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Julia's Sexual Awakening

For as long as I can remember, I had been a quiet girl, who kept to herself. Through all four years of high school, I was the girl that no one wanted to talk to. The popular girls were all off dating and partying, while I stayed inside and read books. Blondes seemed to be the top pick for all of the guys, especially with the girls that developed early. Their breasts had gained them all of the attention. Back then, I had wished that that was me, but as I grew older it didn't bother me. I waited year after year for my own to grow in and by senior year, they were only 'A' cups. That wasn't the only thing though. The popular girls all had tanned skin to go with their blonde hair and big boobs. I was just a thin girl with black hair, pale skin and an almost flat chest. From a young age I needed to wear glasses and in high school, it was just as bad as having the plague at times. Students could find almost anything to make a joke about and even though I didn't directly interact with most of them, I could hear their little comments as I would walk pass in the hall. Right after high school, I went into college. By the end of my freshman year, I hadn't even picked a major and most of my classes were basically just random credits. During class sign ups, one person convinced me to take an art class, even though I had never been an artful person. The most I could ever muster was a few stick figures. Even though I knew I lacked any art abilities, I took the class anyway since they told me it could be a good credit to have. It was now closing in on the final semester of the year and all of my classes were above board except for the art class. I had spoken with all of my teachers in order to make sure that I was going to have at least a 'B' average in their respective classes. My art teacher though informed me that I would be getting a 'C' if I were to finish the year at my current score. This one class was going to prevent me from finishing my freshman year with a 3.0 average and just thinking about that dealt a blow to my education drive. After class finished, I waited for the rest of the students to leave, then I went up to talk to my professor. He seemed liked a pretty nice guy and he took his field very seriously. The other students in class were inspired by him and could come up with new, wonderful and creative pieces. I on the other hand only managed to slightly increase my skill. "Hey Tony." His full name was Anthony Young, but he preferred us to just call him Tony. He looked up from his desk and gave that usual pleasant look that he always seemed to have. I wanted to sound professional and eager while making my request so that he knew how serious I was. "I know that when we spoke the last time you said that I was going to get a 'C'. I've worked really hard in my classes this year and was hoping to make a 3.0, but that 'C' would put me just below." I lifted my hand up to gently adjust my glasses as I prepared to speak my next thought. He had sat up in his chair now and was listening intently. From the look on his face, I could tell that he knew I was going to make a request. "Is there any way I could make some extra credit in order to bump my grade up?" The question was out there now and he took it to mind and looked down at his desk in thought for a moment before looking back up. "I'm sorry Julia, but I just don't do extra credit. It's not that I'm against it or anything, but I just don't see a purpose for extra credit in this field." His words felt like a crushing blow as if I were being kicked in the chest. A 3.0 was the very least I was hoping for considering that I didn't even have a major chosen. The year would have felt as an accomplishment at least. With that bad news I dragged myself to the dorm. After a shower I pulled out a book and laid right in bed. My roommate wasn't there as always and was probably out at a party or on a date or something. She liked to brag about how much she had gotten laid all year and here I was, still a virgin. Reading helped me relax. I could escape to other worlds and leave the realities of this one behind for a while. After about an hour of reading, I placed a marker between the pages and went to get a snack to eat. While eating, I pulled my phone out, which I always set to silent when I read. Of course there were no missed calls or texts, just a new email. I opened it up and saw that it was from my art professor. The email went on explaining that I might be able to earn extra credit after all. It went on further to say that a model for the evening class wasn't going to be able to make it and that I should give him a call. So I did. "Hi Tony, this is Julia. I read your email, so I called." "Thanks for calling Julia. So yeah, my evening class was going to paint from a live model tonight, but she is unable to make it and I remembered that you wanted extra credit." "Sure, I will do it." I excitedly cut it. "Let me explain first. The assignment for the class is a painting of a fully nude model. In order to do this, you will be naked in front of about twenty people or so." I went silent. There was no way I could be a nude model for an art class. Models had that certain look and appeal and I didn't think I had anything like that. The thought of it rushed through my mind, picturing myself in the middle of a room, with people painting me as I lie there nude. Then I thought of the extra credit and how it would boost my grade to a 'B'. That would put me where I wanted to be and I wouldn't have to consider my freshman year a disaster. "Okay. I think I will do it as long it will get me a 'B' in your class." "I know this kind of thing isn't for everyone. I will make sure you get a 'B' if you volunteer for this." Somehow I agreed to it, despite my living in a shell lifestyle. He filled me in on the information and what time to be there. I got myself together and even combed out my straight, black hair. When I arrived, we talked for a few more minutes, with him explaining how everything was going to be done. He had me sign a paper that I agreed to volunteer for this project and another paper about legalities, like age and such. The class started to come in and settle while I watched from the