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My Unwanted Transition 2

( First month at work. )

My first week at work was rough but not as bad as I thought it would have been. I felt like everyone that looked at me knew about my gender switch. It was quite the opposite though. Most people just saw me as a girl working the register like on any other day. I was still getting used to this life myself and each day posed a new challenge, yet seemed to get easier. I know that sounds weird.

While ringing up customers, my mind focused on that and pretty much nothing else. I did like my job and providing good service and the plus side to it was that it kept me from thinking about being a girl, which was all I had thought about for weeks.

As I moved on to the next customer, I looked up to them, and before I could speak, they started off.

“I’m sure if you smiled, it would make you look even cuter.” The customer said, looking at me.

I was completely stunned. There was no way he was talking to me and even flirting with me. After what I think was an awkward moment of silence, I simply said, “Thanks” and began to ring his stuff. He only had a couple of items, so I finished his order quickly, took his money and returned the change. Instead of moving on right away, he passed me a piece of paper. It was the receipt again, but he jotted his number down on it.

“Maybe you can give me a call so I can buy you a drink or lunch or something, it could help you smile.” He watched me while he waited for a response and I just nodded my head so that I could move onto the next customer.

For the rest of my shift and day really, I didn’t know how to feel about being hit on or asked out on a date. On the way home, I realized that I still had his number in my pocket. For some reason, I felt kind of bad when I thought about throwing it away, so I just kept it. Later on, after I got in bed, I looked over to where I had placed the paper with the guy’s number. It made me remember that I had not contacted my own best friend since coming home. I told him before leaving what was going to happen to me, but I was still so nervous about seeing people I knew like this.

As the days and work went on, I adjusted more to living my new life and found myself dwelling less on making comparisons of my old life to the new one. It wasn’t that I forgot about my old life, just that other things were keeping my mind off of it. I suppose subconsciously I had gotten a slight boost in confidence after that guy flirted and gave me his number. The routine I did daily, made life a little easier as well. Every morning I took a shower, combed out my hair, dressed and then ate breakfast. I setup my outfits for each day of the week so that I didn’t have to think about it. After work each day, I ate some food, then spent a little time watching television or playing video games, then a little time reading. Before sleep each night, I wrote in my journal, even if it was just to say how quiet the day was.

With everything slowly improving, I had forgotten about that miserable time of the month. The cramps were there, and every little thing seemed to get under my skin. Of course, there was the bleeding too. I prepared for that and put my panties on. There was a new symptom that I didn’t have the last time which I noticed as I put my bra on. My boobs felt like they were sore and it made me not want to wear a bra. I almost made that decision, but my nipples were fairly prominent when hard, and I didn’t want to draw that kind of attention at work.

The change was noticed at work too. Co-workers and a manager asked if everything was okay and that I didn’t seem like myself today. I assured them that I was fine and sucked it up the best I could. I felt the difference in my attitude. Even trying to separate the bills from each other as they got stuck irritated me greatly.

When I went on break finally, I picked out a little food for lunch, then made my way to the medicine. My mom had recommended me some stuff to help the cramps. As I came back to the registers, I suddenly realized that I was embarrassed about buying this kind of medicine. I took my stuff and moved over to the self-service register and paid. As the day went on and the medicine started to work, I did feel a little better. The day felt long, and by the time I got off, I was exhausted.

During my cycle, I spent more time writing in my journal. It helped me pull my thoughts together as I put them on paper. At the end of the month, I read through everything from the beginning and realized that I had been through much more than I thought. Here I was in bed, holding my journal and despite all of the challenges, I felt good.

( Social life. )

Work was back in the flow, and everything at home had normalized for me. I still wanted my old life back, but I had gotten used to living and doing things in my everyday life as a girl. Having back to back days off from work reminded me of how boring it could get being home all the time. It had been months since I talked to my best friend. He had called and texted numerous times. My mom told me I should call and speak to him weeks back when he finally called the house to make sure I was okay.

