the bed. “Maybe we could have sex,” my mouth blurting that out.

“Trying to be funny?” He looked at me. “I know it was a stupid idea.”

“It is, but I think I want to try.” I sat back up. “I just don’t want to kiss or suck dick or anything like that.”

“We don’t have to do that then.” He answered quickly, sounding excited.

We sat there silent and awkwardly for a few long moments. I was waiting for Andy to do something, but I guess he was waiting for me.

“I guess we can take our clothes off,” I finally said.

We stood and started to undress, both pausing in our underwear. I could tell Andy was already hard from his cock pointing against his boxers. I had on matching bra and panties, which I had gotten used to until my best friend was looking at me. It suddenly felt weird to be wearing girl’s underwear, except Andy didn’t seem to be thinking that way. His eyes were gazing at me like I was some cute girl.

“Can I touch you?” Andy asked.

“Well, we have to touch to have sex,” I answered.

“I’m gonna touch you then,” Andy stated, then stepping forward.

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just stood there. Andy reached his arms around me, then I felt his hands come to rest on my butt, his fingers squeezing some. It felt incredibly weird, and I avoided eye contact, keeping my head lowered and my eyes toward his body. His hands didn’t linger too long and moved up, grazing my back until he found my bra and started to unhook it. Once it was undone, my bra loosened and he pulled it away, exposing my breasts to him.

“Nice tits,” Andy complimented.

“Are we gonna do this?” I asked, changing the subject to avoid blushing.

“Okay okay. How do you want to do? On your back, doggy, on top?” Andy asked.

“ So romantic,” I joked.

“You said just sex, nothing else.” He rebutted.

“Yeah, but you don’t have to be so formal,” I clarified.

“So picky, just like a girl, jeez,” he laughed.

“We don’t have to do it at all,” I chimed back, feeling my emotions getting hot.

“Yup, just like a girl, getting all cute when you’re mad,” Andy teased.

I blushed, feeling a slight flutter inside and some anger building at the same time in a rush of emotion. Andy’s hands came back to my hips before I could walk away and pushed my panties down. When they hit the floor, he took his own underwear off and quickly embraced me, leading me to the bed. I fell on back with him between my legs and felt the tip of his cock touching my pussy. It wasn’t until he talked that I realized how fast I was breathing.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

I tried to calm myself, feeling a throbbing tingle between my legs. Arousal was flooding my body, and I felt so hot, it was like we had a blanket over us. I didn’t want to sound shaky, so instead I talking, I nodded to him. There was some pain, which took me a moment to realize it was Andy’s cock pushing into me. I could feel it inside of me, making me stretch. The pay dimmed away slowly, but there was still a pressure feeling, like a rubber band around your wrist.

“You’re so wet,” Andy groaned lowly.

I still didn’t say anything. He was starting to move now. I felt his cock sliding out, then before it went all the way, it pushed back in. The sensation made me tense up, and before I could try and comprehend it, Andy pulled back and thrust again, giving me the same feeling. Over and over, I felt his cock take my pussy. My head was turned, and I was looking at anything but him. It was so embarrassing.

“Does it feel good?” Andy asked.

The new sensations had overwhelmed my mind, and somehow I hadn’t processed if it did feel good or not until he asked. I focused on each thrust, the way it felt and the sensation it gave me. It felt good, very good, so much so, that the very next thrust caused me to let out a quiet moan. That must have given Andy some encouragement because he grabbed one of my breasts and started to touch my body. His hips began to move faster, causing a reaction in my own body that made me lift my hips toward him.

I felt him embrace me more and increase his effort. Without realizing it, my legs were up and partly around his waist. I could feel a faint hint of my orgasm in the distance, but every thrust didn’t bring me closer which was frustrating. I tightened my legs a little more around him, trying to angle my body so that his cock would enter me just the right way. As I moved my hips around some, I felt that stronger sensation more often, which pushed me closer each time. I looked down at his cock moving in and out, still unable to believe that I really had a cock inside of me, inside of my pussy.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned out.

The feeling of my climax was building steadily now. I reached down and rubbed my clit to help my body along. Andy started to get faster and rough, which set me back rather than help me finish. I reached my hands to his waist, trying to signal him to slow a little, which he did. He looked down at me, driving his hips firmly into my body. I was very close now, and I could feel my body starting to shiver. My arms reached around his body, my legs clasping tightly around him as well. My orgasm flushed through my body, making me tense. In that rush of pleasure and emotion, I leaned up and kissed him. It was a wet kiss, his tongue entering my mouth as his body came to rest on me. When the kiss finally broke, everything felt hot, and I realized he had stopped.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Just enjoying the moment,” Andy answered

“Yeah but, why did you stop? You’re making it weird.” I said, our faces still only inches apart.

