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The Spirit of Fertility Ch. 02

The sharp sound of her alarm clock filled the room. As she turned over to turn it off, she couldn't believe that morning had come so fast. She laid still and stared up at the ceiling, dreading having to go to work today. That dread was soon replaced by memories of last night. Maybe she dreamt the whole thing, she thought. She sat up and pushed a hand down between her legs to check herself. To her comfort, everything felt normal. When she finally turned to get out of bed she noticed the morning after pills sitting on her nightstand. It wasn't a dream after all. She sighed. Amber took a pill out and headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water, then swallowed the pill down. She washed up and got herself ready for work, deciding to skip breakfast as she didn't have much of an appetite. As she was about to leave, she picked her keys up from the table and before making it to the door she noticed the egg on the counter. "My expensive egg, joy." She said to herself, feeling defeated. Work turned out to be a normal day. Matt didn't bring up the egg or her mistake, so that made her feel better. She was a little slower on some of the transactions, especially the ones that dealt with gold. She made sure to really check each one and took her time doing so. Time went by slowly as it usually did. For the last few hours she let Matt handle the store while she handled some of the paperwork. Amber was ready to go when closing time came. All of the paperwork was finished and she headed out with Matt as they locked the store up. "See you tomorrow." He said. "Yeah, see you tomorrow." She responded to him with a smile. She was happy to be home early today. Her mind was worn out from yesterday and she just wanted to relax. She dropped her keys and purse on the table then turned to make sure the door was in fact locked. Last night kept running her mind, about the semen or at least what felt like it, all over her vagina. Again, she checked the windows and the closets and even under the bed to make sure no one was in her home. The more she thought about it the more she felt violated. "Maybe I should call the police." She spoke out loud in thought. She thought about it more and since she couldn't even really remember anything, she decided not to. After a relaxing shower, Amber changed into her pajamas and did some reading. Reading had always helped her mind relax and it seemed to help today as well. After going through a few chapters she made her way to kitchen to make some dinner and noticed that she had left the egg on the counter all of this time. "I suppose I need to find a place for you." She said, picking the egg up carefully. She went to the living room with it, looking around, wanting to put it somewhere so that it could be seen, but not easily knocked over. The coffee table was her first choice; she sat it down and took a look to sit how it blended in. The table was kind of low, leaving a greatly possibility that it could be knocked over. Her head turned to look each way across the room, checking each available space. "Looks like you're staying here then." Once that was settled, she prepared her dinner, ate and then she was off to bed. Sleep came quickly for her. Her dreams were back to normal tonight and she slept well, only to be awoken by her alarm in the morning. She got ready on time and even made herself a cup of coffee to go. She gathered her things and as she was about to walk out of the door she saw a light in the living room. Closing the door back, she walked into the living room and on the table, the trimming of the egg was glowing faintly. I had no idea that it could glow. She thought to herself. The lady didn't mention that. She sat on the couch and reached to touch it, examining it with both her eyes and hands. She ran the tips of her fingers over the glowing parts, intrigued by the effect. Then she picked it up and looked around for a place where the batteries might go, but could find none. Solar powered then? Carefully, she sat it back down and checked the time. When she looked back, the glowing had stopped. "Huh. That's strange." For now she had to leave it alone, so she picked her things up again and made her way to work. With the roads clear, she was making good time. Everything looked so peaceful today; it was sunny and there was no traffic. With the clear road in front of her, her mind wandered and she started to feel aroused. It crept in as a tingle at first, then she felt warm. Her nipples hardened and she could feel herself growing wet. "I really need to get a boyfriend." Her usual comment to herself whenever she found herself getting horny. The arousal continued to flush through her body, making her skin warm and giving her that wanting tingle between her legs. She could hardly focus on driving as the intense arousal came over her like a feline in heat. Her sex drive had always been a healthy one, but she couldn't help to think that this was a little much for her. As she came to a stop at the light, she felt the begging throb start in her loins, almost as if it were calling her name; to be touched and pleased. Her hand moved between her thighs and her fingers ran up along her now wet folds. She touched her clit, rubbing it gently, feeling that much needed pleasure make her shiver. Her mind strayed to that fantasy lover as she quickly masturbated in the car. If only she could have a passionate man right there with her, to make her feel good. His hands just reaching to touch her; one slipping between her soft legs to take the place of her own hand, the other unbuttoning her shirt. So naughty, she thought. She had never done anything like that in the car before. Her mind continued to picture the scene, only turning her on more and more thinking about it. With him now teasing her, she could drive and no one would know except for them. She imagined how it would feel to try and drive while he rubbed her clit. His hands opening her blouse and casually slipping her nipple free