I woke up feeling great and productive. It was sunny outside, and I drew back the curtains to let the sunlight in my room. After a quick shower, I dressed in fresh underwear and a bra, along with a t-shirt and shorts. With my laptop in hand, I got back into bed and turned it on. I reached to get my journal and made a quick entry about my particularly good mood today while the laptop loaded up.

My social media seemed foreign to me. They were riddled with pictures and things from my old life. I had notifications and messages that were pending my response. Before going to read any of them, I continued onto doing what I came to do. My hand navigated the browser to my profile, and I changed my sex to female. I didn’t waste a single moment clicking submit and watched as it updated. That was it. I know it sounded stupid, but for me, it was another step moving on with my life.

I started to respond to messages next. The few people that knew asked how it went and if I was okay. It was easier than I thought it was going to be. I took a quick selfie of my face and updated my profile picture. Compared to my older pictures, I still looked kinda the same. My features were softer and more feminine, and of course, my hair was much longer.

All of that was still the easy part. My best friend Andy was who I really needed to get back in contact with. I grabbed my phone and pulled up the messages, and the thread was filled with incoming texts from him and had not responded since before my procedures. My fingers tapped on the screen, trying to compose a message. Each time I deleted it and started over while my mind worked to find the right thing to say. Several minutes must have passed, and I still hadn’t composed any sort of message. With a sigh and my growing frustration, I closed the thread and opened the call menu. Without thinking, I tapped call, and after a moment I heard the phone ringing. With each ring, I felt my heart speed up, and I sort of hoped that he wouldn’t answer.

“Man! Where the hell have you been?” Andy asked right as he answered the phone.

“I dunno, just here,” I replied, not knowing what to say.

“Well, you could have texted at least. I had to call your mom to make sure you didn’t drop dead or something.”

“I know. I was just getting back into things.” I spoke softly.

“You sound like a real girl.” He chuckled.

“Well duh, I am a girl now.” I knew he would make a joke about it sooner or later. I didn’t mind though.

“I didn’t expect you to sound like that still.?

“Like what? I’m fully a girl.” I felt a smile creeping on my face for some reason.

“But still. I don’t know.” He digressed. “Anyway, whats up? We should hang out.”

“That would be cool I guess. I’m off today and tomorrow.”

“Hm. I do have to go in today, but I’m down for tonight. I’ll text you my address.”

“I know where you live.”

“I got my own place now dude. Moved a couple months ago.”

“Really? Nice man. I’ll come over later then.”

I placed my phone down as a feeling of relief came over me. The rest of the morning was spent updating my online social stuff, which mostly consisted of changing my profiles to female. It felt like things were getting back to normal and that being a girl wasn’t preventing me from doing things I used to do.

Late in the afternoon, Andy sent me a text saying that I could head over. I had already gotten dressed in anticipation so that I would be ready. I told my mom that I would be going over to his place and she was overjoyed that I was finally going out. She said that I could take the car instead of an Uber since they were in for the day.

Andy’s place was easy to find, and I made my way up to his apartment. I felt myself getting anxious again, wondering what he was going to think or say once he saw me. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and knocked on his door.

“Who is it?” I heard him call through the door.

“It's me, Jenny. Or Jason.” I answered, realizing that I never told him my new name.

“Whats up dude?” Andy said as he opened the door.

He followed up by leaning in with his fist to do a fist bump like we had always done.I hesitated for a moment while my brain worked to catch up on our old custom and I extended by hand to bump his.

“You can come on in. I thought you fell off the planet or something.”

“I wish I could have jumped off the planet some days.” I chuckled.

“It’ll be alright dude, we always said women had it easy right?” He smirked.

“True. I guess it isn’t as easy as we thought.”

“I’m just messing with ya. Stop being so serious.” He laughed and shook his head.

Andy did always like to make jokes, and it actually helped my nerves some. I appreciated that he didn’t interrogate me about the change even though I knew he had to be curious. He showed me around his place and how he had set it up to be his bachelor's pad for nerds. His gaming posters were on display along with figures, games, magazines and other anime and gaming swag.