office. Already I felt so nervous that I thought I was going to puke. Once the class was ready and setting up each canvas, Tony came over and told me to get ready. His instructions were simple enough. I was to undress and cover myself with the robe, then sit on the sofa they had set up in the middle of the room. After the class was ready, I would remove the robe and be as still as I could. With each article of clothing I removed, my heart beat faster. I could feel my blood rushing through my veins, making me feel hot, like the sun was beaming directly on me. The air felt cool on my hot skin. My nipples were tempted out by the coolness of the room and stood incredibly hard on my small breasts. After putting the robe on, I pressed my fingers over each nipples to try and soften them up before wrapping the robe around. I took a few much needed deep breaths then opened the door. Shutting the door and changing my mind about this whole thing seemed like the best idea as I looked at all of them sitting in the class. My legs moved and carried me forward all the while my mind was blank. It was like a blur as I moved from the office to the sofa on my bare feet. My heart was pounding against my chest as my hands continued to move and slip the robe from my body. Tony explained to me how to lay on the sofa and I did my best. My nipples flared up again, right away, hardening into two excited buttons. Tony informed me that my pose was good and I removed my glasses. Before I could set them down, a guy in the class raised his hand. "Can she keep the glasses on?" He asked. "That will be fine, if no one has any problems with that." Tony looked about and no one objected. I looked over to the one who asked and he gave me a look like no one had ever done before. It was kind of like a smile and a smirk mixed together, one of satisfaction. Whatever it was, it sparked a small fire inside of me. I slipped my glasses back on and the project started. I remained as still as possible while the students worked, looking back and forth from me and the canvas. Their eyes watched me intently. I could feel them looking over every inch of my body, from head to toe. My eyes moved to look at each of them as they painted. I found myself looking to the one guy the most. I couldn't help but to wonder why he wanted my glasses on. Out of all of them, he seemed to be the most focused. His eyes didn't just look at me. It was more like he was examining me, copying my image into his mind, then working it onto the canvas. Back and forth they all looked and I looked at each of them. From one to the next I looked, trying not to think about being naked. Then as I looked to him again, his eyes made contact with mine and once again, there was that look. The first look had started a small fire within me and the second poured fuel over it. I felt a sharp throb in my loins. My mind started to race, feeling arousal growing warm inside of me. I couldn't believe that I was getting horny in such an exposed place. It was him. He was handsome and had such sexy lips. The way he pulled them into that slight smirk was my weakness. I thought about what it would feel like to kiss him. I bet that he smelled good and was very good with his hands. Those artful, skilled hands had to be good at other things too. I pictured them touching me as I laid on the couch. His hands would have small bits of paint on them, maybe even rubbing on to my skin as he touched over me. His fingers exploring in ways that his eyes couldn't. His hands cupping my small breasts, squeezing them, feeling the rough texture of my hardened nipples. My mind continued thinking about him, blocking the room out entirely. He could feel the softness of my skin and the depth and curve of my belly button, making sure to master every inch of me. His hands would measure the thickness of my thighs and width of my hips. My legs, knees, ankles and feet would all get their turn to be examined by his hands. Slowly, his hand would move back up, checking the insides of my legs until he inevitably reached my virginity. My wetness would be of no surprise to him. He could see the look of arousal written clearly on my face. Taking his time, his hand felt the texture of my labia, then spreading my folds to explore deeper. His fingers would be unable to escape the wetness of my vagina. Then he would finally reach the peak, with a fingertip tracing over my clitoris. I would moan softly feeling that sensitive pleasure crawl over me. His eyes would watch closely the entire time, wanting to know all of me and my little ticks. He would build me up and up until it was almost too much. At that critical point, his fingers would slip inside of me, with his thumb coming to rest against my clit. In and out he'd pump, getting to know every bit of my most intimate place. His eyes watching me throughout, gazing upon my pleasured face, enjoying every moment of my blissful torment. Quicker, faster his fingers went, knowing for certain that he was driving me toward that climatic peak. My mind snapped back to the class and the project. I felt incredibly hot and I was looking right into his eyes. My hand gripped tightly against the sofa as I felt myself starting to shiver. My pussy throbbed intensely, then spread and it was too late. An orgasm filled me, taking me my body hostage in a series of powerful spasms. My hips raised from the sofa and I started to squirt, soaking the sofa underneath of me. I was a virgin, but I had masturbated quite a few times, maybe even a lot and none of those orgasms even came close to this one. The way the wetness just flowed from my body was a brand new feeling. Then, it was over. The spasms slowed and I was just lying there in a puddle of my own cum with the class looking at me in shock. I didn't know what to do, I felt frozen there, unable to move or speak. Light, pleasant tingles still tickled me and my legs were shaking some. I closed my eyes, dying in embarrassment, wanting to just vanish from existence. Then I felt a warmth cover me and hands slipped under my back and pulled me up. I was expecting to stand, but arms slipped further under me and I was being carried. Shortly after, I heard a door shut. When I finally opened my eyes, it was him.

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