to suck on it. His expert fingers slipping into her aroused slit, pumping back and forth. She moaned from the intense pleasure now taking over. Her legs spread as much as she could while still managing to drive, feeling his fingers explore her sensitive insides. Feeling his warm lips upon her neck, even biting and sucking. The pleasure grew and grew until she suddenly felt that she was going to orgasm. Reality crashed back into her mind. Her hips were pumping against the air while her body was seized by that powerful pleasure of climax. Both of her hands gripped the steering wheel and she bit her lip as it passed over her. A horn from the car behind her rattled her back and she noticed the light was green. "Oh my god!" She screamed just as she started to pull off again. Her blouse was undone and her breasts were out; each nipple was hard and moist. She attempted to fix it while driving, but ended up pulling over. In the mirror she noticed a deep mark on her neck, almost like a hickey. She ran a finger over it to check and see if it was dirt. It was definitely not dirt, but there was no way she could have a hickey and it wasn't there at home. How is this happening? Her hands started to shake as she grew nervous. She was driving and only stopped at the light for a moment and she managed to reach orgasm and undress herself? None of this made sense. After making herself decent, she called the manager at the shop. "Hi Matt, its Amber. I just wanted to let you know that I won't be able to make it. I think I might be coming down with something." "Okay thanks. Just call me if anything comes up." She ended the call and rested for a few minutes, trying to clear her head. Once she calmed her nerves, she made her way home. At home, Amber rested on the couch and watched t.v for a few hours. She kept thinking about what was happening to her. First it was semen, and now she was undressing and even getting hickeys. I'm going crazy. She turned over the sofa and her eyes wandered to the egg sitting on the table. It started to glow faintly and she sat up to look better. She picked it up and brought it to her lap so that she could try to find the light source again. Again, she had no luck, but she wasn't ready to give up so easily. "I'll just google you then." She said with a smirk. She left the room for a moment and returned with her laptop, sitting it on the table, next to the egg. Since it had no numbers or anything that she could search for, she started with searching for descriptions. For the next hour or so, she tried many different searches, finding things that looked like her egg, but not quite. Finally, it popped up. It looked like an exact match to the one she had. 'The Fertility Spirit', it read; 'This egg is said to represent the spirit of fertility or maybe even embody the spirit itself. The egg has yet to be dated, but is said to be several thousand years old at least. It would have passed from different civilizations, being used to help with pregnancy. It was especially used by royalty in order to birth heirs and to strengthen bloodlines. It is even rumored to have been used by single female rulers in order to birth children without a lover. Some translated diaries state that by touching the trimming, you can call the spirit to onto yourself and it will be a lover until pregnancy. No other information is known about the egg. No proof exists that the egg works or that it is even still intact in present day.' Amber shut the laptop and looked at the egg. She had always wanted to have children, the right guy just hadn't come along yet so she waited. She wasn't sure whether to believe the site or not. Spirits and divine pregnancies was a bit much for her to take in. Of course she couldn't help but to think about the strange occurrences that had been happening to her. It would explain the semen and the sudden orgasm in her car today. Those moments were just her imagination she thought, and yet it had a very real effect on her. Then it came to her; if the egg was causing a spirit to be sexual with her, then she just wouldn't touch it anymore and that would be that. Or at least she hoped. She picked up the laptop from beside the egg and left it there on the living room table. It would just be for decoration and there would be no need for touching it. The problem seemed easy enough and she went on about her day and prepared some food, ate then took a shower. She dressed into a light t-shirt and a pair of shorts before getting a book to read and getting comfortable in bed. Amber relaxed and continued to read until she felt tired enough to fall asleep. As it grew late into the night, the egg started to glow brightly, just like it had on the first night. Amber's sleeping body started to become aroused. Her already pleasant dreams shifted to a more sexual theme. She moved over closer to him on the couch; her skilled hands undoing his pants. Her eyes watching his face with a little smirk on her lips. Carefully, she freed his manhood from the confines of his boxers and teased him until it was fully erect. She leaned in closer until her lips met the tip of his cock and she kissed it. Her tongue followed soon, slipping from her mouth and gliding over the head and around before closing her mouth on him. Scooting closer, Amber pushed down, taking the length of his erection further into her mouth, taking as much as she could before pulling up slowly as she sucked. In the darkness of her bedroom, Amber was at the side of the bed, on her knees. One hand was on the bed in front of her as her fingers clenched around the air, or so it seemed. Her head bobbed up and down with her mouth open as she moaned softly. She continued for several minutes until she came to a stop and stood. Slowly and seductively she undressed, dropping her clothing to the floor. She moved onto the bed with her knees resting apart as if she were straddling something. Her hands came up and stopped in the air just slightly in front of her before she started to lift her hips up and down. Amber watched his face while moaning softly, she held