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The Spirit of Fertility Ch. 04

Two months later, Amber continued to wait for her egg to be found, though her hope was all but gone. The sexual episodes remained constant and the birth control seemed to be working so far. The long it went on, the more intense and direct the episodes became. She knew it was happening because she was taking the birth control and upsetting the workings of the spell. There didn't seem to be anything else to do, unless she were to become pregnant again and she wasn't ready for that. She wanted to return to work soon and that meant finding a nanny to take care of twins. Despite not wanting children, she loved her babies and wanted good care for them. She spend the majority of her day today searching online and writing down notes and phone numbers for different nanny services. By late afternoon she had created a list of prospective places she wanted to call. Once the list was complete, she took a break and went to feed the twins. The girl that was delivered first, she had named Rose and the second of the twins she had named Violet. She fed them both from her breast and changed them afterwards. After finishing the afternoon routine with them, it was back to business. "Hi, thanks for calling, how may I assist you today?" the first place answered. "Hi, yes, I am calling to find out more about your nanny services. I will be returning to work soon and I have twin girls that will need to be taken care of during the day." "Of course ma'am, we can certainly accommodate twins. I will be delighted to go over the services we have available, as well as pricing." Amber listened on and jotted notes down as the lady went over the information with her. Meanwhile, the end of her shirt started to lift, pulling upwards slowly. At the same time, her pants started to pull downward. Her legs lifted into the air as she sat on the living room sofa and her jeans slid off and landed in a pile on the floor, along with her panties. "Not now..."Amber muttered under her breath, biting her lip. She tried to focus on speaking with the lady while her legs were pushed open wide. The usual wet pressure started against her sex, feeling like a mouth and tongue. It teased at her clit and folds, sparking arousal through her body. Her mouth was opened partly, wanting to moan, but forcing it back. Once she was wet the wet touching stopped and her legs were lifted once again as the penetration started. She bit harder on her lip, feeling the invisible thing sliding into her slit. "Yes." Amber answered the lady, almost moaning it out. Somehow she managed to ask her last few questions while the episode grew more intense. The unseen thrusting was making her body rock into the sofa and it continued to grow in speed and force, making it hard for Amber to speak properly. "Yes, yes, thanks for your help!" Amber said quickly before hanging up. No sooner than she ended the call, she was moved and flipped over onto her hands and knees. She barely managed to brace herself before her slit was penetrated again. She hated not having control of her own sexual life, but it made her feel so good physically. Her hands held firmly against the sofa and she worked her hips backwards into the thrusting, almost as if she were using that invading force as a sex toy. It had teased her and touched, made her horny and now she needed to get herself off. She felt her breasts being squeezed, though she couldn't see what was doing it, only the invisible imprints against her soft flesh. Her moaning continued throughout as it kept up its steady motion of ravaging her sexual being. More touching pressure started against her clit, teasing that sex button in just the perfect manner to drive her to an orgasm. Her silken, inner walls started throbbing, tensing up against the invisible intrusion inside of her. It had been a long time since she had last felt so aroused. Even her wetness was dripping down the insides of her thighs. That spark of climax warmed in her loins quickly and exploded moments later, hijacking the muscles of her body in an intense orgasm. Her wetness was no longer containable inside those slick folds and it squirted forth and rained in droplets over the sofa. It took her by complete surprise; the way her body just ejected her moisture like that, happening in several spurts. Before her orgasm finished, her body was pushed down, laying her stomach flat on the sofa and she felt the pressure slide deeply inside of her, pressing against her cervix. Then she felt spurt after spurt of hot thickness flowing into her waiting pussy. The spurting stopped and the thing withdrew from her and all was back to normal just like that. She couldn't help but to lay there for several minutes, basking in the pleasant after glow. It was hard to think straight after such a sex episode, but she pulled her mind together and got up. She fixed her bra and shirt and slipped back into her panties and bottoms. She looked over herself and then to the sofa. The cushions were wet with her cum and she didn't know what to think of such a thing. Squirting was something she had vaguely heard about and never actually thought it could be real. Having growing used to such episodes now, Amber quickly got back to normal and resumed calling agencies. The next morning, she woke and made sure to take her birth control before getting in the shower. She took care of the twins as well, which had become something she enjoyed doing very much. The following week, she returned to work, leaving the twins in the hands of a very well picked nanny, or least she hoped. She had spent a lot of time looking over each one of them. It felt pretty good to be back at work, except it made her miss her children. Every morning and evening, she spent as much time as possible with them. She fed them from her breast when she could and left pumped milk for the nanny to use during the day. The days and weeks passed, then a few more months as well. The sexual episodes continued, which only seemed to happen in the evening or overnight. Even with the episodes happening frequently, the egg was all but pushed to the back of her mind. As time went on, being so sexually pleased didn't seem like such a bad thing. There was no need for relationship drama or anything and it seemed that as long as she took her birth control, it was basically no strings attached sex. She felt like her life was getting back into some kind of order. Her routine consisted of taking care of her children and working. Of course there were the episodes several times a week. She had thought about telling someone about the episodes on a few occasions, but each time she decided against it. It was her secret and on top of that, she didn't want upset the spell with anything new. Seven months passed since the egg had been taken and it seemed to have little effect on Amber anymore. She was happy at work and at home with her twins. The episodes came