“Your throbbing pussy made me cum,” he said, giving my lips another kiss, but I didn’t kiss him back.

“You came inside me?” I asked, feeling my heart starting to pound against my chest. “Let me up.”

“Whats wrong, didn’t it feel good?” Andy asked, moving to the side.

“It did, but I don’t want to get pregnant.” I got up and went to clean myself up.

“How are you going to get pregnant?”

“Um, I’m a girl remember?” I said sarcastically.

“I know, but you don’t have all of that, right?”

“Yes, I do. I have it all, everything. I get periods too, remember?” I was starting to get a little upset.

“Fuck. I’m sorry. It just felt really good, I completely forgot.”

I was pacing back and forth some, getting more nervous and upset by the minute. My mind was just picturing my future with a baby and having to dedicate all of my time to that. It all boiled up inside of me and quickly.

“I don’t want to have a baby!” I said in frustration, feeling tears welling up in my eyes.

“You’re not gonna get pregnant,” Andy said, sounding confident.

“How do you know?” I asked, responding sharply.

“They have morning-after pills, you know? In the morning, we can go and get some.” Andy stood and walked over to me. “Does that sound good?”

“Are you sure that’ll work?” I asked, feeling some relief.

“It should.” He confirmed.

“Okay,” I said, wiping my eyes.

( The morning after. )

When I woke up in the morning, the bed was empty, and Andy was already up and about. I couldn’t believe I slept so good with what happened. The bed felt comfortable, so I didn’t get up right away, even though I wanted to go and get the pills, and maybe even some condoms. Eventually, I sat up and stretched, then put a hand on my stomach to make sure it wasn’t getting bigger, even though I knew it was silly.

“Good morning sleepy head,” Andy said.

“Good morning,” I replied.

Before I could get up, Andy tossed a box at me. I clearly saw it gliding through the air, and tried to catch it, but it hit me right in the chest. I was surprised to see that it was the pill. The pack only contained a single tablet which was weird, but I guess it made sense since it was for emergencies and not for actual birth control.

“The pharmacist said you should take something for nausea too since it’s common. I have some Pepto and stuff in the bathroom.”

“You talked to the pharmacist?” I asked, thinking how sweet the effort was.

“Oh yeah, I wanted to make sure I got something good because I don’t want a baby.” Andy laughed.

I shook my head, feeling that moment go down the drain. It was for the better anyway, I thought to myself. I didn’t need to have those kinds of crazy thoughts and feelings. In the bathroom, I found some nausea medicine and took it along with the pill, then joined Andy for breakfast, which was cereal.

“I really liked it last night,” Andy said.

“I did too, except for when you tried to get me pregnant,” I said sarcastically.

“Next time I’ll just cum on your face,” he snickered.

“Or you can just wear a condom. No glove, no love as they say.” I smirked. But seriously, we need to talk about this if we’re gonna keep doing it,” I said, looking at him, expecting a joke.

“You’re right. How do you think we should handle it?” Andy responded very maturely.

“I don’t know really. I guess I could talk to my doctor about getting birth control. I don’t know anything about this stuff, and I don’t want to ask my parents because that would be weird.” I sighed.

Our conversation carried on for quite a while, discussing a lot about avoiding babies, how often we should have sex and even where he was allowed to cum. Even after talking for over an hour, we didn’t really agree to anything in stone. Andy didn’t mind having a list of some sort, but I thought it made the whole thing too formal.

“Anyway, what do you want to do today?” I asked, moving on from the subject.

“All this sex talk makes me want to have sex again!” And answered.

“I think I rather wait until I get birth control or something. I’m still nervous about this whole thing.” I looked at him.

It went quiet for a minute, and I knew Andy was trying to think of some way for us to have sex again. I could see it in his face that he was thinking, so I just shook my head at him.

“Don’t worry, we will do it again,” I said, trying to assure him so that he would drop it.

From there, Andy did leave it alone, and we went on to play some more games. It was different hanging out with him now that we had sex though. I kept thinking about how it felt to have a guy touching me the way he did, the way he felt inside of me and even how we kissed. My mind held on to how wrong it is that I had sex with a guy and that I’m not gay. Everything that happened felt good though. I enjoyed every moment of what happened except for the little incident. This was going to take time for me to adjust to, with my mind having been trained as a guy my whole life. I didn’t know if I ever would get used to it, but at least I did feel comfortable about being a girl these days.

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