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The Spirit of Fertility

Amber had never been much into the retail business. It was only a year ago that she took over her father's pawn shop after he passed away and left it to her. He had taught her about the business and even left notes on how to handle some of the more complicated procedures. The shop had a couple of experienced managers as well and they were very helpful in keeping the shop going. It was Monday morning yet again and the start of another long work week. Amber stood in front of the mirror, fresh out of the shower and ran the comb through long brunette locks of hair. Once she looked decent enough for public, she was off to the shop. She arrived by 9 o'clock and had the shop open on time at 10 o'clock. For the first half hour, she stood around talking to her head manager, Matt. She had known him for years even though she rarely came to the shop. It was turning out to be just another as customers came in with unwanted items, usually trying to get more money for them than they were worth. Late in the afternoon a customer came in while Matt was on lunch, carrying a small box. Amber made her way to the sales counter and smiled to the customer. "Hi, how are you today?" She asked in a pleasant and professional manner. "Looking to pawn or sell today?" "I'm not doing all bad." The lady responded. "I would be much better if I could sell this." She opened the box and carefully pulled out an item. It was pearl in color with gold trimming around the top and bottom and was shaped like an egg. "I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before." Amber said, leaning in to inspect it. In the middle of the egg like object, between the trimmings of gold, there were markings which looked like writing of some sort. The writing wasn't in any standard alphabet she had seen before. It looked to her more like some ancient Egyptian kind of language. She was by no means an expert on language or writing, so she could only assume it was writing at all. "May I ask what it is and where did you acquire it from?" Amber asked, turning her gaze from the egg and looking to the woman. "It was given to me as a gift. I'm not really sure what it is, other than what they told me. It is supposed to call on the spirit of fertility in order to help achieve pregnancy." "Ah." Amber responded, looking again to the egg. "I don't really believe much in that stuff. But, there seems to be enough gold here to be worth a little money." Amber examined it further for a few more minutes, calculating roughly how much gold there was. She punched some numbers into a calculator, then looked back up to the customer. "I can give you three hundred dollars. I don't think I will get many customers coming in looking for an egg to help them get pregnant. But I will at least be able to sell the gold if nothing else." The lady looked at the egg for a moment before quickly nodding. "That will do." She said with a smile. Amber processed the transaction and handed her the cash before taking the egg to the back. Matt returned a little while later and she showed him the buy. He was just as confused over the egg as she was. He took a good look at it as well, using a couple of his tools to check it out. When he finally looked up, his expression seemed to carry bad news. "Well, the gold isn't real unfortunately. It is really well crafted, but not real." He broke the bad news to Amber while keeping his head tilted down slightly, hating having to tell her it was fake. "Of course it is." She sighed and shook her head. "My first big solo buy and I messed it up. Ugh. I'll just pay the shop for it and take it home, I suppose." "It's okay. We all make bad deals now and then." Just then more customers started to come up to the counter and they returned to work. At the end of the day, Amber was the last one in the shop after they had closed. She placed the money for the egg in with the day's takes and put the egg back into the box. At least it was kind of pretty, she thought to herself. She made her way home, stopping on the way to pick up some feed, since she was far too tired and disappointed to cook anything tonight. Once inside, she placed the box on the table and dropped her keys beside it. She took a deep breath of relief now that she could relax for a bit. "I guess I look at my expensive egg a bit more." She muttered to herself. She opened the box and carefully reached in to pull the egg out. Her hands held it firmly as she carried it to the counter and sat it down once more. She looked at the markings some more and ran her fingers over the surface. It was cool and smooth to the touch. Her fingers moved from the smooth surface to the trimming and she ran her fingertip along it. She couldn't believe that she had messed up on the buy so badly. As she departed from the kitchen, the trimming began to glow faintly where she had ran her finger across it. Amber didn't see it though as she was making her way to take a shower and to hopefully forget about the day. The warm water against her skin felt great. She just stood there for a bit, letting it run over her body. It seemed to wash some of the stress right off. Before long, she washed herself from her to toe, covering her pale skin in soap lather, and then rinsing off thoroughly at the end. Just outside of the tub, she towel dried herself and used another to wrap her hair up. After drying her body, she started brushing her teeth. She spit and rinsed her mouth, then as she stood straight up again, she noticed in the mirror how hard her nipples