several times a week, whether she was really in the mood or not and they always ended the same way; with her in the brace of an orgasm and hot fluid filling her pussy. After an evening of being ravaged by the spirit, Amber arrived to work on time as usual. She had pumped some milk for her children and left them in the good hands of the nanny. Mark was off from work today, so she spent more time on the sales floor, just as she did each week on his day off. It was just another normal day and she was getting ready to close up, when another customer came in. She was the last person there so she locked up and decided to help them. He thanked her and came in with a box, bringing it over then setting in gently on the counter. He reached in and pulled it out; an egg shaped object with gold trimming. Amber couldn't believe it. A look of shock came over her face which made the guy respond. "Oh no, it's nothing special. My wife bought it for like 50 bucks from a guy, but we had it checked out and it isn't real gold. I was just hoping to get rid of it for a few dollars." "Oh, yeah, sure, let me take a look." Amber answered after regaining her posture. She stepped up to it and examined it closer. What were the chances that the egg would end up in the shop again, she thought. It was definitely the same egg though, her egg. They negotiated a rather cheap price and she paid him. She didn't bother with paperwork or telling him that it was a stolen item. Having the egg back was a relief for her, even though she had grown used to her new, weird life. Upon arriving home that evening, she thanked the nanny and unpacked the egg after she left, giving it another look over. She pulled it from the box and sat it back on the living room table where it had been before. The next day, she looked for the phone number of the original person that wanted to buy it, hoping that she would still be interested. For a few minutes, she sat there, trying to think of a way to convince her to buy it just in case. Her eyes looked over the egg and it reminded her of some of her very first episodes. She felt herself getting wet at the thoughts and her arousal grew, warming her body. The feel of arms reached around her from behind, nimble fingers unbuttoning her blouse. That sexy phantom lover of hers appeared in her mind again, finally, not just some invisible force. He kissed her neck softly as his hands touched her warm, soft body, removing her top before undoing her bra. His hand cupped around those soft mounds of flesh, provoking her nipples to harden. Finally, he stepped around to her front, giving her a full view of his nudity and erect manhood. His hands came to her head and guided her forward, encouraging her to give him oral. That thick shaft slid into her mouth and she looked up to him and started sucking. She kept her soft lips firm around him while his hands moved her head back and forth. She felt her mouth empty when he pulled back and looked down at her, gazing upon her with seemingly endless eyes. Without even touching her, she felt her skirt being pulled away, followed by her panties. Her legs were lifted into the air and he took her by the ankles, placing kisses over the soles of her slender feet. The kisses trailed down each of her legs in an invisible manner, all the while he remained on her feet. That unseen mouth made its way to her waiting vagina and quickly began eating her out. Lips pulled upon her clit and a tongue explored deeply against her folds. She alternated between looking at her legs and up to him while he kissed her feet and ankles. Then that invisible mouth parted her sex and move up, over her stomach and eventually started to suck at her neck. Her eyes closed as she threw her head back in pleasure only to feel a single thrust plant his cock deep inside of her. She opened her eyes, now seeing his hips firmly against her, his manhood completely sheathed within her wet being. His hips pulled back and instantly slammed back into her, making a moan escape her mouth. The sucking on her neck stopped and suddenly she felt a tongue between her lips, slipping into her mouth and teasing at her own tongue. Hands took a tight hold over her shoulders and the firm pounding started. The sound of his hips clashing into her filled the room for several minutes as he completely dominated and ravaged her. When he finally stopped, she felt herself being lifted into the air and carried away. He brought her to the bedroom and sat with her in his lap, then laid back on the bed with her on top. Another force took a hold of her hips and started to make her move up and down. She leaned forward to place her hands down and worked her hips with the motion of the force. He felt incredible inside of her, loving the way her pussy throbbed around him in pleasure. Amber couldn't help but to squirt when she came, having not control over it; just her body ejaculating that excess wetness. She felt touching and hands all over her as he took his time fucking all from one position to the next. It happened on the bed and in the air, he evened placed her back against the wall. At no time did his cock ever exit her slit. She didn't even know how many orgasms he had brought into her, but knew that it went on for hours. A final orgasm brought her to complete exhaustion and she went out like a light. The abrupt sound of her alarm clock finally woke her in the morning. She was nude and had hickeys over her stomach and breasts. The soreness of her sex was quite a reminder of her night. She pulled herself from bed and took on the normal routine of caring for her children, then herself. Once she was showered and dressed, she took a seat in the living room and picked up the lady's number. With the number in hand, she walked to the kitchen, tore the paper into shreds and tossed it away. The nanny arrived soon after and Amber collected her things so that she could head to work. As she stepped to the door, a swift, firm smack landed upon her butt. She turned quickly to look back and saw the nanny stepping into the nursery room. Then she looked toward the living room and the egg. A second smack landed on the next side of her butt and it drew a little smirk from her. Nine months later, she found herself in the hospital screaming as she pushed to deliver her baby. A few hours into labor, yielded her twin boys. Not long after, she had both sets of twins home and happily took care of them. The egg remained on the living room table, exactly where Amber wanted it to be. A month later, she lied in bed reading, her shorts starting to shift around her waist then tugged down. Her panties followed suit and they both landed on the floor. That familiar, very skilled mouth closed in and claimed her pussy once more. She reached over and opened that bottle, then swallowed her birth control. This was her family, her egg and her lover. She wouldn't want to have it anyway other way.

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