“So this is a two bedroom?” I asked.

“Yeah. I was supposed to have a roommate, but they canceled out at the last-minute, and I didn’t want to have to wait any longer. I was hoping to have found someone by now.”

“That sucks. This is a nice place too. I’ve missed a lot dealing with this.”

“It’s all good.” At least you were able to take care of yourself. You were doing bad last time I saw you.”

We went into his room since it was the only place with a television and he showed me some new games he had gotten. It was a relief to be back to doing something normal again. We got into talking and carrying on about the games and even some old games that we used to play. There was one game in particular that I would always beat him in and I always made it a point to rub it in when given a chance.

“I see you have the one you suck at on the bottom here.” I teased, pulling it from the bottom of the pile.

“It’s on the bottom because I played through and beat it a couple of times now.”

“If you say so,” I said sarcastically.

“I bet that I could beat you now.” He challenged.

“I don’t want to take your rent money from you like that.” I laughed.

“Yeah, whatever. Let’s bet something else then.”

“Yeah? Like what?” I said with confidence.

“I dunno. You could show me your tits if I win.”

“Really dude?” I raised my eyebrow.

“I’m just joking. What do you want to bet?”

I thought about it for a minute. I had beat him on many bets, so I always took a challenge on this game as a way to get something free.

“You know what, fine. I’ll show you my tits. But if I win, you have to give me a game.”

“Really? You’re going to show me if I win?”

“Yeah. They’re just tits dude.” I shook my head.

“That’s easy for you to say since you have your own. I’d be playing with them all day if I had tits.”

“It’s different since they’re mine. I don’t even think about it like that.”

Andy did have a point though. I always thought the same thing, and it wasn’t until he brought it up that I realized I hadn’t thought anything sexual about my own body. Maybe it was because I started off hating my new body. I didn’t know why he wanted to see them anyway considering we had been friends as guys all this time.

“Fine, deal then.” He accepted.

We agreed to do some warm up in the practice mode for a few minutes. I felt the game come back to me pretty quickly and tried to get my fingers back into the swing of things. We didn’t spend a lot of time warming up. Andy didn’t seem to want to give me too much time to practice. The settings were put into place, and it was going to be the best of three rounds. As I looked over the characters, I tried to keep from smirking since my confidence was building up rapidly.

Right before the match started, I sat up straight and got ready to concentrate. I was a little rusty starting off, but I got into it before long and pulled out a win in the first round. At the start of the second round, I came out strong and intended to put a quick end to the bet so I could pick out my game. I got his health about halfway down, and that’s when he managed to get in a few lucky combos. Before I could regain my offensive, my health was too low, and he somehow managed to win the round.

“You’re going down Jenny!” Andy taunted.

“Whatever you say.” I snapped back.

I was surprised that he called me Jenny. I was used to hearing people at work call me Jenny, but it felt new all over again when he said it. Since the third and final round was starting though, I didn’t have much time to dwell on it. Again, I started off in full offensive only to have him get another luck series of combos on me. This time, I managed to pull away and create some room so I could work up another attack. It became a struggle between us, going back and forth until we both had only a sliver of health left. I tried to use long range attacks to finish the match up, but he managed to dodge each time. Since that didn’t seem it was going to work, I decided to dash in toward him, to try and throw him off guard, but he evaded again. I made a quick move and managed to side step around to get behind him. One punch and it was going to be over. I hit the button, and the match ended. Almost immediately I realized that I hadn’t won from landing the hit because time ran out. The victory screen came up, and Andy had won.

“Yes! I finally beat you!” Andy shouted in celebration.

“You ran the time out on purpose!” I protested.

“A win is a win!” He laughed. “Now, for my prize!”

“Yeah, yeah, fine.” I shook my head.

I put the controller down and reached to pull my shirt off. In a short moment, I was sitting on his bed in my bra, and not even that lasted long as I started to unhook it. I looked over to him, and he was watching as I moved it and exposed my breasts.