were. They were fully contracted and standing like pink little berries. She noticed a slight and growing warmth between her legs as well, that familiar feel of arousal. She left the bathroom and went to her bedroom where she made herself comfortable on the bed, with the towel still wrapped around her long hair. She brought her left hand to her breast and touched her nipple ever so slightly before pulling back. That same finger was then dipped into her mouth, wetting it some before going to touch her nipple again. This time she gently circled that moist tip around her sensitive bud. The light tingle of pleasure started to crawl along her body. Her right hand crept down, moving over her stomach until it was seated just between her thighs. Those fingers of hers now tempting her clit to wake. She bit her lip softly as she grew wet, dipping her fingers just inside of herself in order to wet them, then teasing her swelling clit even more. As she moved her fingers quicker, she allowed a scene to play out in her head. His hand found her own, between her legs, guiding her to slow to a stop before rubbing over her wet labia himself. His fingers explored over her delicate folds and eventually dipped in. They slid slowly into her and started to pump back and forth as he lowered himself down. She felt his head between her legs now and soon his mouth on her clit. His tongue swirled about that pleasure hub expertly while his fingers steadily pumped her. The room now filled with her soft moans as she masturbated, keeping her eyes closed as she did. Her mind still filled with erotic thoughts. The warm pleasure in her loins began to intensify and spread outward, making her climb that orgasmic ladder. He didn't stop. His mouth held her clit prisoner and continued to use it to push her further into pleasure. Soon, her hips started to rise from the bed as the pleasure seemed to explode inside of her. Her body shivered on the bed and her toes curled. Her insides throbbed over and over until she was able to think again. It was a wonderful orgasm, yet she didn't feel the need to stop yet. Her hand continued to work her aroused sex while lost in her thoughts. He finally pulled his head up from her and smiled, starting to kiss along the inside of her thigh and working across her leg. Her skin so soft and of such a pleasant scent. His lips met her ankle and continued, allowing his hand to now hold her foot. Her toes were brought to his mouth as he sucked on each one then made sure to treat the other foot equally. He kissed over the wrinkled soles of each soft foot before moving over her, between her legs. His hands took hers and pinned her arms down just over her head and to each side. She felt his cock slip into her; his erect manhood stretching her as it penetrated her more and more. Everything felt so good as her thoughts became so vivid. His hips pulled back, sliding that length from her wetness, then firmly thrusting back in. She moaned as he did it several more times before finding a steading rhythm. "Cum for me. Show me how good you feel." He commanded. Her body responded to his call and that familiar tingle started and rapidly grew. The sound of his hips clashing into her body filled the room. Unable to move otherwise, she arched her back as she reached climax again. Her insides pulsating once more, but this time around his manhood. His cum burst forth and spilled thickly into her, spurt after spurt. Amber awoke sometime later, finding a little hard to sit up, like she had been exercising. When she finally did, she rested against the headboard and looked over herself. She was still naked and the towel was still tied around her hair. "God... I fell asleep while masturbating. I really need to get a boyfriend or something." She couldn't help but to think just how vigorously she had been fingering herself since she was sore now. She reached down between her legs to give herself a rub of relief and instead found herself to be wet. "I can't still be wet..." She sighed. Her fingers dipped in more before she pulled her hand up. It was more thick and sticky, not her normal arousal. In fact, she felt content, not aroused at all. She touched herself again, this time a little deeper. And again her fingers came out in that thick stickiness. Then she realized what it seemed to resemble. "Cum? What the hell?" She spoke a little more out loud. As she thought about it more her heart started to race. What if someone came in while I was sleeping? Or drugged me? The thoughts of so many things ran through her head. She quickly got out of bed and checked the door. It was locked. She checked her windows next. They were all locked as well. She started to think it couldn't actually be cum, maybe she used lube? Thinking about it, she didn't remember using any lube or toys, but checked them anyway. After she checked it all, she went into the bathroom and used her hand mirror to look between her legs. Her fingers spread her folds and they were in fact coated in what looked like semen. "Someone raped me.." Everything is locked though. She kept thinking to herself, now sure what to think or how to feel or what to do. She left the bathroom and started to rummage through a draw in her room. A moment later she found some of her old morning after pills. She sighed, feeling as if she might go crazy. "I'll just take this in the morning just in case." She showered again and eventually got herself to fall asleep. The next day would be here soon and she hoped it would turn out much better.

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