onto his shoulders and worked her hips against him. She knew this was a dream, but it felt good to be in control of it again. His manhood felt so good and full inside of her, rubbing each of those sweet spots along her silken walls. Her hands held onto his shoulders as she pulled her hips up and pressed back down against him in rhythm. His hands moved up along her body, touching and feeling her skin until his fingers found her breasts. He firmly felt each soft mound of hers and ended by giving each hard nipple a little pinch between his fingers. The silence of her room was replaced by her soft moans of pleasure. Her body lifted from the bed and floated lightly through the air until her back came to press against a nearby wall. The walls and opening of her vagina were spread and stretched still, against something unseen. Her body moved with it, rocking up and down against the wall, with her breasts lightly bouncing. In the living room, the egg was glowing brightly, taking on an array of different colors and shifting between them rapidly. Amber's body moved again, this time from the wall and to the bed, where she landed gently on her back. Her stretched vaginal walls relaxed and closed back to normal as she continued to sleep soundly. The sound of her alarm clock woke her finally and she tiredly reached over to turn it off. The memories of her dream slowly came back to her mind and she smiled pleasantly to herself. She pulled herself from bed and readied herself for work and ate a little breakfast. The egg sat dormant on the table as she watched it while she ate. The trip to work was normal, no daydreaming or spontaneous arousal or orgasms. Work was normal as well and she even managed to stay focused throughout the day. The following couple of weeks continued to be back on track for her normal life and she had mostly let those strange occurrences slip from her mind. The egg sitting on her table was nothing more than an ornament in which she didn't touch. Almost two months later, Amber had just gotten out of bed and had set her kuerig to make a cup of coffee. As the usually pleasant smell hit her nose, it made her nauseous and she quickly made her way to the bathroom. She couldn't stop her impending sickness from coming up. Once her stomach finally calmed, she cleaned her mouth with some salt water and thought about taking the day off. Her stomach seemed to settle quickly, making her feel better, so she decided to head to work. Work was again uneventful compared to several weeks ago. There were interesting items that came through the shop now and then though. On the next morning, she started her same routine again; sleepily making her way into the kitchen to set her coffee and once again it seemed to trigger her to run to the bathroom. She couldn't understand why the smell of coffee first thing in the morning was suddenly making her sick to the stomach. When morning came again, Amber decided to skip making coffee and instead stuck with some orange juice. Before she could even get the carton back into the fridge, her stomach started up again and off she went running to the bathroom. When she got home from work, she called her doctor right away to schedule an appointment. She let out a low sigh as she hung up the phone, finding out the appointment wouldn't be for another two days. After thinking about it for a few minutes, she gave Matt a call at the shop. "Hi Matt, it's Amber. I'm going to need a few days off, I'm not feeling too well." "Hey, I'm sorry to hear that. Well, get some rest and feel better. I can handle things here." "Thanks Matt. If anything comes up, just give me a call." Amber spent the rest of her day and evening resting, hoping that she could shake whatever bug she had. She met the same fate in the morning once again, spending her time in the bathroom. Her food for the day consisted of all light stuff; juice, soup and water mostly. The day went past slowly, filling it with a mix of t.v and reading. As she read through the novel, she came upon a very explicit love scene and the words filled her own imagination. She felt her body warming, filling with arousal as she read more. One hand held the book so that she could keep reading and her other hand slid into her panties. Her eyes remained focused on the words while she maneuvered her fingers against her clit. It took just a few minutes before she started moaning softly, her hips moving ever so gently against her hand. Soon, her body shivered as a wave of climatic pleasure stretched through her, from head to toe. The scene continued into the book, and Amber continued as well. Her sex button being toyed with expertly until she managed to bring herself to a second orgasm. She placed the book down and climbed from bed to take a shower. When morning came, she got up early to get ready for the doctor, but her morning was interrupted by her stomach yet again. The fact that she was seeing the doctor today made her feel somewhat better though. When she finally made it to the back of the doctor's office, she only waited a few minutes and soon she came in. Amber explained her symptoms to the doctor, so she did a routine checkup and took some blood samples. A couple of days later and some stomach sickness, the doctor called with the results. "Good afternoon Amber, I have the results of your blood test back." "Is it bad?" She asked nervously. "Well, your tests show that everyone is functioning normally, no unusual bacteria, viruses or worms. " "So, what's causing me to vomit every morning then?" "It's actually good news, or at least I hope it is. You're pregnant, congratulations!" "I'm pregnant?" She responded in disbelief. "Yes." The doctor confirmed. Amber went silent, wondering how she could be pregnant when she hadn't had sex with anyone. Then all the memories of the egg came crashing down into her mind and her heart started racing. "Thank you." She ended the call and sat down, rubbing her stomach and looking at the egg. It couldn't have really made her pregnant, could it?

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