“See? Just tits.” I said plainly.

“You mean nice tits.” He said with a grin on his face.

I felt a blush almost rushing to my face, but I managed to hold it back.

“If you say so,” I said, keeping my composure.

“And it looks like you’re happy to see me too.” He chuckled, referring to my now hard nipples.

“It’s just the air,” I replied, maybe sounding a little defensive.

“Are they sensitive?” He asked.

“Yeah, a little.”

“Man. I still can’t believe you’re like really a girl.”

“I know, it took me a while to believe it too.” I laughed.

“Anyway. Why don’t you spend the night so we can catch up?”

I agreed to stay over and made sure to tell my parents. After I put my bra and shirt back on, we went on to play more games and talked about things that had happened. Despite not talking for so long, we reconnected quickly which made sense considering we had been friends for so long. Before we knew it, it was already around midnight, and we had spent the better part of the evening playing games.

“I think I’m about ready for bed,” I said as I stood up to stretch.

“Same here.” Andy agreed. “Let's see. You can either get an extra blanket and sleep on the floor, or we can share the bed. As you can see I don’t really have any furniture yet.”

“Well, we’ve shared the bed plenty of times before, so let's do that,” I answered.

“Sure, as long as it's fine with you, I don’t mind,” Andy said.

“Why would I mind?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Wasn’t sure if you would want to since you’re a girl now.”

“Oh. I wasn’t thinking about that.” I laughed a little. “That doesn’t bother me,” I added.

( Friends with benefits. )

It had taken me a little while to fall asleep, but when I finally woke up it was already morning. I rolled over onto my back and looked up at the ceiling as I gave myself time to fully wake up. I felt the warmth in my loins and the tingle of my arousal in full swing. Why in the world was I horny? I thought to myself. Andy seemed to still be sleeping, and I couldn’t resist the urge to slide my hand down to see if I was wet. I had borrowed a shirt and some shorts from Andy to sleep in, and they were both a little too big for me now.

My hand slid into my panties where I confirmed that I was in fact wet. I started to rub and tease my clit, letting that pleasant feeling fill my body. Before I knew it, I was well into masturbating. The thought crossed my mind that I should have gotten up to do it in the bathroom or something, but I figured it would be okay since I didn’t have to worry about semen. I could just cum quietly, and no one would know anything. I barely had any practice with this body when it came to sexual stuff. The way I had to do it now compared to when I was a male was different. Not just because I didn’t have male parts anymore, but how fast or slow I went and how I touched my clit made a big difference. Even though what I was doing felt good, I couldn’t find that quick path to an orgasm. I started to rub faster, trying to increase the stimulation in hopes of reaching that climax as quickly as possible.

“Dude, are you jacking it?” I heard Andy’s voice

I came to a complete stop as Andy startled me. My heart was pounding in my chest from having worked myself up so much. I didn’t notice that my breathing was abnormal and tried to play it off.

“What? No. I don’t even have that anymore to jack off.” I rebutted.

“I saw you rubbing yourself. Even the bed was shaking some.” He laughed.

“Okay, fine. I was.” I said in a frustrated tone.

I started to move toward the side of the bed and stood up with the intention of going to the bathroom. I was embarrassed and knew I wouldn’t be able to cum now if I couldn’t before. I’d just have to wait until I got home to do it if I was still in the mood.

“Where are you going?” Andy asked.

“To the bathroom,” I answered.

“To finish?” He asked again.

“No. I’m finished,” I said a little more sharply.

“You came?” He continued his questioning.

“No,” I said, feeling myself starting to get upset. “I’ve only done it once, and I can’t get it this time.” I felt a pressure building against my face from how irritated I was getting.

“Okay, Jen. I didn’t mean to get you mad.” He spoke softer.

“I’m not,” I argued, even though it was apparently showing through my face and voice.

“We could watch porn or something like we used to do.”

“I’m not even sure I’m in the mood anymore.”

“I know I definitely am.” He continued. “Watching you do it made me rock hard.”

“That’s not funny,” I said, thinking he was sarcastic.

“I’m serious. It was hot.” He said again.

He flipped the blanket over to reveal himself and showed the outline of his erection through his pants. He was right. We had watched porn plenty of times and masturbated, so I had already seen his dick before. My arousal started to grow again and slowly pushed my attitude to the side. I sighed and got back in the bed, and Andy went to get his laptop and brought it back. He loaded it up and went right for the porn.

We both watched quietly, and neither of us did anything. It had been a long time since I had watched porn like this, so it did get me in the mood quite a bit, even though I found it hard to identify with the guy in the video since I now lacked a dick. I started to focus more on the penetration aspect, watching as the man’s cock pushed into the girl. I imaged it entering me, and an intense throb sparked between my legs. I reached my hand down and into my shorts just like earlier and began to touch and rub. Once Andy noticed that I had started, he did the same, stroking his cock in his pants.

Just like earlier, I felt the pleasure entering my body, but it felt different this time. It was actually building and at some point I closed my eyes and focused on my own imagination. I pushed a finger into my slit and worked it lightly back and forth while I continued to use my thumb to rub my clit. Again, I didn’t notice how much I was getting into it, how vigorously my hand was moving and how hard I was breathing. Soon that didn’t matter to me. I could feel myself on the road to that elusive orgasm and pushed myself toward it even more. My body shivered as I crossed the point of no return and very audible, pleasured moan sounded from my mouth as I finished in a burst of radiant warmth filling my body, making me throb. The tingling crept through me from head to my toes curling against the bed. My eyes opened slowly afterward, feeling like I was floating on a cloud.

“That was fucking hot!” Andy suddenly said.

I turned my head to look at him, seeing his cock out as he was jerking it rapidly, staring at me. I didn’t say anything back, just watched and continued to gently touch myself. With my free hand, I lifted my shirt and pulled it back to expose my breasts. Andy kept looking at me, working himself with his hand. The video on the laptop was over, and I seemed to be the show. I pulled my hand from my pants and scooted closer to him, then reaching for his cock. He watched in silence as I stopped him and took over. I started to jerk him off, holding his shaft firmly in my hand. It felt weird to hold a cock again, especially one that wasn’t mine. I had no idea why I started to do this, and yet I kept going. Andy’s cock was solid and warm in my hand, and I realized I almost forgot how a cock felt.

“I’m getting close.” He grunted.

I looked at his face, then back to his cock, working my hand along him, trying to push him over the edge. He leaned in and without warning, took my nipple in his mouth. The sudden stimulation caused me to make a soft noise. He licked, sucked and bit my sensitive nub as I focused on him.

“Fuck yes! I’m cumming!” He moaned, finally freeing my tit, leaving it glistening with his spit.

Rope after rope of cum exploded from his cock, even carrying over us and hitting the pillows before landing all over his own body. I didn’t stop until his cum ended in a trickle and made a mess of my hand. Before he could say anything, I got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. What in the world was I doing? I thought to myself as I looked in the mirror. I came back out and quickly gathered my clothes and went right back in to change. When I came out the second time, I dropped his clothes where his other laundry was piled.

“I guess I will head home then,” I said.

“I thought we were gonna hang out?” He asked, finishing up with his own cleaning.

I was feeling conflicted and didn’t know if I really wanted to stay. My mind kept thinking that we crossed some sort of boundary that we shouldn’t have.

“Come on. Let’s play something.” He suggested.

“I suppose.” I agreed, finally caving in.

We chilled all day and ordered pizza for lunch. We played more games and watched a movie. Andy didn’t mention what happened even once. Maybe he knew that I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Either way, I was happy that it wasn’t brought up, which gave me time to process it. At around 6 pm, I decided I should head home so that I could take care of stuff before going back to work tomorrow.

“Hey man. I just want to say that we don’t ever have to mention anything about today again if you don’t want.”

“Thanks. I appreciate that.” I smiled.

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